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    Percussion/Massage guns

    I bought a cheap knock off, supposed to arrive in a week or so... I've read they're similar to the real ones. I have tried Theraguns, and they are quite nice.
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    Ankle brace

    Some of the most catastrophic injuries come from the most benign activities :P that's interesting though, so you actually had ankle pain from your injury post match? I only have instability when running around. I played again with the POD today, and I am really enjoying it. The only thing I...
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    Pinkie side hand pain issues

    Yea, sounds like a hand injury rather than a wrist injury then. Definitely go see a doc.
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    What are ex-Barricade users using?

    Adidas SCB
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    Pinkie side hand pain issues

    You can do a load bearing test. Lots of youtube videos. Another good sign to diagnose w/ is clicking in the wrist. IMO, there is never a full recovery, and a lot of people w/ TFCC usually report that (even w/ surgery). The main thing is you gotta take it easy. Wrist widget you should wear...
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    Ankle brace

    Played with the POD brace. Worked great! It is a little tight in the shoe, and I have an arch so I don't think it would work well if you're flat footed. Ankle felt much stronger and the brace didn't impact my cutting too much. Forward and backward movement, zero issues.
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    Pinkie side hand pain issues

    I would put my money on ECU Tendonitis or a TFCC injury. Long recovery time if either of those.
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    Tennis Bag Recommendations

    Tecnifibre rackpack
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    You naturally tilt the racket. You're fighting natural biomechanics by forcing yourself to straighten out your racket perpendicular to the ground.
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    Windshield wiper still taught?

    What, the WW forehand? It's how I was taught when I was younger. It's all my body knows how to do. I think I just need to get a private lesson and focus on rebuilding my forehand. With my current group sessions, I usually do okay in the beginning during warm ups, but I completely revert to old...
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    Gut poly changed my game today

    I don't think you're really going to get much gain in control by changing the poly cross. I think it's just a matter of adjusting your hitting to the new stringbed. I found a big difference in control from my 1st session to 2nd session w/ my gut poly hybrid. I expect it to improve as I get more...
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    Best thin polys

    1.18 or whatever their smallest is. I paired it with OGSM 18. I have now switched to Grapplesnake Irukandji though, but it's not thin.
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    Best thin polys

    MSV Focus Hex
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    Are you getting a flu shot?

    Even if it's a 30% chance of being effective, what reason do you have to NOT get one. And please, no paranoid BS or conspiracy theories. Base your argument in evidence with science and papers backing your claim. A MUCH better written article citing the same sources...
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    70% game and consistency

    For some people, the competition is the fun part.
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    What overgrip is the best for sweaty hands

    How much overlap are you doing? I had to cut off a good bit when I was wrapping my RF97.
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    The "trick" to low biting slices

    The thing I was taught is you have to change up your grip as well. Unfortunately I have no idea how to describe it accurately. Closest I could say is it's like an eastern FH grip but the palm is rotated upwards. I am terrible at it though, the grip feels so weird.
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    Wrist pain due to firmer replacement grip?

    It just works for some people. For me, I tried, but I'll get wrist pain within 30 mins because my hand sweats too much, and I start gripping the racket tighter. And that is only downsizing 1 size.
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    Windshield wiper still taught?

    Finally got around to watching some videos, buried with studying for exams. So it looks like I am trying to apply a WW forehand on my baseline hits where I am not really trying to hit sharp angles. I usually do pretty well with the sharp crosscourt WW forehands on approaches, but my baseline...
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    Is Resistance band training the Ultimate way to train ?

    Completely disagree on the statement that weight workouts isolate parts of your body. If you choose to use machines, sure, but no one is forcing you to do isolation exercises. You can do squats, bench press, deadlifts, etc. There's a ton of compound exercises out there and then the variations of...
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    I have no idea what string and tension would fit me best.

    I would just try another setup. Doesn't make sense to have a summer and winter string setup. I'd strongly suggest giving the Grapplesnake Irukandji + syn gut combo. It was honestly softer hitting than my current gut setup and tons of spin.
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    Wrist pain due to firmer replacement grip?

    Then I would think it's either 1) overuse injury or 2) too small of a grip.
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    Adidas Solecourt Boost Official Thread

    You will get used to them if you have an arch in your foot. Otherwise just buy replacement insoles. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
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    Wrist pain due to firmer replacement grip?

    I doubt it's the grip. If anything, I'd guess just deconditioning from not playing as much, and then you tried to play as if you were regularly playing. Most important thing coming back to the sport is not overusing the joints. I myself have the same issue, but it's exacerbated by small grips...
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    Wrist pain due to firmer replacement grip?

    What grip did you change from? I would suspect your grip is actually smaller going to a leather grip or less grippy, and you are gripping the racquet harder leading to wrist pain.
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    Advice for extreme heat and humidity

    Indoor courts here in Illinois.
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    I have no idea what string and tension would fit me best.

    Oh dang, even in the winter? Well, it'll definitely impact life if you get the gut wet. If you frequently play in mist/showers, I don't think I would go gut unless you've got money. Or at the very least, don't go full bed.
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    I have no idea what string and tension would fit me best.

    I imagine you guys are shifting indoors now right? Shouldn't have any issues with water. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
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    Introducing MAYAMI Tennis Strings

    Looks interesting, but only selling reels? Big spin looks neat.