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  1. jm1980

    Djokovic approached the net more often than Federer today (24% vs 14%)

    Djokovic: 53 net points / 221 total points (24%) Federer: 33 net points / 243 total points (14%) Also, all the talk of prolonged baseline rallies in the RBA/Djokovic match thread quieted down when Fed was doing it Discuss :cool:
  2. jm1980

    Henman: Grass was not deliberately slowed down this year

    For the conspiracy theorists out there Federer also doesn't think there's a big difference
  3. jm1980

    Percentage of 1HBH vs 2HBH in ATP Top 50 since 1973

    Looks like someone else actually went through the trouble of doing what I was going to do: Source: Reddit Discuss :)
  4. jm1980

    Remember Andreescu?

    Whatever happened to her? She hasn't played anything since Miami
  5. jm1980

    Federer: The reason I passed Sampras was surface homogenization

    One of the big myths perpetuated by Fed fanatics is that surface homogenization hindered, rather than helped Federer. The great man himself now dispels this idea: ---- Q. Do you think your record of 20, numbers of weeks at the top, are threatened by Djokovic or Nadal? ROGER FEDERER: Since a...
  6. jm1980

    Grigor Dimitrov remains the only YEC/Finals participant to never lose a match at the event

    With Kevin Anderson's loss to Federer yesterday, Grigor Dimitrov remains the only player to participate in the YEC but never lose a match Yes - in 49 editions featuring 133 different players, Dimitrov is the only undefeated participant to date This is pretty impressive considering not just the...
  7. jm1980

    Djokovic clinches 5th YE #1, tying Federer and Connors; becomes oldest ever YE #1

    With Nadal's withdrawal from the ATP Finals, Djokovic will clinch his fifth year-end number 1, typing Federer and Connors (one behind Pete Sampras) He also breaks the record previously held by Nadal (by a couple of weeks) to become the oldest ever year-end number 1 Pretty spectacular comeback...
  8. jm1980

    ATP Finals field is set

    Here is how the seeds would be if the Finals started today. The top 8 are locked, with Nishikori barely sneaking in. In parentheses are the highest and lowest possible seeds for everyone, depending on how Paris unfolds: Djokovic Nadal Federer Zverev Anderson (5-6) Cilic (6-7) Thiem (5-7)...
  9. jm1980

    Will Djokovic and/or Nadal play in Vienna?

    The points gap in the ranking between them stands at 215. If Nadal doesn’t play in Vienna, Djokovic could become #1 by reaching the final. Nadal could use the points in Vienna as well to give himself some breathing room. Note that players are required to play a 500 after the US Open and playing...
  10. jm1980

    Kyrgios: "Grass is pure tennis, clay is not"

    Is Nick a TTW curmudgeon? :p "People say tennis now doesn’t belong on the grass but that’s not true", said Kyrgios. "It is pure tennis at its finest. You have to be talented to play on grass. If you have a good serve and a good return, you get rewarded. If you come forward you benefit but if...
  11. jm1980


    Mods, can you guys do something about this website? All they do is create sensationalized headlines that serve no purpose other than to drive traffic to their site (ie: clickbait) This in turn generates pointless and inflammatory threads on these boards. I for one, am sick of seeing their low...
  12. jm1980

    Tomic Tank Engine at it again

    "Too good" :D
  13. jm1980

    Fed: My mental toughness is overshadowed by my virtuosity, my shot-making, my technique, my grace

    Humblerer at it again: "My mental toughness has always been overshadowed by my virtuosity, my shot-making, my technique, my grace." More gems can be found in this interview: Discuss :D
  14. jm1980

    Djokovic's run of 299 weeks with 10,000+ ATP points comes to an end

    Lost in the shuffle of #18 is the end of a streak showcasing Djokovic's consistency: Today, Djokovic fell below 10,000 ATP points for the first time since May 9th, 2011 - a span of 299 weeks. To put this in perspective, Murray reached 10,000 points for the first time in his career in July...
  15. jm1980

    Nadal looked very dejected during the trophy ceremony

    Very reminiscent of "God, it's killing me"
  16. jm1980

    Match points saved and squandered by the Big Four

    ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ***FEDERER*** MP WASTED (22) 2019 Wimbledon F Djokovic 6–7(5), 6–1, 6–7(4), 6–4, 12–13(3) (2MP)! 2019 Madrid QF Thiem...
  17. jm1980

    Fastest groundstrokes in the men's game

    Fastest backhands (average) 1. Gulbis - 121.63 kph / 75.58 mph 2. Kuznetsov - 121.52 kph / 75.51 mph 3. Wawrinka - 120.83 kph / 75.08 mph 4. Verdasco - 119.80 kph / 74.44 mph 5. Nishikori - 119.24 kph / 74.09 mph ---- 11. Djokovic - 116.08 kph / 72.13 mph ... 18. Nadal - 114.55 kph / 71.18 mph...
  18. jm1980

    Taylor Fritz to become a dad in January

    Apparently Raquel Fritz is pregnant and due next January. This would certainly explain why 18-year-old Taylor got engaged and married right in the middle of the tennis season^tfw
  19. jm1980

    2016 WTF SF: [2] Djokovic vs [5] Nishikori

    It feels weird to type [2] next to Djokovic's name This will be the second semi tomorrow (evening session)
  20. jm1980

    2016 WTF RR: [4] Raonic v [8] Thiem

    Winner of this match will advance as the #2 in the group, probably to face Murray in the semi
  21. jm1980

    Who will achieve the Double Career Slam?

    Federer and Djokovic need another FO Nadal needs another AO
  22. jm1980

    Nadal out of Toronto

    After Murray and Fed, Nadal is also withdrawing “I am disappointed to announce I won’t be able to come to Toronto to play this year,” said Nadal. “I only started practicing a week ago after my wrist injury and I am not ready to play such an important event. I am very much looking forward to...
  23. jm1980

    Berdych yet another player to withdraw from Olympics The deficit mounts for glorified exho
  24. jm1980

    2016 Wimbledon Projected Seeds (Djok/Murray/Fed/Waw will be 1-4)

    (Last update: 2016-06-19; finalized) 1. Djokovic (20450) 2. Murray (10510) 3. Federer (8795) 4. Wawrinka (5665) 5. Nishikori (4380) 6. Raonic (4105) 7. Gasquet (3738) 8. Thiem (3678) 9. Cilic (3505) 10. Berdych (3198) 11. Goffin (3163) 12. Tsonga (2950) 13. Ferrer (2684) 14. Agut (2608) 15...
  25. jm1980

    Laver: As far as greatness goes, Djokovic is now Federer's equal

    The 11-time Grand Slam champion—who happens to be only player in history to capture the calendar-year Slam twice—believes that Novak Djokovic has equaled Roger Federer in the greatest-of-all-time debate. "I don't think you put one of those two above the other when you look at their...
  26. jm1980

    Murray has won 34 straight matches on clay (sans Djokodal)

    Since losing to Santiago Giraldo in 2014 Madrid, Murray has accumulated: 32 straight wins on clay against opponents not named Nadal or Djokovic 2 additional wins over Nadal (2015-16 Madrid) 2 titles (2015 Munich and 2015 Madrid) 2 additional finals (2016 Madrid, 2016 Rome pending) 5 bagels and...
  27. jm1980

    Feli López: Peak Fed and Peak Rafa not as good as Novak

    "When Roger and Rafa were at their best, they were not as good as Novak [is now]." - Feliciano Lopez on the World No. 1. #USClay Discuss. For more...