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  1. ericsson

    New Balance 656 2E or 4E

    Can anyone give some feedback on these? as i dont know which width and size to order, i read different things which confuses me. Some say 2E fits like a 4E on this particular model and if you take the 4E you have to go down in size. I'm looking for a wide toebox but if 2E already is very wide...
  2. ericsson

    My Hi-Ten collection

    All with original Luxilon 1.80mm string.
  3. ericsson

    My Donnay Pro collection

  4. ericsson

    FS: 1 Donnay Pro One 97 16x19 grip 3

    Selling one black Donnay Pro One 97 with the 16x19 pattern in gripsize L3 or 4 3/8. Racket is in very good condition 9.5/10 with minor wear and is strung on a professional machine with Discho Iontec Hexa 1.25mm at 22.4 kg (one-piece) Racket is stock and not customised. open to offers...
  5. ericsson

    Highest price ever for a tennis racket?

    Is it the 2010 AO auction (Haiti) where Federer's racket reached a stunning $28,124 ? Would that be the highest ever? I know that Bjorn Borg's racket used at Wimbledon with certificate ended at $24.450 which is huge (also in 2010 at a internet auction)
  6. ericsson

    Noythanongsay: great seller

    Noythanongsay is a great seller and a nice guy.
  7. ericsson

    Volkl Organix 9

    I dont know if it's already posted or not but here is the Organix 9:
  8. ericsson

    Donnay Pro One International specs

    Here the official specs from the original Pro One International. (1993) Beam: 18,5 mm contstant beam Headsize: 95sq. (supermidsize) Weight: SL325g, L335g Balance: 310mm RA: 55 Construction: 50% graph/50% glass Grip type: ghost
  9. ericsson

    Fake BB Alu reels

    I want to warn you guys to be careful when you buy Big Banger alu reels on the bay for a very cheap price, some are fake. My friend here bought one for 90 euro and he was a little dissapointed when they broke very early, he asked me to take a look at it and i strung a racket up, it was nothing...
  10. ericsson

    Radek Stepanek's Custom Bosworth

    Here is Radek Stepanek's personal racket, more pictures and info will follow as soon i have more time...
  11. ericsson

    Volkl Organix 2011 (sneak preview)

    I have some more info about the new line Volkl rackets, below some 10 series models of the 2011 line: - Organix 10 Light: 295gr ( all yellow pj) - Organix 10 MP: 325gr ( black yellow pj) - Organix 10 MID: 330 gr (metallic yellow pj) Pics will follow very soon ;-)
  12. ericsson

    Order history

    Hi Stefan, just a quick question, does TWE remembers people's order history in any way?
  13. ericsson

    Apple Iphone

    Can someone tell me what the current prices are for the Apple iphone 3GS 16gb in the US? (unlocked) Here they are still very expensive.
  14. ericsson

    FS:[EU] Volkl: PB10L, Tour Crusher

    For Sale: 1 Volkl PB10 295 in perfect condition with very minor wear, about 9.0/10 grip L3 or 4 3/8, strung with MSV hex 1.23/Polystar at mid tension. 1 Volkl Tour Crusher in perfect condtion, 9.0/10, grip size L2 or 4 1/4; strung with Black Spin/MSV hex 1.18 at mid tension. Contact...
  15. ericsson

    Babolat first generation

    The last weeks and months i've received quite some mails about the the first Babolats, well here it is. I know many of you don't think they are classics, well i do and that's why i want it to post here. I will start with the first "Pure" series developed between 1994 and 1996. These first...
  16. ericsson

    Volkl/Becker 2010

    I just wanne post some new stuff that's coming up. I think this one can be quite interesting just looking at the specs. Becker Delta Core London: Specs: Headsize: 98 sq. Weight: 305g. Length: 68,5cm Pattern: 16x19 Beam: 20mm constant Balance: 32cm
  17. ericsson

    Babolat stringing machines history

    Here the different machines Babolat made over a long period. This thread is dedicated to Drakulie Babolat history: Babolat Multilec 01 (1977) Babolat Multilec 02 (1979) Babolat Exclusive (1980-81) Babolat Starring (1982-83) Babolat Star (1984) Babolat Multilec 03 (1985) Babolat 1001 and 1002...
  18. ericsson

    My Equijet collection

    Here is my rare Lacoste Equijet collection, the quality of the rackets is very high, will post some additional photos if i have more time ;-) 1) Equijet 255 ( the original made in Belgium) 2) LT 301 (matte black paintjob) 3) LT 302 (glossy red and 95
  19. ericsson

    Wickmayer with Donnay!

    Strange things happen in tennisland, just saw Yanina Wickmayer with a blacked out racket with Donnay stencil in Auckland, she was under contract with Dunlop and Dunlop is from the same group as Donnay (Sportsdirect) so maybe Donnay is planning to come back on tour. I will try to find out more...
  20. ericsson

    Pacific-Fischer Basalt sneak preview

    The Basalt X:
  21. ericsson

    Wanted: Prince Thunder Ultralite Titanium Oversize

    I'm looking for a Prince Thunder Ultralite Oversize in grip size 4 3/8, it's for a friend of mine. Must be in very good condition and willing to ship to Europe. Thanks
  22. ericsson

    Völkl Powerbridge 9 (pics)

    Here are the first pics of the Volkl PB9:
  23. ericsson

    Browning Contact Soft

    Browning is mostly famous for his guns but they did made some nice rackets too, in 1977 Browning is sold to FN Herstal in Belgium and started to make some rackets in the early 80's, Browning is not so popular here on this forum and actually it's a shame cos they've made some unbelievable nice...
  24. ericsson

    [EU] For Sale: Yonex Super RD 90

    For Sale: Yonex SRD 90 in perfect condition, some wear on the bumper, frame intact, rate about 9/10, gripsize L4 or 4 1/2, racket is strung at 24 kg. This is a very stable racket! price: 70 euro pics available:
  25. ericsson

    [EU] For Sale: Boris Becker V1 MP

    For Sale: 1x Boris Becker V1 MP in perfect condition with little wear, 9/10, strung with synthetic at mid tension. Gripsize L3 or 4 3/8, Very easy racket to play with. Pics available, very expensive racket new, make me an offer:
  26. ericsson

    The original Head Prestige (mid)?

    Ok guys, here's something unique, this could be the very first prestige (mid) what are your thoughts? (ignore the stringing ;-)
  27. ericsson

    Andy Murray's Head MG

    Well you never know what's in the mail, this week it was Mr.Murray's personal Head MG :), it is used in the clay season strung with Alu and VS gut. Strange thing is the racket is not that heavy, at least don't feel so heavy. There is a lot of lead under the caps though. More to follow...
  28. ericsson

    Agassi's serve

    I was watching a docu about Wimbledon last night, i noticed that Andre in his Donnay era used a special serve move, first get the racket behind his back and then toss, i don't really like that, reminds of some South-American players who did that too. Anyway, does anyone know when he stopped that...
  29. ericsson

    New Tecnifibre machine

    I was at the French Open yesterday and saw the new TF machine, looks very good, very big and heavy and will retail at approximately 8000 euro. I was not allowed to take pics so sorry for that, name will be TF Ergo, it has a nice colour digital touch screen, you can also ask a custom version of it.
  30. ericsson


    Talked to the guys from Tecnifibre yesterday and it looks like Kristof Vliegen has changed to the actual 325 XL, ofcourse leaded up to his old balance and SW, they told me that they still keep his old Major's X-one's cos players can suddenly change their minds, especially when they have bad...