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    Grommets & Bumpers - stockpile or not?

    Is it advisable to buy grommets and bumpers in advance of needing them? I need to get a set for a Dunlop aerogel 4d 300 I’ve bought and am told by racket depot in the UK that they appear to have been discontinued. Got me to thinking, should I get a set for my other more contemporary rackets to...
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    Blade 2019 98S 16x18

    Has anyone hit with this? Is it appreciably spinnier than the 16x19?
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    Album review site - early 90s - what was it?

    There was a website in the early to late 90s that reviewed seemingly thousands of albums. The reviews were lengthy, interesting and articulate. All the work of a single guy who must have spent most of his life wearing headphones. I found it at the time a very reliable source of what to buy. He...
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    Stringing machines in the UK - who, what?

    I’d like to get one. A crank rather than drop weight, with the option to put an electronic tensioner on it later on maybe. Tabletop and stowable. Such as Gamma Progression ST II. Why? Because it costs £15 per racket otherwise and I’m ok with amortising it over a few years; and, I’m at the...
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    Castore - like the brand or not?

    What do you think of the Castore brand? I’ll be all over their gear if they can produce decent, good looking clothes that look stylish rather than technical. But, the brand is a bit of a mouthful and the logo makes me think of Fred Perry (a pair of wings vs an olive wreath but same sorta shape...
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    Dunlop M3.0 to CX 200?

    I’m looking for a new racket, moving on from my M3.0. Would the CX 200 be the obvious choice? I like the M3.0, just want a bit more thump on serves and better plow through and stability. I started playing with the M3.0 and am now playing with better (intermediate) players and the M3.0 can be a...