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  1. johnwah

    What is Wrong with Nick Kyrgios?!?!

    Just watched some highlights or should I say slowlights of kyrgios and I dont think the shrink is working... between watching this or the opelka vs isner match.. im not sure which one is worse...
  2. johnwah

    String weights between Mains and Crosses...

    Hey all... Generally the rule of thumb when stringing is you can vary the string tension on mains and crosses by 2-4 lbs depending on your setup and desired effect... Ive noticed though when doing hybrid stringing that balancing a "soft" string with a poly its tough to come up with the right...
  3. johnwah

    The moment of truth!

    I dont know about the rest of you guys... but I always was a bit skeptical of hawkeye... but now with the new foxtenn "moment of truth" its no question anymore... im digging the instant replay... the fox is going to eat the hawk.... and now i can sleep at night...
  4. johnwah

    Compression Sleeves

    Hey all.. In fighting some general soreness and increasing playing time... ive been using an adidas compression sleeve and Ive been loving it... I feel like it helps me in the long run... However, its now losing some of its elasticity and im searching for a new one... What is the best one out...
  5. johnwah

    Karolina Pliskova gets married!

    Congrats!! I always liked her game.. so... of course my mind went to the gutter... and is she gonna change her last name?? Karolina Hardilicka!?
  6. johnwah

    Federer Nike Clothes Clearance

    Well now that Fed has officially jumped ship... Does anybody know if they will start liquidating his apparel on the cheap? It probably wont happen for a while, but eventually it will i think. I always wanted some RF gear, but it pretty much never goes on sale.
  7. johnwah

    Brian Battistone

    I stumbled upon this when nearing the end of the internet...Ive seen racquets similar to this in the past but they never really caught any traction... But what really got me was the service motion looking like a volleyball serve... i can see that there would be a lot of power getting your body...
  8. johnwah

    Why is Tennis shot the way it is on TV?

    I stumbled across this video... because of course Youtube knows me more than I know myself... that I want to watch tennis ...but Ive always enjoyed the court views to see how pros really play.. I understand that if you shoot it like this nobody will go to watch any of the live games... but at...
  9. johnwah

    Grip Size Fedr

    Hi all... sorry if theres already a thread about this... But I was wondering if theres any pros or cons to using a bigger or smaller grip size... Ive got a medium sized hand (insert hand joke here) and have always used a 4 3/8th grip... Federer and Nadal who are 6'1 use the same grip size or...