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  1. tennisaddict

    Tanko Quitsarevic retires at Stockholm

    Former top 10 player and double career retirement slam player Quitsarevic will play his last tournament this week Adios Tanko Players will miss not just your cool glasses but the byes and retirements!!
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    Wilander : Today was a 20% affair

    This just in
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    The true test of versatility..

    is number of majors won outside your favorite major Federer - 12 Djokovic - 9 Nadal - 7 That is the big 3.
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    Federer will win AO 2020 or Wimb 2020

    Novak’s elbow issue is not small as per media . Fed can get one of the two majors . May the force be with you , Roger !!
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    Townsend and Mertens took a set of Andreescu. Serena couldn't.

    Why ? It should have been a 3 and 1 defeat actually.
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    Medvedev to do a Chung ?

    AO 2018 SF replay.. Withdraw after a set and half ?
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    USO 18 Finals - How did Djoker/Delpo take 2 hr 24 minutes for two sets ?

    Tennis channel replaying USO 18 finals. Score for first two sets 6-3, 7-6. Match time at end of set 2 was 2 hr 24 minutes. Granted there was a 20 minute game when Djokovic served 3-4 but still this is insane. Djokovic pretty clutch when needed. Same story like USO 15.
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    LOL !

    lol ..
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    Majors won after age 28

    Player Majors won after 28 Borg 0 Sampras 2 Laver 5 Federer 5 Nadal 5 Emerson 5 Djokovic 8 How is Djokovic able to achieve more majors than anyone at age 28 ? How is Djokovic able to win as many majors after age 28 as he did before ?
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    Will Djokovic have a tennis shot or stadium or Alley named after him ?

    Like SABR ? Like Roger Federer Alley ? Like Roger Stadium ( Coming up soon ) ? Obviously asking for Djokovic outside of Belgrade ?
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    Nadal gets a bye to finals

    Monfils withdrew in SF as expected. I was hoping Robbie Bats to win the tiebreak. But everything fell in place as expected.
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    NPR’s top headlines today is ‘Roger turns 38’

    Well, this is mentioned above China currency devaluations, Texas/Dayton Mass shootings , 2020 presidential elections .. Not sure if anyone ever will gain this amount of popularity. Go Roger !!
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    Danil Medvedev : Federer is the most talented, no one like him while Djokovic plays like a machine

    Daniil Medvedev spoke about the differences between the younger and older players. The Russian said: "Us younger guys are not really experienced. You gain experience when you play major tournaments. Take Alexander Zverev, he has won Masters 1000s and ATP Finals. But he did not get any Grand Slam...
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    Big 3 in terms of fun, drama and action

    Who are the big 3 in above criterion ?
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    Who is a better clay court player ?

    Dominic Thiem or David Ferrer ? Ferrer - 1 major final (lost to Nadal), 2 masters final (lost to Nadal), 13 ATP 500 and 250 titles Thiem - 2 major final (lost to Nadal) 2 masters final ( lost to Zverev and Nadal) 9 ATP 500 and 250 titles
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    Who is the better HC Player ?

    Between Alexander Zverev and James Blake, who is the better HC player ?
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    Is 2019 the weakest year starting 2011 ?

    With none of the new gen doing anything of note and the 2 previous gen still not able to figure out how to win , fair to say 2019 is the worst year in recent tennis history ? Thoughts ?
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    State of the Tour - 2019

    As we are done with 3 slams in the year and 2 seasons behind us, time to reflect on the state of the tour. Ladies and Gentleman, here we present the top 10 in the tour. We take a look at the player with the most wins, the player with the least losses and the player with the best win-loss...
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    What are your most and least interesting matchups in tennis ?

    Most : Fed vs Nadal Fed vs Delpo Fed vs Kyrgios Fed vs Djokovic Least : Djokovic vs Murray Djokovic vs Simon Nadal vs Anderson Nadal vs Busta
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    Federer annoyed Novak called third wheel

    For those in the Novak fan base that hate Fed more than the need to celebrate Novak’s victory , take a look at his press conference The interviewer was asking about Novak being the third wheel behind him and Nadal. Fed promptly cut that guy saying that was years ago Shows the respect Fed has ...
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    Players and media heavily favor Djokovic - Rightfully

    John McEnroe - Djoker in 4 Patrick McEnroe - DJoker in 3 Jon Wertheim- Djoker in 4 Stanley Kay: Djoker in 4 Daniel Rapaport Djoker in 4 Steve Tignor - Djokovic So far i have only heard Darren Cahill state Fed may win.
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    The h2h does not look bad after all !

    16-24 Bamos !
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    Wimbledon 2019 QF : Roger Federer (3) -SUI vs Kei Nishikori(8) -JAP

    Head to Head : 7-3 in favor of Federer Hard : 7-2 Clay : 0-1 Grass : 1-0 Last Match : 2018 YEC : Nishikori beat Fed 7-6,6-3 On Grass : 2014 Halle Fed beat Nishikori 6-3, 7-6
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    Based on actual matchups, whose draw is turning out to be toughest amongst the Big 3

    Now that we have the line up for 4 rounds and seen potential QF/SF opponents, whose draw is the toughest and whose is the weakest ? We heard endlessly about Nadal facing a tough lineup.