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  1. AndyFtw17

    Schedule for Big 3 in 1/4 Final

    Agreed with above. Federer will be on CC as he's already been on C1 once, and he has the highest/biggest match (seed wise). Djokovic as world #1 and reigning champion has already been on C1 twice, whilst Nadal has only been on once. I can't imagine that its not Federer and Djokovic on CC, with...
  2. AndyFtw17

    Nadal Needs to Wild Card at Halle or Queens to Insure #2 Wimbledon Seeding

    Seeing as its 50/50 it’s entirely possible
  3. AndyFtw17

    Imagine Fedr win

    I’m considering going 66/33 split between Nadal 3-0 and 3-1. If it somehow goes to a fifth I’ll chuck some more on Nadal as odds will be nearish to evens then
  4. AndyFtw17

    Imagine Fedr win

    I was going to do this (and normally do). But the odds are atrocious (unsurprisingly). £14 profit from a £100 bet if nadal wins.
  5. AndyFtw17

    2019 French Open - ATP Thread

    Mahut from 2 sets down, now Herbert. Both knocking out top 16 seeds. Incredible stuff from the French pairing!
  6. AndyFtw17

    Federer is 15/1 odds, take that bet.

    Exactly. Not sure where 15/1 is from but he’s basically double every where i’ve checked
  7. AndyFtw17

    Federer News

    Nadal might have Thiem SF and Djokovic F. Seed 1 isn’t necessarily in the same half as Seed 4, and likewise for 2 with 3. It’s random.
  8. AndyFtw17

    2019 Rome QF: Djokovic vs del Potro

    Yes. He was 5-2 up and had set point for the double break/set.
  9. AndyFtw17

    ATP Finals 2018 RR3: (3) Alexander Zverev vs (8) John Isner

    I thought so first but because Zverev and Cilic will be tied on set percentages (and not Djokovic), it goes to h2h between Zverev and Cilic, and Zverev progresses. From "Comment 4: 3 players have 2 wins and the other player...
  10. AndyFtw17

    ATP Finals 2018 RR3: (3) Alexander Zverev vs (8) John Isner

    3 Sets for Zverev and Cilic is out too. Cilic's only hope is Isner wins in 3 (now) and he beats Djoko (in 2 or 3)
  11. AndyFtw17

    2018 Nitto ATP Finals

    If Nish beats Thiem tomorrow in 2 or 3 in the earlier session tomorrow, Fed has to win in 2 otherwise he’s out! If Fed wins in 2 though he’s 99% through
  12. AndyFtw17

    Jack Sock / Mike Bryan into the finals

    Was only the semi's today, Murray/Azarenka v Peya/Melichar in the final on Sunday!
  13. AndyFtw17

    Mercedes Cup Stuttgart R16 - Roger Federer(1) vs. Mischa Zverev

    No but will be seeded 1 at Wimbledon regardless
  14. AndyFtw17

    Federer - Not Losing a Set in a Grand Slam before semifinals

    Looks like 2005 AO is incorrectly highlighted, otherwise bolded are where he won the tournament.
  15. AndyFtw17

    2018 AO SF - [2] Roger Federer vs Hyeon Chung

    Don't forget Sergiy Stakhovsky, Wimbledon 2013
  16. AndyFtw17

    UK Championship Snooker 2017

    That drama.. Unreal. Final frame!
  17. AndyFtw17

    Davis Cup Semifinal Great Britain vs. Australia (Indoor hardcourt in Glasgow)

    They had 3 in a row! 0-40 on Jamie's serve it was.
  18. AndyFtw17

    Federer fans: 1 WTF title or 3 Masters titles?

    I went for WTF, but without a doubt would choose 3 Masters if those included Rome & MC.
  19. AndyFtw17

    US Open 2015 Final: Djokovic (1) vs Federer (2)

    GMT time 8:00pm So 1:30am for you.
  20. AndyFtw17

    USO 2015 QF: Simona Halep versus Viktoria Azarenka

    At the US Open, 1982 I think I heard. Might be mistaken though.