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    The Evolution of Percentage play in tennis throughout the decades!

    A post by KG1965 gave me an idea for an interesting topic for discussion in tennis history. Anyway as KG1965 wrote, he believes Nadal is one of the top strategists of all time and I agree. However I also believe he is one of the finest percentage players in tennis history. Every shot is well...
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    Beating an opponent who used to beat you all the time.

    I think one of the most satisfying aspects of tennis is defeating an opponent who "owned you" and turning the tables on him or her or in doubles them. Please detail the times you have done this and what was the change of strategy if there was any change. This could be doubles or singles.
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    Best flat backhand of all time

    I was looking @timnz excellent thread "Has anyone surpassed Rosewall for the best backhand slice in history yet?" The thing is imo and many others that Rosewall's backhand was really flat with only a little bit of underspin. So it occurs to me that it would be interesting to discuss the best...
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    Players who perhaps were great players but you don't think of them as great I was look at the "Why do we never think of Mardy Fish as a Great Player" thread (see above) and it occurred to me we discuss certain great players so often but it would be nice if we...
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    In the zone??

    I'm sure a lot of us, relatively speaking have been in the zone for some matches and perhaps for a period of time. Now of course I have had days in which I've played extremely well (at least for me) in which I felt I saw the ball well and my movement and timing was excellent. However the other...
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    The 1930s and 1940s plus the 1950s for the Women players.

    The Thirties and Forties in World Tennis NatF and Krosero brought out an excellent point that we tend to discuss the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s too much on the Former Player’s forum and that we should discuss other eras in tennis. So I think discussing the 1930s and 1940s would be a source of...
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    Hypothetical question

    I was discussing level of play in the Former Players when I come up with the following hypothetical question; What is more impressive Steffi Graf's Golden Slam in 1988 or if by some miracle Serena Williams won one Open major on the ATP tour? I would think that Serena winning an ATP Open major...
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    The 2017 Dodgers, 2017 Indians and great sports teams or individuals

    I live in the United States and have been a following of sports for ages. In all my years of following sports I have never seen in Major League Baseball a team that looked so invincible in the 2017 Los Angeles Dodgers. People were calling this year's Dodger team the greatest of all time...
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    Chess article comparing Anand to Federer.

    Personally I think Kasparov is a better comparison to Federer but I think some may want to read this article.
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    What if there was always Open Tennis?

    The Pro/Amateur divide has been one of the great negatives imo in tennis history. We could have players winning Wimbledon or any major that may not had under true Open conditions. Many great players have not been allowed to play majors or any sort of a tennis circuit for the traditional...
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    Federer's eighth.

    What Federer did this Wimbledon is perhaps, along with Tilden in 1930 the greatest feat by an older player ever! He won Wimbledon without the loss of a set. Truly a stunning performance by a great player, arguably the greatest ever. I am so impressed by his backhand and his overall game now...
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    Laver's Forgotten 1968 Channel Slam

    I was discussing the 1968 Tennis Season with another poster today and the subject was the 1968 French Pro. According to McCauley the French Pro in 1968 was played from July 9 to 15 while Wimbledon in 1968 ended on July 6. It occurred to me that Laver had only three days to adjust from grass to...
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    Frank Deford passes away The sportswriter Frank Deford passed away. Among his many excellent books and articles was his superb biography of Bill Tilden. Some examples of his articles...
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    Pancho Segura

    Pancho Segura has always held a particular fascination to me. He is clearly one of the people most instrumental in having tennis survive and thrive in the manner it does today. He was also a great player with a forehand that many have called the great single stroke in the history of tennis...
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    Tennis Players who also were excellent in other sports or what other sports could that have excelled

    I figured I'd start a thread that would discuss tennis players who were excellent in other sports or competitions whether it would be golf, boxing, football, American football, chess, ping pong, baseball, hockey, basketball etc. A lot of this is speculation but hopefully enjoyable speculation...
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    Best Topspin backhand and/or offensive backhand

    There is a thread for best sliced backhand so I felt it would be appropriate to have a thread for the best topspin backhand. However we should break it up into several categories…one should be the best one handed topspin backhand with a wooden racquet. However since wooden racquets were...
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    Serena drops by to play tennis

    Just decided to post this because I'm amused by this video. It's probably been posted already. LOL.
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    The Ultimate Davis Cup or Fed Cup Team

    KG1965 started a thread about singles and doubles which made me think about Davis Cup. So who is your ultimate Davis Cup or Fed Cup team? It doesn't have to be one nation! The surface will be a medium paced outdoor surface. Some possibilities because of the doubles expertise would be John...
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    Your personal rivalries in tennis and anything else

    We have had a lot of super rivalries in tennis history like Gonzalez-Hoad, Federer-Nadal, Laver-Rosewall. However on a personal level do any of you feel a personal rivalry against any player and if so why? I thinking of mainly tennis but it can be anything. I personally don't feel I'm good...
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    ESPN article comparing Federer and Rosewall

    Just glanced at it but I figured the Rosewall fans would enjoy this article.
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    ESPN article comparing Federer and Rosewall Just glanced at it but I figured the Rosewall fans would enjoy this article.
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    Federer versus Nadal, cherish it while you can!

    I just finished watching the Nadal defeat Dimitrov in five sets to set up another Federer versus Nadal final. Both are over thirty now and in the latter half of their careers imo. I have watched tennis for decades now and this rivalry is perhaps the greatest of the Open Era, perhaps of all...
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    Important Events aka Major Events on the Old Pro Tour

    I believe that perhaps we tend to look at the Old Pro Tour from fairly modern eyes. Wembley, the US Pro and the French Pro were generally important Pro Events but I don't believe you can call it a Major like we call the French Open or Wimbledon now. McCauley at the end of his book has a record...
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    Best strokes of the 2000s.

    I saw the thread for best players of the 2000s so I figured for fun I'll post an opinion thread on the best strokes of the 2000s. Here's my picks. Don't get upset if I forget your favorite. I once started a best service return thread and forgot Agassi!! Best strokes since 2000...
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    The Most Complete Player or Players

    I saw a thread on the General Pro Players forum discussing whether Djokovic is the most complete player of all time. Perhaps we have already had a thread on this already but I figured it would be an interesting discussion...
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    The Roar article Normally I don't make any big deal of these articles however I do tend to agree with his idea of five year periods. It's not a great article but I thought this article would make an interesting topic for discussion. One thing...
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    Who has won the most points in history?

    This is inspired by the thread who has hit the most winners in history. Tennis matches, especially in the past is won mainly by opponent's errors even at the highest levels. So who has won the most points in history. I would think the players who played the longest probably has won the most...
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    Best Player in any year based on pure average playing level

    In the World Number One by year thread I was discussing in one post how the number one player for the year which is ranked generally by certain achievement goals may not be the best playing in average playing level. For example 1975 is a good example. Arthur Ashe was acclaimed at number one...
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    Best all time lefty strokes and abilities

    In another thread there was a discussion about the best lefty backhand. I figured I may as well start a thread on the best all time left strokes. Here's some possible pick Serve-My first thought overall has to be Goran Ivanisevic as number one but guys like McEnroe, Tanner, Guy Forget, Drobny...
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    How great is Lebron James?

    I saw the seventh game of the NBA finals yesterday with Lebron James leading the Cleveland Cavaliers pass the awesome 73-9 Golden State Warriers for the NBA championships. Clearly over the last decade and more James has been the best player in basketball. I'm wondering now how does he...