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    Alpha Customer Service...

    ...for those who don’t already know, is top notch. I don’t work for them, nor have any affiliation whatsoever. A little history: I bought a used Axis Pro a couple years ago. Since I’ve had the machine, when I would mount a racquet, it’s often been a struggle to get the racquet to sit...
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    Please help me fix my forehand!

    Ok TT crew. I’m a 30 something computer rated 4.5 player. I’ve been playing reasonably well lately. But my forehand is a complete mess. Sorry about the angle of the video, and the lack of variety of height (as I’ll talk about later, I avoid hitting above waist high at all costs). But let me give...
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    Pure Aero to IG Prestige MP?

    So, after 2 years playing with a weighted up Pure Aero, the honeymoon may be over - I can’t stop looking at new racquets, wondering if I should make a switch. A little about me. I’m a former D1 college player, now in my late 30’s. 4.5C USTA rating, and I play almost all doubles. The only time I...
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    Pure Aero Launch Angle Woes

    I’ve been playing with the Pure Aero for about 18 months. I probably should have gone with the tour right off the bat, because over time I found the racquet pretty impossible to control in stock form. So I started weighting it up. The current setup is 4 grams in the butt cap, 3 grams 7” above...
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    Calling on Baiardo owners

    The adjustment knob is increasingly difficult to turn on one of the two machine clamps (the other one is fine). The clamps are about a year old. I took apart the clamp in question and thoroughly cleaned it with alcohol - paying particular attention to the threads on the rod attached to the...
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    Jack Sock...does anyone else think it’s odd...

    ...that he played his singles match the other day in the Vapor X and then played his doubles match today in the Cage? Bizarre that he would change the style of shoe during a tournament - even if it’s “only” doubles at this point.
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    Fischer GDS Take Off 1200 Air Cannon Ti Stringing Instructions

    Calling on @jim e and others for some help on this racquet. Can’t find anything about it on the internet. Grommets would suggest 1pc (there’s no enlarged hole for a bottom cross tie off). But, the mains end at the throat. I guess I could do ATW. As big as this thing is, part of me fears special...
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    2017 Barricade Boost or Asics Court FF?

    I’ve been wearing Asics Speed 3’s for the last year +. I love the weight of the shoe. I don’t love the durability. Can anyone comment on the durability of the FF’s versus the Speed 3’s? Would I see any improvement, or no difference? I wear a 10 in most shoes, including the Speed 3. Should I...
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    Are coaches honest with Ostapenko?

    ...that her “kick serve” is a stinking meatball? Maybe she should put that club back in her bag?
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    Customer gaffes

    Thought it would be fun to share some funny/outrageous/ridiculous stories about interactions with customers. For example: 1. A guy once walked up to me in the shop, as I was stringing a racquet...and asked me, "How many of these do you do a day?" "Depends on volume and the day," I said...
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    What was Adidas thinking?

    Those outfits are hideous. A small part of me might actually feel sorry for Zverev and Halep. You folks think they want to wear those disaster outfits on court? o_O
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    Burn Spin Effect Patterns

    So with Wilson Burn spin effect frames, the pattern is 18x16...AND, the 7th and 8th mains are shared holes. Mfg calls for mains to tie off at 6B. Naturally this creates rather long runs of string on the outside of the frame - due to the distance between the main tie off and the outside mains...
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    Can anyone confirm if these fit Gamma 4000 glidebars?

    Clamps on my Gamma 4000 at home are pretty well toast. I've thoroughly taken them apart, cleaned them, replaced the nuts used to tighten the jaws...and in spite of all that, they just don't hold like they used to. Contacted TM, and was told in short that the Gamma clamps and parts used to...
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    Rogers Cup Montreal - Where to Stay?

    Hello folks. My wife and I are planning a trip to watch the men play in Montreal at the Rogers cup this year. We would potentially be going to the tournament on Thursday. But, we're going to spend several days there, so we'll want to do some other stuff too (not sure what yet). We're looking...
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    Calling all Cardio Tennis Guru Instructors

    Hey folks. The club I work for offers several cardio tennis classes per week. When I used to teach Cardio classes, I sometimes fell into doing the same old cliche drills (i.e. Approach volley, 2 forehands accross the baseline, etc). Do you have any suggestions to "keeping things fresh" with your...
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    Super Bulky Starting Knot

    MRT friend of mine shared this with me, so I thought I would pass it on. It is more bulky than any starting knot I've ever tried. It's basically a double half hitch, then the tail goes through both loops of each half hitch towards the head of the racquet. Knot must be tightened in two steps -...
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    Rotten Handle

    So a customer dropped off a racquet because a replacement grip which was installed by a coworker of mine had become completely detached. After I removed the grip I discovered that the material underneath the grip is completely rotten (soft and spongy to the touch and flaking off). At that point...
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    Multi Mains & Poly Crosses

    Before anyone says it, yes I know it is usually more accepted to put poly in the mains...but I love the way this setup feels. Is there any way to mitigate short durability? Has anyone tried string savers?
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    Baiardo Clamp Sticking

    At work, I string on a Wilson Baiardo. Lately, one of the clamps has been acting up. On the "good" clamp, when I press down the lever to clamp the string, there is very little resistance - probably all I feel is the string itself. On the other clamp, it feels as though something is "sticking"...
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    Mounting too tight / too loose?

    About a month ago, I attempted to string a EX03 Blue on a 6 point CP. I cut the strings out and began looking over the racquet. I mounted it, and began stringing it 2 piece. The mains went in without incident. I started the crosses, and it was then that the problems came. Upon tensioning the...
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    2pc Stringing Question

    Hello all. First, I should mention that I'm not trying to start a 1pc vs. 2pc debate. Now that that's out of the any of you finish your mains by installing the top 2 or bottom 2 crosses before tying off? I should point out that this scenario assumes you're stringing 2pc, and it's not...
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    Ad deleted

    All classified for sale items need to have a condition rating. Please review the following link concerning guidelines before re-posting. Thank you. TW Staff