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  1. NickJ

    New Blade Video

    I've just watched a video with the new design of the Blade. Grey accents at 3 & 9, very Clash inspired, with the green across the top headguard. Guessing this is how Wilson will be redesigning all their lines. I don;t know if I'm allowed to link the vid, or even find it as not on YT. You're all...
  2. NickJ

    Gravity . . . .

    Zverev still using the prototype paintjob on his GravitySpeed. He's got a massive sweet spot apparently. Loves kittens & children.
  3. NickJ

    Pure Strike 2020

    TW Youtube channel now showcasing the new Pure Strike 2020. Looks good. Damn if there aren;t just too many sticks to choose from. This isn't helping my racketaholism you know . . . . .
  4. NickJ

    Clash 98

    Jonas over at TennisNerd has been sent a Clash 98 to test/review. I hope to see a Tour version very soon!! I'm thinking one of these with some Luxilon Smart string will be just nice thank you very much. Yum!
  5. NickJ

    New Ezone Range Due Soon??

    I only ask as on TW Europe they are selling the current green model at a sale price. This is usually the sign that new models are due to be released. Anyone confirm please? What's the 'normal' life-cycle of a frame/design, 2yrs? 3? I can't remember how long the Ezone has been around after...
  6. NickJ

    Murray Retirement Imminent?? And will he let me have even just one of his PT57s???

    It's on the cards isn't it? If I had to guess, he'll see how this year goes with regards the Slams but call it a day at the end of this year. I really can't see him carrying on if his hips are as broken & painful as mentioned. Better to bow out with head held high than risk doing anything more...
  7. NickJ

    Pro Staff 85, Original AND Classic

    Hi all, any takers in trying to help identify this please? Pro Staff Original 85 but in Classic paint. Butt code days SFW, Made in Taiwan. Was this a standard frame in Asia or perhaps was this made for a pro? Well used racket, definitely been in the wars. Thanks Sent from my SM-G955F using...
  8. NickJ

    Bahrami is using an MXG . . . . .

    Is that irony? He's the clown of the tennis court and so uses the biggest joke to hit tennis in decades. Maybe it's a prop. He'll switch back to the Extreme after a game or two.
  9. NickJ

    Simplicious is a great seller!

    Hassle free transaction, great communication. Well recommended.
  10. NickJ

    Dunlop Revelation Pro Tour Series

    Hi all, I obtained this from the you-know-where site and wanted to know if anyone can identify if it's anthing special, pro-stock for example, or if it's just retail. I only ask as there's a sticker on the inside of the throat that says '60P' Thanks
  11. NickJ

    Will Babolat now release a new Aero?

    We had the Decima. Will there be an 'Elevenima' . . . . ?? Does a Latin type sounding word even exist? Will they create one?
  12. NickJ

    Why Paul? WHY??

    Stop giving us awesome frames as now there's too much choice!!
  13. NickJ

    Anyone know the RA (Stiffness) of the Prince Classic Graphite Midplus??

    Hi all, Tried searching but not having any luck. Does anyone know the stiffness of this frame please? The 100 midplus. Thanks
  14. NickJ

    Barricade 2018

    I like what they've done with the new material/design going over the toes, but I can't stand that they've kept the ridiculous looking plasticy, triangular pattern on the side. Otherwise, it would be a case of 'take my money'. But, will stick with my Asics Gel Res & Yonex Eclipsion for at least...
  15. NickJ

    Head Racket Identification - Help Please!!

    Hi all, I bought this racket off the auction site and would like to know if any of you more knowledgeable people here can help identify it? I doubt it is prostock, or even a PT57a, but I'm no expert when it comes to telling the difference between the Head frames and all the various codes that go...
  16. NickJ

    Djokovic (Possible) New Stick . . . . ??

    Just watching the Novak match and he's clearly struggling with his elbow problem which hasn't sorted itself from last year, and it got me thinking, would Head now re-design a 'new' racket for him? We all know all the pros have a paint-jobbed something-or-other, but would they make something more...
  17. NickJ

    No Butt Cap Trap Door But I Want To Add Weight - HELP!

    Hi, I recently bought off you-know-where a Head Lite Tour 630 and it was 299g and very head heavy. To bring it in line with other rackets I have and what I prefer, I replaced the grip with a leather one and added lead underneath. Although this is helped slightly, it is now 310g, I want to add...
  18. NickJ

    Yonex Ezone Blue Imminent

    Yonex website says the new blue version of their also new Ezone frame is on the way, and that Kyrgios has 'wasted no time' in switching . . . . . okaaaaaay. So still an xi98 underneath then yeah?
  19. NickJ

    What's Santa Bringing You??

    Has anyone asked for a racket (or anything else tennis related) for Christmas? If so, what? I'm expecting a pair of new Yonex shoes! Ho Ho Ho! (now I have a machine gun)
  20. NickJ

    Head Lite Tour 630 (New thread, as this one is mine)

    Hello all, Firstly, my apologies to the person who has the other thread on here about the Head Lite Tour 630 but I bought one off the auction place and it arrived yesterday so I wanted to share some pictures & ask some questions. Mine is the blue/black colour, rather than the green/black I...
  21. NickJ

    Head Lite Tour 630 (New thread, as this one is mine)

    Double post - sorry
  22. NickJ

    richardc-s Excellent Seller. Recommended!

    Very happy with my new Phantom!! Thanks
  23. NickJ

    Recommended Seller - torre_dresen!

    No hassle transaction, excellent communication. Very much recommended. Thanks
  24. NickJ

    Anyone know anything about this?? New Yonex in August
  25. NickJ

    David Ferrer Racket?? Wimbledon 4th July

    Anyone know what Ferrer is using? Racket is blacked out but has a Babolat stencil on the strings (that may be purely for the strings rather than the frame). I'm not watching it and have only seen one small picture of a live feed as playing now so I don't have a lot to go on. Thanks
  26. NickJ

    Donnay Pro One Grommet Strips??

    Hi, For some time now I have had my Donnay Pro One Oversize which i got when I used to sponsorship with them in the early 90's. My trusty Pro One was packaged away for a house move and only recently found again, and over time the grommet strip has become very brittle and breaks now I've come to...
  27. NickJ

    After a new Bonjour From Babolat . . . .

    How about TW using their influence to talk other companies into doing this sort of thing? How about a Hello From Head. A Whats Happening From Wilson. A Yo! From Yonex. Huh TW? Whaddya reckon? Anyone you can ask a favour of? I think I am, like of most of the people on here, we all have multiple...
  28. NickJ

    'Personal' Racket . . . . . (??)

    Someone on the fleabay UK site is trying to claim this is one of Krygios's rackets . . . http://www.**** I'm calling BS. 285g?? And he doesn't use a...
  29. NickJ

    TW Staff . . . . Who are you?

    Hi all, if this has been asked before I apologise but I'd like to know, as a subscriber to the TW Youtube channel, who are you guys in all the videos? Do you have other jobs within TW, or are you there purely for the reviews & vlogs? Just interested to know a bit more about the people I see week...