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  1. Djokovic2011

    Who's the better player at Cincinatti - Djokovic or Murray?

    On the tram to Manny Town Centre, feeling a bit bored so I just thought I'd start this thread. Murray's resume is 2 titles, 1 RU, 2 semifinals with a 31-12 W-L record(72%). Djokovic's record is 1 title, 5 RU, 1 semifinal with a 35 -12 W-L record(74%). Discuss/disgust.
  2. Djokovic2011

    Whatever will be, will be

    If ever there was a time to quote the late, great Doris Day it's now. Not gonna lie, I'm already feeling nervous as all hell as I usually do before Djokovic plays a GS final but after watching the Fedal semifinal yesterday and seeing how much it meant to Roger after winning, a part of me will be...
  3. Djokovic2011

    One of those days I'll be happy whoever wins

    Serena winning her 8th Wimbledon title and equalling Margaret Court's Grand Slam record would be an incredible achievement, especially after everything she's been through these past couple of years. Likewise Simona winning her 1st Wimbledon title and 2nd major would also be remarkable...
  4. Djokovic2011

    It's been a whole year Nadal fans!

    Not gonna lie, I'm genuinely stunned by how many Nadal fans are still going on about the roof being used in last year's semifinal! I think what gets me the most though is the implication that Djokovic would never have won had the match been played in "normal" conditions. Er, have they completely...
  5. Djokovic2011

    Who's more likely to win another IW title - Federer or Djokovic?

    I know given Fed's age that the answer might seem obvious, after all he'll be 38 this time next year and Djokovic is a lot younger, but considering he's reached at least the final these past three years and that Novak has failed to even get to the QF stage I thought it'd be an interesting...
  6. Djokovic2011

    So much admiration for Novak

    I've just finished watching the 2014 Wimbledon final again and OMG, for the life of me I really don't know how Novak managed to maintain his composure after blowing a 5-2 lead and losing five games in a row in the 4th set. :oops: Absolutely no way on God's green earth would I(and most others)...
  7. Djokovic2011

    Record number of ranking points for a 30+ years old player?

    After his win today Djokovic now sits on 10,955 points. I know Nadal finished 2017 on 10,645 and Federer finished 2012 on 10,265 so I'm just wondering if this is another record Novak now owns for a player above the age of 30? :)
  8. Djokovic2011

    Djokovic the only player capable of beating Federer in Melbourne?

    This is more a question for Federer fans as I get the impression from what I've been reading on this forum and elsewhere that Djokovic is the only player they'd like to see out of the way when the Australian Open comes around in order to witness their guy hold aloft GS trophy #21. Is this a fair...
  9. Djokovic2011

    Why did so many Fed fans resent Djokovic between 2014-16?

    I'm only asking 'cos when I think back to that period I distinctly recall a large number of Federer fans stating that he was too old to get past a close to peak Djokovic in best of 5 matches and how Novak was even mean for beating up on a grandpa(oh yes they did :D) so if this was the case, why...
  10. Djokovic2011

    How do you rate Murray on clay?

    I know certain posters like @-NN- and @NatF really don't think much of Murray on the dirt but I'd like to find out how other TTW posters rate him when it comes to his clay court credentials and the overall level he's displayed throughout his career. As we all know, Andy's reached one RG final...
  11. Djokovic2011

    Nadal 2005 vs 2009 vs 2011

    Just wondering which of these Nadal seasons y'all consider to be better. With Sampras it's easy to work out his 6 best seasons(1993-98), with Federer it's 2004-07, 09, 17 and with Djokovic it's 2011-16 but where Nadal's best years are concerned it's not quite so clear cut. I mean 2008, 2010...
  12. Djokovic2011

    Who is the second best HC player so far in 2017?

    Nadal's best results: Australian Open RU, Miami RU, Acapulco RU. Zverev's best results: Champion in Montreal, Washington, Montpelier. So Sascha has won three titles including a Masters and a 500 but only reached the 3R in Melbourne and has failed to get past the QF stage at any of the other...
  13. Djokovic2011

    Djokovic's achievements in 2017

    OK, it's been a disaster of a year but seeing as he's now pulled the plug on his season, I thought this would be an appropriate time to highlight some of the things he achieved in the first seven months of 2017, no matter how small or insignificant. •Surpassed Connors and is now 2nd on the list...
  14. Djokovic2011

    Who would my fellow Nole fans prefer to win the USO - Federer or Nadal?

    Let's face it, it appears unlikely that Djokovic will play the USO this year and even if he does, chances are he won't be reaching the latter stages. So I'm just wondering who other Nole fans would prefer to see win the tournament seeing as it's almost certain to be either Federer or Nadal...
  15. Djokovic2011

    How incredible would it be if.....

    Both Venus and Nadal go on to win the title after crashing out in the 1st round last year? :oops: It'd be interesting to know when was the last time that happened in the men's and women's. Sadly I don't think Venus will do it but what an amazing story it'd be for her and tennis in general if she...
  16. Djokovic2011

    What did Murray do to Federer in Shanghai that Djokovic couldn't?

    Isn't it interesting how matchups at certain tournaments work out? For instance, Murray has beaten Federer both times they met in Shanghai, in straight sets no less, and Federer's beaten Djokovic both times they played there(also in straight sets). Conversely however, Djokovic went on to beat...
  17. Djokovic2011

    Murray should have more than one HC major by now

    I mean just look at the guy's stats. 32 HC titles including a USO, WTF, 12 Masters, an Olympic gold and 8 500s. He features in the top 10 for players with the best W-L% in the Open Era and only Federer, Djokovic, Sampras, Lendl and Agassi have reached more HC slam finals. :oops: I know some of...
  18. Djokovic2011

    Murray the best ever defender on hard courts after Djokovic?

    Seriously, the amount of balls he was retrieving today that would've been outright winners against any other player was just insane - you basically have to clean the lines to win the point such is his speed around the court.:eek: Not gonna lie, it made me want to tear my hair out at times but...
  19. Djokovic2011

    What happened to Kuznetsova?

    I didn't watch the match but just checked the score and saw she only won 1 game in the last two sets of her RR encounter against Muguruza. WTF?! :oops:
  20. Djokovic2011

    Any Fed fans out there that don't want Murray to finish this year at #1?

    Just wondering cos I've noticed a lot of Fed fans lately cheering Andy on, almost willing him to finish the year at the summit. Of course I'm sure it has everything to do with having a sudden new found appreciation for his game and all the improvements he's made and absolutely nothing to do with...
  21. Djokovic2011

    Murray vs Nadal on hard courts

    Here's how their stats look at the moment: Slams: Murray - 1, Nadal - 3 Slam finals: Murray - 7, Nadal - 6 Masters: Murray - 10(+ 5 finals), Nadal - 8(+ 7 finals) WTF: Murray - 2 semis, Nadal - 2 finals Olympics: Murray - 1, Nadal - 1 Total titles: Murray - 26...
  22. Djokovic2011

    Why was Sampras considered the GOAT after Wimbledon 2000?

    I distinctly remember there being a lot of talk at the time among various tennis commentators and broadcasters that Sampras was arguably the greatest ever after surpassing Emerson's record that year but tbh looking back I'm not too sure why. The other day I was having a discussion with another...
  23. Djokovic2011

    Why are some people so rude?

    OK so I was just walking up to my local supermarket when this rough as a bear's @rse looking guy approached me(while I was listening to my music which made the incident even worse) and asked me where Sainsburys is. I told him that's where I was going and that it was just a few minutes up the...
  24. Djokovic2011

    What's the one hole/stain in Djokovic's resume?

    If you think about it, compared to every other tier 1 great of the Open Era, he doesn't really have one. Borg never won the USO, Sampras never won the French and was lacklustre on clay in general, Nadal never won the WTF and has a mediocre record indoors(not to mention one or two other things...
  25. Djokovic2011

    Why do so many of you expect peak Fedal to still be challenging Djokovic in 2016?

    Seriously, I've lost count of the amount of times I hear "Djokovic is only winning so much because of Fedal's decline" but the question that always comes straight to my mind is "why do they expect peak Fedal to still be around anyway?'. Tbh I can understand more why some people believe Nadal...
  26. Djokovic2011

    Have the past 12 months been the most dominant period of any male player ever?

    Since losing the FO final last year, Djokovic has won 12 titles including all 4 majors, the WTF and 5 Masters 1000s. His W-L record is 85-6. I'm just wondering if these past 12 months could be regarded as the most dominant by any player in history, and not just in the Open Era. I'm not sure...
  27. Djokovic2011

    Is it wrong that I really like Justin Beiber's latest album?

    I liked the first few singles he released off it so I thought "you know what, why not try the rest of it out, keep an open mind and see what it's like?". And I really like it! His voice actually sounds good and the album has a very chilled out vibe to it, kinda like the perfect record to have on...
  28. Djokovic2011

    Where does the Indian Wells/Miami three-peat rank for all time great achievements?

    Just wondering what you guys think. Considering how well most of the players can perform on hardcourts these days and how fresh they are in the first few months of the year, I find it truly incredible that Djokovic has won both tournaments for the last three years. Thoughts?
  29. Djokovic2011

    Kei Nishikori is one of the most talented players I have ever seen

    Lightning-quick around the court, excellent ROS and more importantly a backhand sent from the tennis Gods. IMO he should have at least one Slam and a couple of Masters titles already but unfortunately for Kei his body keeps betraying him. :mad: If, and it's a big if, he can become physically...