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    This is my favorite match
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    Nadal v Fogini gets almost physical

    Never seen anything like that since I started watching tennis
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    Lol Stanimal vs. Dimitrov 1st Rd again...

    I hope every fan and players speak up about this clear rigged draw
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    The Official Teenage Tennis Talent Thread

    Martin Damm Jr is 15 and reached the semis here
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    Anna Tatishvili fined the full 1R prize money for not giving her best effort in her 6-0 6-1 loss.

    This rule was introduced in 2018. Why are people bringing up tursonov and other retired players?I did not watch Anna's match and don't know much about this situation, so can't say but bringing up retired players means that there are no valid arguments in her faVor? Also hate how whenever tomic...
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    Tsitsipas Interview After SF Loss to Rafa at Rome

    Tsitsipas: "I think that Nadal played pretty much the same as last week. The court here were slower. When I was approaching to the net he had plenty of time to pass me, at the sea level tennis is much different"
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    Few tiny gripes about IW !!!

    No One can deny the low attendance in wta matches. Atp have been great so faR
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    9 Tennis Players make the ESPN World Fame 100 for 2019

    These are always dominated by football players. David Beckham used to be number earner before he retired
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    The Shape Of Things To Come: Denis Shapovalov!

    Don't want to post here because whenever I post, he loses. But have to say that shapo is so good to his fans. Replying private messages and everything!
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    OT: Is it a mixed (ATP/WTA) or a men's tennis board?

    Mostly atp, posts about wta is mostly when there is a controversy like seRena incident, Sharapova ban, Osaka firing caoch etc. Tennis forum is the best forum for wta discussion
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    Nick Kyrgios' brother was paid $40,000 to advertise for a gambling company

    The way people on this forum treats Nick's family is not right
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    Is Medvedev Really That Good?

    Thank you op for being the only poster who posts threads on players other than "big 4"
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    Tsitsipas loses to Monfils

    He lost because he did not want to face medvedev
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    The Shape Of Things To Come: Denis Shapovalov!

    i noticed that whenever posters in this thread expect him to do well, he loses and when people don't expect much he does well. So guys be careful. Don't jinx him
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    The Shape Of Things To Come: Denis Shapovalov!

    Shapovalov did very well to take a set off unbeatable Novak Djokovic. Hoping for better results for him this year
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    Not a fan of Tsitsipas

    Tennis fans please check tsitsipas's latest tweet and yes, all his friends on tour are older players like ivo karlOvic, tursonov, etc.
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    Not a fan of Tsitsipas

    I used to find him weird and arrogant but after watching his YouTube videos I like him alot
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    Hewitt: 'He will not play Davis Cup while I have anything to do with it'

    Alex de minuar's coach is Adolfo Gutierrez .
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    Hewitt: 'He will not play Davis Cup while I have anything to do with it'

    TA says Hewitt can also play Davis Cup as a player according to the rules, which he did in Austria when Nick Kyrgios and Thanasi Kokkinakis were unavailable and John Millman was ill
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    Hewitt: 'He will not play Davis Cup while I have anything to do with it'

    Hewitt was asked to play doubles
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    Popyrin was a controversal wildcard pick

    Alex bolT is playing great tennis
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    paranoidandroid Tribute

    Great poster of this forum
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    BOOYAH! Grothy is Back!

    He is really fast
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    ATP Cup Coming in 2020

    I want it to be successful but don't know how.
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    Rafa WINS the Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award!

    Kevin Anderson also deserve this award