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  1. mmk

    Serena Versus the Drones
  2. mmk

    Question for anyone with a Pro's Pro fixed clamp machine

    If you have a Pro's Pro fixed clamp machine with the four center bolts mounting the turntable, could you measure the center to center distance of the bolts? I'm thinking of buying one of their turntables and would like to make sure it will fit in place of my current table. Thanks
  3. mmk

    DUC dyno shorts

    Anyone tried the DUC men's dyno shorts?
  4. mmk

    One time grass shoe choice

    I normally play in regular Asics Gel Resolutions for hard court, and Speed Solution Clay shoes for har-tru. I'm hoping to spend about an hour on a grass court, and unlikely to ever do so again. Which would be the better sole?
  5. mmk

    Homemade stringer

    I just saw this on youtube, don't think it would work for tennis racquet tensions. And the way he anchors the string on the rotating gripper looks like it would snap strings, but it didn't in the video. Still, interesting what people come up with.
  6. mmk

    Match Fixing raid
  7. mmk

    Any Takeshi Kovacs fans?

    I hope Netflix doesn't disappoint with Altered Carbon, but I'll go in not expecting it to be great.
  8. mmk


    Any recommendations for good shoelaces? I really like the laces that come with Asics GRs, they don't come untied while I play. But the laces on my latest pair aren't long enough to tie them with heel lock, so I'd like to equivalent quality.
  9. mmk

    What is this?

    If you go to the bay and search on Stringer-Tennis-Racquet-Stringing-Machine-VINTAGE I can't believe that it is a stringing machine, but maybe someone here knows better
  10. mmk

    Gotta love the big rainforest's pricing

    I'm thinking about buying a new AVR. The rainforest has the Denon AVR-X4300H for either $799, $1299 (with an overpriced $200 speaker), or $1499 (with two hdmi cables!!!). I'll never understand their pricing.
  11. mmk

    Happy 27th Birthday to Caroline Wozniacki

    And Happy 27th birthday to my youngest daughter, kmk
  12. mmk

    First match with glasses - not good

    I've been playing for a few years seeing a ghosted ball about a quarter inch above the ball, and hadn't bothered wearing glasses. Recently my distance vision got worse, so I finally succumbed and got distance glasses. The last match before I got them I couldn't see what the ball was doing...
  13. mmk

    What is the worst novel you've read?

    I'll start: A Separate Peace - I've discussed this with a number of people, and they all agree that being forced to read this in school was child abuse. From what I can tell only English teachers think this book is good, and pretty much everyone else think it is the worst book ever.
  14. mmk

    Joma shoes

    I see that TW is now carrying Joma shoes. Anyone have experience with them? Prices are attractive.
  15. mmk

    Nobody beats mmk 17 times in a row

    I'm not sure it was 16 previous losses, but right around that. Last night I finally beat a guy I've played a number of times 6-2, 7-6, previously I'd never even taken a set off him. Oddly enough, this win may be due to my current bout of tennis elbow, I've had to force myself to play safer...
  16. mmk

    I could cheat (but I won't)

    After years me of badgering the staff, my club started an annual wood-racquet tournament last year. It is really more of a social, and lots of fun. If this were a real tournament, this would be tempting if not for the price...
  17. mmk

    Dinosaurs talking about tennis
  18. mmk

    Hewitt Must Go To Jail
  19. mmk

    Squat Cobbler

    Absolutely awesome
  20. mmk

    Dunlop butt caps

    Will the Dunlop Biomimetic butt caps fit their Hot Melt racquets? Also, do you have any bumper strips that would fit a Dunlop 200G XL (hot melt)?
  21. mmk

    Won my first ever USTA match

    After not playing for a few decades I got back into tennis a few years ago, playing at a local club in their men's leagues, first with a 3.0 to 3.5 group, then a 3.5 to 4.0 group. I had never played USTA but one of the guys I regularly lose to said that the 3.5 team he was on needed people for...
  22. mmk

    Which is more irritating?

    The Melbourne ad that ran all the time during the AO or the ad with Sky On Fire by the Handsome Poets (lyrics have "new kids coming into town") playing all the time during the BNP Paribas Open? I can't stand either.
  23. mmk

    First time stringing a woodie

    I have a 30+ year old Wilson Advantage that I purchased new with Victor Imperial gut, and after a year or so quit playing tennis for a long time. Of course when I started playing again I bought a modern graphite racquet, but still occasionally pulled out the Wilson for kicks. The Victor...
  24. mmk

    Way to go Tornado

    Just won her first round qualifier against Naomi Broady.
  25. mmk

    Does Fed have a secret identity?

    Check the guy in this article and video:
  26. mmk

    How much difference to clay shoes make?

    I played on har-tru last week and had a hard time pushing off when I needed to run. I'm wearing standard hardcourt Asics GR4s about halfway through their service life, and I'm wondering how much more traction would I get with clay-specific shoes?
  27. mmk

    Learned a lesson

    On Monday night I played a guy I usually beat in the 6-3, 6-4 range. I lost 6-1, 6-1. I learned that I shouldn't play two days after doing a "double reds" blood donation, meaning that I was essentially down two pints worth of red blood cells. I was breathing hard after just serving, and could...
  28. mmk

    Alternative clay court music video

    Avant Garnder by Courtney Barnett Clay court play in Oz
  29. mmk

    2014 Portugal Open

    Has anyone been to the Portugal Open (formerly Estoril Open)? My wife has decided that we should go to Portugal this year and take in a couple of days at the Open, plus sightseeing. I'm trying to decide whether I should rent a car, or rely on public transportation, plus which days to go to the...
  30. mmk

    Tried a Steam

    I swapped racquets for a few games with a guy who had just beat me. I normally play with Dunlop 200GXLs (95", around 11.7 oz, 7pts head light and swingweight around 325 with lead, RA 56, 16X18 strung @ 42lbs with BHB7 mains, Dunlop Ice crosses). His stick was a Wilson Steam 99, not the S...