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    Is Alexander Zverev the male analogue of Maria Sharapova?

    Does anyone else think that their games, physique and competitiveness are eerily similar? Off the court, they seem very different though. BTW - screwed up the poll questions supposed to be Sasha and Masha...
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    Fastest Tennis Players in the world djoko and murray predictably at the top for TOP speed when sprinting... federer and nadal suprisingly slow when it comes to TOP speed. Federer on average though faster than everyone except Murray. Top 10 fastest...
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    Quality of the Match : Federer vs Murray

    Just curious to see what everyone thought of the quality of the match. After seeing the responses on the match threads, I actually was really surprised to see some response....well perhaps i shouldn't be, lol.
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    2013: Most Unpredictable Slam

    I would say Wimbledon. AO: Djoker / murray are the favs..outside chance to nadal and slim chance to federer. RG: Nadal with djokovic having a decent shot. Depends a lot on the clay court Masters and how they go... Wimbledon: ???? Federer is the defending champ..but i think murray...