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    Florida women's tennis

    Interesting roster turmoil. I suppose Ingrid Neel turned pro after her freshman year? Then Brooke Austin quit the team early in the spring of her senior year this year. So, they played with six players this spring, three seniors and three freshmen. They have one blue chip commitment for next...
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    2018 Men's NCAA Tournament

    Bracket posted:
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    2018 Women's NCAA Tournament

    Bracket has been posted:
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    Transfers for 2015-2016 season

    Did not see a thread for this, so we can post news items here. The TCU roster lists Jerry Lopez, formerly of Kentucky. No roster posted at Kentucky yet. Lopez shows up in today's ITA All-American pre-qualifying singles in Tulsa and is listed as TCU, which is how I discovered this. The ITA AA...
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    Please explain: Syngut mains, poly crosses

    As a relative novice, I thought I understood the logic of poly mains and syngut crosses: the poly mains will impart a lot of spin by snapping back and forth, and the syngut crosses will add comfort and touch in comparison to a full poly string job. But I don't really understand syngut mains...
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    Notable absences from NCAA matches

    A thread for noting which players are mysteriously missing from their team lineups. Duke: Michael Redlicki and Chris Mengel at #3/#4 singles and #2/#3 doubles. UCLA: Dennis Novikov at #1 singles and also in doubles. Ohio State: Ille Van Engelen at #5 singles. Georgia: KU Singh at #1...
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    What direction to take with string experiments?

    Stringing for my son, a good high school player. His current setup is a Wilson BLX 6.1 100 racket, hybrid string job: 54 pound Tourna BHB7 poly mains, 58 pounds Wilson Hollow Core syngut crosses; all strings are 16 gauge. Has a semi-western grip forehand that might be closer to full western...
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    2013 Women's ITA Team Indoor tourney

    LiveStats. Warmups should be concluding now.
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    Transition from college to Futures and Challengers

    Interesting ZooTennis article. It links to a story about the decline in Challengers, which makes it tougher to climb the pro ranks. It also mentions that Futures tourneys that offered $10,000 in total prize money in 1990 are still offering the same amount today, when it would take $17,000 to...
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    SynGut cross to use for poly main?

    Has anyone here experimented with different syngut crosses using the same poly main in a hybrid? Have you noticed significant differences in playing characteristics? Any recommendations? Currently using Tourna BHB7 in the mains, Wilson Hollow Core (not Hollow Core Pro) in the crosses, 58...
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    ITA All-American tournaments

    Pre-qualifying rounds are Saturday and Sunday in Tulsa, and the men's singles draw was posted today. The women also start tomorrow in Riverside, California, and their pre-qualifyingsingles draw and doubles draw were posted today.
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    Fall tournament draws

    Thread for following fall tournaments on campus. The big ITA tournaments will no doubt get their own threads. Duke Fab Four Invite Looks like all the top Duke players are there except Bruno Semenzato.
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    2012-2013 roster questions

    Thought I would start a thread for anything interesting that we can notice on the posted rosters. Lars Behlen of Germany played last year for Baylor but is not listed. Joshua Ward-Hibbert is not yet on the Texas A&M roster. Perhaps both of these guys are playing Futures and will show up...
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    Newbie on Gamma X-2 need help

    Stringing my very first racquet. Threaded string through two middle grommets on the head, down through middle grommets on throat. Threaded one string end back up through adjacent throat grommet up through the head. Wrapped the string around the tensioner jaw. Printed manual seems to indicate...
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    Warning: College Board search feature is broken

    The college search feature at has been recommended here in the past for those who want to find which schools have a men's (or women's) tennis team and a certain academic major. I find it to be worse than worthless, a complete waste of time. I have sent feedback to them with...
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    Women's recruiting class rankings at TRN

    Spring (final) rankings released. A pretty good job overall, but one of the first place votes was rather unprofessional and embarrassing.
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    Women's National Team Indoors

    Tournament home page. First matches are underway: #1 seed Duke vs. Ole Miss #8 seed Michigan vs. Clemson EDIT: Manually refresh your browser on the LiveStats.
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    Winter tournament draws

    I'll start with some links: SEC men's indoors singles and doubles draws are posted. Play starts Friday morning at Kentucky, but it looks like the seeds will start playing top opponents on about Sunday in singles.
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    Fall tournament draws

    Feel free to post tournament draw links so we can follow our teams as they get ready for the ITA All-American next weekend. UVa Ranked+1 Draw
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    A modest proposal for the USTA

    I think that one of the essential ingredients to national greatness in tennis comes after the strictly junior years. The juniors need to have the carrot of making a living on the pro tour dangling in front of them. Parents and juniors don't need to hear that the best player they can ever...
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    Juniors in California Futures qualifying

    I see some familiar names in the qualifying draw this weekend. I am sure that readers of this board will recognize at least one in particular.
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    Accusations against former pro Bob Hewitt

    Boston Globe story. Seems to be a lot of corroboration.
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    Brian Baker on the comeback trail

    Brian Baker is playing very well at the Pittsburgh Futures this week. Former top junior player, next American great, derailed by injuries, as you can read in this NYT story from two years ago. Maybe we will have to start updating his Wikipedia page.
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    Red clay courts in America

    Just saw this article with a listing. I wonder if anyone here is familiar with these courts, and how expensive it is to play on the red clay.
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    2011 NCAA Tournament LiveStats

    You can get a set of LiveStats links to all matches at a single starting page at I have not heard of that web site before, but kudos to them for putting in the work. First matches start right now.
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    Division I Women's Indoor LiveStats

    See links on this page. Florida-Miami and UCLA-Clemson are playing right now.
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    Washington Post article about Virginia and college tennis

    Great article today. Even though I personally enjoyed the Virginia coverage, I think there is good insight into the advantage of playing college tennis instead of trying to grind it out on the Futures tour as an 18 year old. The fact that the sport has become more physically demanding over...
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    Virginia men's LiveStats

    Current match is an extended-format dual match against William and Mary. Coach Brian Boland of Virginia has pioneered these extended format matches so that everyone can play and develop. By agreement between the two coaches, there will be 8 singles matches and 4 doubles matches, for a total of...
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    Miloslav Mecir, Jr. in action this week in Germany Futures

    He entered late, apparently, so he had to breeze through qualifying and is now the #1 seed. See the men's draw. He is ranked #296 this week in the ATP rankings. If anyone is close to Schwieberdingen, Germany, they could tell us what his game looks like!
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    John Fitzgerald on Australian youth development

    Check out this interview from November.