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    "Best" non fan-pattern Super Oversize Racket

    @graycrait I string my Golds as 110's as I switched to them from the O3 Citron 110
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    "Best" non fan-pattern Super Oversize Racket

    Prince O3 Speedport Platinum; the O3 Speedport Gold which I used for 8+ years,is only 115 if strung through the throat, gets my vote
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    Good string for Wilson US Open 17x16

    She will let you know when she "needs" poly, :rolleyes:
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    Wanted to share funny racquet comment

    @1HBHfanatic Just what the companies want to hear. Was player B kitted out in all "pro endorsed " gear ?
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    Sales tax?

    @10shoe The question he should have asked is does TW have a copy of your re-sale cert. In PA I have never been charged sales tax on clothes or shoes, wearable in the street. That is still my question about the sales tax on my recent orders. The shipping is a taxable service in PA.
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    Prince Beast 100 vs 98

    I play ported frames, and I find O-ports to be more comfortable than the solid beam version in the Beast line up. The 100 has slightly more power than the 98, which a 4.0 on my team uses.
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    FS: Wilson Burn FST 95 $30

    Pictures please
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    **Oversized Racket Lovers Club***

    Prince Speedport Gold 110 & for clay I am using the Beast 104 these days
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    Sales Tax on clothes & shoes shipped to PA ?

    @kimguroo In PA,I have never been charged sales tax on shoes & clothing by brick & mortar sporting goods stores. Collecting on frames string sure, but not sneakers & shirts
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    Sales Tax on clothes & shoes shipped to PA ?

    @scotus Not on items that are worn on the street. Cleats,spikes taxed; tennis shoes not in my 50 years of buying my on shoes or clothes.
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    Sales Tax on clothes & shoes shipped to PA ?

    @sp1derman I accept the sales tax on items that I get taxed on in PA. Tennis shoes and clothes are not taxed by brick & mortar stores in PA, which is what I am questioning.
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    Dayton steel cable string tennis rackets

    The one I hit with was stiffer than the Spadling Smasher I was using in 1970.
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    Prince Graphite Pro 110 worth 9 bucks?

    Slightly less stiff than a POG.
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    Sales Tax on clothes & shoes shipped to PA ?

    Why does TW have to charge a sales tax on items of clothes & shoes that when I purchase from an in state retailer there is no sales tax ? Stuff that can be worn as everyday attire I never have been taxed on. Granted cleats, track spike, are taxed as you wouldn't wear them as street wear.
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    question on new gamma gut

    Gamma's 1st string line up with Gamma GUT I & II were 1st generation irradiated strings. The composition of those string is different from Gamma SynGut original & with Wearguard, which are analogs to Prince SGO & PSG/df. @Zoolander That said, it feels similar to me
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    clash 100 tour After lowering the tension from 50 lbs to 40 in three 5 steps, poly mains SG crosses(+ 3) gave me a string bed I could use. I could feel the flex, but my lone Phantom 100P jsut feels better and the ported Phantom 100 is easier for me to generate spin, all with sinilar string set...
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    Lucky me! Nice find.....

    Excellent find
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    AG synthetic Gut 16

    It is soft, like Forten
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    Racquet Help: Yonex RD Ti70 88sqin

    @tpro2000 Small head with a dense pattern 18 x 20 pattern. New to the Prince line. He shold give it a hit.
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    Racquet Help: Yonex RD Ti70 88sqin

    @tpro2000 Prince 93p Yonex Have him demo these
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    Grippiest rough string?

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    Sand down sharp bevel edges (prince)

    @satish.r Take the shaft of a screwdriver and rub it along the the edges, after you remove the grip. It should ease the edges enough for your purpose.
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    Why not?!

    Stencil on his frame is Sigmum Pro. By color looks like Firestorm
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    New Beast 2020 in Japan

    Japan release on 6 Sept Beast 100 in 300 & 280 grams O3 Beast 100300 & 280 Grams O3 Beast 104 Are the five models in the Japanese release and of course there is Fukky's review
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    Bianca Andreescu Racket

    @dufferok If she has settled on a setup, the weight mod could be under the grommet strip.
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    Prince O Damp

    The national chain that distributes the Prince products that are under $100 items has it. Hint for the chain's name : the nickname for Richard, D****'s @Tommy Haas
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    Endorsed String names on racket

    @JustTennis76 Marketing. IMHO While the recommended strings will work for some, everyone has their own choices.
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    Taylor Thompson's Nike Top

    Is the racerback top she wore in the match vs Halep on 29 Aug 2019 available ?
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    Favorite WOOD frame of all time

    Wilson Cliff Richey Ultra. Still have a Med 4 3/8, from my Sr year in college.