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  1. tennis_pro

    Nadal in 2017-2019.....5 Slams....1-4 h2h against Fedalovic in the Slams

    AO: 2 finals FO: 3 wins Wimbledon: 2 semis USO: 2 wins Has a 1-4 record in the Slams against Fedalovic with the only win against a 38-year old Fed at the FO in tornado like conditions. Last time Nadal beat either Federer or Djokovic in a Slam apart from the 2019 FO was at the 2014 FO. Last...
  2. tennis_pro

    Nadal is 0-8 in successful attempts at the WTF

    He played the tournament 8 times and failed to win each time. What could Nadal change to win?
  3. tennis_pro

    With the exception of 2013 the last time Nadal beat Djokovic on a hard court was in 2010

    4-time USO champion. But hey he's good enough to beat Berrettini.
  4. tennis_pro

    Prediction: Nadal's 2020 US Open SF opponent - Lukas Lacko

    Next GOAT call right here. I mean the pattern is simple. Youzhny, Gasquet, Berrettini. It has to be Lacko.
  5. tennis_pro

    Nagal news thread

    He is in red hot form now, 3rd round of the US Open qualies, good wins against president Tito and Roman Polanski, no sets lost so far. There are a lot of empty Q slots next to his lesser half Rafael so we could see a fratricidal battle early. If Nagal wins he could even draw the Kokk and fight...
  6. tennis_pro

    Federer, Nadal or Djokovic will win the 2019 US Open

    I'm taking those odds. 99,9% looks pretty good. Who wants to bet against this?
  7. tennis_pro

    Nadal/Djokovic - thank you for proving that Agassi was a tough opponent in 2003-2005

    And Federer too who is in the top 3 at the age of 38. So 32-35 isn't so old after all.
  8. tennis_pro

    A 38-year old player is the world no 3. Weak era?

    I think so. Agassi was considered a fossil in 2003-2005 at the age of 33-35 when he was ranked in the top 10. Well, there is a player who's 38 years old and is in the top 3. This must be a super weak era. A 38-year old had several match points against the world no 1 and holder of 3 Slams too btw.
  9. tennis_pro

    Nadal 0-14 against Federer/Djokovic outside of clay since 2013US/2014AO

    0-6 against Federer since 2014 AO, 0-8 against Djokovic since 2013 USO. I thought about it and then I said it. Discuss.
  10. tennis_pro

    Proof that grass is actually fast this year

    Pella beats Anderson in straight sets and Raonic, in consecutive matches too. Sousa beats Cilic in straight sets losing 4 games a set at most. Reaches the 4th round. Previous career results: 1R, 1R, 3R, 1R, 1R Nadal reaches the QF playing peak tennis out of the blue. Goffin and Bautista-Agut...
  11. tennis_pro

    2008 Wimbledon Federer vs 2013 Wimbledon Nadal

    Same age so it's fair. Federer reached the final and almost won the tournament. Nadal lost in the 1st round against Darcis in straight sets. Who wins?
  12. tennis_pro

    Federer sleeps 12 hours a day

    Why Roger Federer Sleeps Twelve Hours a Day | With Neuroscientist Matthew Walker:
  13. tennis_pro

    Federer is sick

    Federer is a sick sick player, 20 Slams I mean that's pretty sick, right? But seriously, he sounds sick here:
  14. tennis_pro

    As a true fan of the Nadal

    I have to say, he did well during clay, should take the rest of the year off to prepare well for the 2020 clay season. Don't want to overplay here.
  15. tennis_pro

    What do you truly believe about Nadal-Youzhny in Chennai 2008?

    What do you think happened?
  16. tennis_pro

    If Federer won 1 more match on clay he'd be the best player on clay in 2019

    in terms of % of matches won. And he actually had match points vs Thiem (° ͜ʖ °) Djokovic 10-2 83,3% Nadal 14-3 82,3% Federer 4-1 80% Thiem 11-5 68,7% Discuss. @Lew II
  17. tennis_pro

    I love Tsitsipas

    But just today Mimimimi
  18. tennis_pro

    First time since 2004 that Nadal goes into May without a title

    Even worse than 2015 when he only won Argentina. Please discuss.
  19. tennis_pro

    Wow Zverev I have no words...

    How do you lose 6-3 6-1 against pensioner Ferrer?
  20. tennis_pro

    Federer will end 2019 at no 1

    Nasal and Djokovic wont gain points on him during the clay season, it's over for the youngsters.
  21. tennis_pro

    Federer considering a WC for Monte Carlo

    Because why not? Nobody can beat him at the moment he might as well sweep the clay court season.
  22. tennis_pro

    Federer goat

    2 consecutive big finals at 37,5...come at me bro This fed player is pretty good
  23. tennis_pro

    Federer will win at least 110 titles

    This year. He's still young, the tour sucks, everyone who's decent is old. No-one's gonna stop him from winning 110 titles this year.