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  1. Steve Williams

    Wilson Triniti Tennis Ball

    I just bought three tubes but haven't had the chance to play with them yet. I did notice some little lumps around the seams on over half of the new balls as if the gatheing of the felt was not quite right. Has anyone else noticed this? I'm wondering if it will affect the consistency of the...
  2. Steve Williams

    Haven't played for years till now - Need help in finding a new player's racquet

    I haven’t tried that one. Better in what sense? Tried most of the Phantom range: 100, 93p (18x16) and pro 100p. Not the pro 100
  3. Steve Williams

    Haven't played for years till now - Need help in finding a new player's racquet

    Prince Phantom Pro 100p is a nice compromise. Good control considering it is 18x16, comfortable with a wide range of strings. More forgiving 100 headsize than a 93p but still with the same lovely-to-hold thin box beam. Just a really nice racket to use. Worth a try. 59 stiffness rating but has...
  4. Steve Williams

    Head Lynx: any difference between yellow and green versions?

    I’ve used the green one but not the yellow so I can’t compare. However, I really like the green one I use and haven’t noticed a particular problem with tension maintenance compared to other softish poly strings I’ve used such as cream and Yonex PTP. I’d say give it a try and see what you think...
  5. Steve Williams

    Youzhny to coach Shapovalov

    Not that I know of. I read about it on how wikipaedia page under ‘personal’
  6. Steve Williams

    Youzhny to coach Shapovalov

    Haha, no but I do wrestle with my tennis.
  7. Steve Williams

    Youzhny to coach Shapovalov

    I think Youzhny will be a great coach. Interesting to see how this works out. He once wrote a Phd dissertation on the playing styles and strategies of the top players of his day. So he might have some good advice on tactics.
  8. Steve Williams

    Alternative to gut/poly to play in the rain

    I like Laserfibre supreme 2 multi as the gut replacement with a soft round poly. Gut/poly at 55/50 with a 5 per cent Pre stretch. Multi/poly at 53/49
  9. Steve Williams

    Prince Phantom 93P- Best string set up

    Head Lynx (Green) is a nice soft round poly and the green looks good in the frame. People have also mentioned Tier One Ghostwire. That’s soft and round too. I think I prefer Lynx.
  10. Steve Williams

    Official Wilson Clash thread

    Laserfibre Supreme 2 is a good multi. Arm friendly but 'crisp' and snaps back pretty well IMO.
  11. Steve Williams

    Hybrid stiffness question

  12. Steve Williams

    Feliciano won Queens both in singles and doubles. Has it happened before?

    Pete Sampras won the Singles at Queens in 1995 and the doubles in the same tournament with Todd Martin.
  13. Steve Williams

    Hybrid stiffness question

    Thanks for your replies. What I am asking is to do with the overall stiffness (as in tolerable/intolerable for wrist and elbow) of the stringbed. I’ve never had tennis elbow and don’t want to start. I have used multi mains and soft poly crosses. Some make my arm stiff some don’t. If I reversed...
  14. Steve Williams

    Hybrid stiffness question

    It seems agreed that the playing characteristics of a hybrid setup reflect the main string but are tempered by the cross. I have a question about stiffness of the string bed as a whole with each option and the resulting shock to the arm. Would a poly/multi setup be stiffer than a multi/poly if...
  15. Steve Williams

    Is there a multi that's lower-powered than NXT that is still has feel/control and is comfortable? And a bit more spin friendly?

    How about Ashaway Dynamite 17? Try full bed or with a soft thin poly cross or maybe Velocity as a cross. Soft, quite powerful, good tension maintenance. I’m using it at the moment as a mains with Grapplesnake Irukandje crosses at 52/48 in a prince phantom pro 100p.
  16. Steve Williams

    Yonex Rexis Black

    Do you use Rexis in the mains or crosses?
  17. Steve Williams

    Official Wilson Clash thread

    I like Laserfibre Supreme 2. Ashaway Dynamite 17 might be worth a try too.
  18. Steve Williams

    Dimitrov played Qualifying Competetion to Qualify for 2019 Geneva Open [ 250 series ]

    I like watching Grigor Dimitrov play. Maybe his fate is to have the same kind of success in his career as Michael Youzhny. Didn't make it to the very top but admirable in his own way and winning a few tournaments. I liked watching Youzney too. I'm glad players like that are around.
  19. Steve Williams

    Your favourite socks

    Falke tE2 are comfortable. And well made. Not too thick or thin. Left and right feet. Dry quickly after washing.
  20. Steve Williams

    How long to play tennis after tearing a calf muscle?

    Calf strains can take a few weeks up to four months. Yours sounds mild. Calf injuries are more likely if you a dehydrated or overtired. I would do plenty of strengthening and stretching exercises first for calf and Achilles’ tendon. If they feel good try a friendly session on court. Calf...
  21. Steve Williams

    Prince Phantom 93P- Best string set up

    I just played having strung up my 93p (18x20) with Ashaway Dynamite 17 mains and Grapplesnake Irukandje crosses 48/44. I really liked the results. Ample power, spin and touch for my game.
  22. Steve Williams

    Isospeed Cream 1.23

    OK thanks.
  23. Steve Williams

    Isospeed Cream 1.23

    Sorry -- I meant to add Isospeed Cream.
  24. Steve Williams

    Isospeed Cream 1.23

    Hi there I notice that Tennis Warehouse has Isospeed 1.23 tennis strings on order. (due May 9th). Would you be able to stock that string too as well as the 1.28 you currently offer. I'm after multiple packets or even a reel if that is possible. The main TW site doesn't seem to do reels in the...
  25. Steve Williams

    wide at mid foot

    Diadora Speed Star K Elite AG have a wide midfoot. I own a pair myself.
  26. Steve Williams

    Prince Phantom 93P- Best string set up

    I tried Laserfibre Supreme 2 mains with Head Lynx Crosses (lime green) at 48/44. Looks good and plays well for me. Next time I think I could drop a few pounds to 46/42. I’ll keep dropping a few pounds until I reach what I feel is the optimum. I have a set of cream that I might try as well as...
  27. Steve Williams

    Roger's Forehand • Three Frame Analysis

    I looked at that ‘I’m on your side’ vid in which the coach says the new forehand technique takes pressure off the player’s left knee. However, the player’s landing after his leap in the air seems to put a twist of the left knee right back in there again.
  28. Steve Williams

    Prince Phantom

    I put on a leather grip and overgrip, vibration dampener, 2x2g lead strips either side of the strings at the tip, and 8g lead putty in the butt cap.. That works out at 11 points head light and a total strung weight of 353g.I have Laserfibre Supreme 2 in the mains and Tourna big hitter Silver in...