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  1. jersey34tennis

    Please Prince Textreme Beast Longbody, be everything I ever wanted....

    100 head 27.5 length 12 ounces strung 351 SWINGWEIGHT ! YESSSSS 67 stiffness 16x19 pattern 24-22 MM beam. I can live with that. I'm really a big fan of longbodies. Okay, so it's not a 28 but I'll be damned if we don't finally have another awesome extended length racquert that isn't a yonex or...
  2. jersey34tennis

    Prince textreme beast and o3 textreme beast ?

    was strolling around on racquet finder for volkl specs and came across these two unlisted models. 1) textreme beast , headsize 100, weight 11.2 oz, 322 swingweight, 67 stiffnes, 16x19 pattern, fairly thick beam around 24 mm 2) o3 textreme beast , headsize 100, 11.2 ounces, 317 swingweight, 69...
  3. jersey34tennis

    T3NN15 excellent buyer

    thorough communication, prompt payment. would sell to him anytime. thanks
  4. jersey34tennis

    Another tennis player lookalike realized

    I was watching some video of Frank Dancevic playing because I remembered how much I loved watching him when he played. I couldn't stop thinking about how his face seemed so familiar. Then it clicked. Sam Worthington from Avatar, and Clash of the Titans. Take a look at the video and tell me it's...
  5. jersey34tennis

    JOIN ME ! Another pessimistic journey into weight loss dreamery

    Starting June 13th, I'm starting the most spiteful journey into weight loss that I've ever embarked on. I'll detail the exercise and food I partake in as well as the hubristic exercises that I'm not in good enough shape to take part in. As a former college tennis player in a d3...
  6. jersey34tennis

    Grommets for liquidmetal radical mp

    anyone know if the flexpoint radical grommets will fit on the liquidmetal version. have a teaching pro who lives and does by his austrian radicals but is super rough on the headguard with his slices
  7. jersey34tennis

    Bryan Brother sticks on atpworldtour page

    good close up pic of their sticks on the webpage. sticks look pretty clunky as well as extended. i posted earlier about my possible pro stock exo ignite 95's. possible still using this frame ?
  8. jersey34tennis

    Bryan Brother Prince Ignite Racquets

    Over the last year I purchased a bunch of prince exo ignites and ignite teams on a clearance deal , yadda yadda yadda. I strung up one ignite team with babolat gut mains and luxilon timo crosses thinking it'd be a good stick to teach with. I also strung up an ignite with rpm mains and nxt...
  9. jersey34tennis

    The last players to play a slam final with the same racquet

    1992 U.S. Open Edberg defeats Sampras 1993 Australian Open Courier defeats Edberg 1993 Wimbledon Sampras defeats Courier French Open ; I got nothing, initially I thought 98 but Corretja was still with Wilson frames. I was hoping it was pure drive. I guess we'd have to go back to wood...
  10. jersey34tennis

    Head Youtek Speed Pro 98

    anyone here still use these frames. heavy with massive plow like rf 97 but thinner beam and a little lighter. after the big rf 97 craze im wondering if anyone still uses this frame or has used it and cares to weigh in on pros and cons. i've hit with both and i slice better with the rf 97 and my...
  11. jersey34tennis

    Head youtek speed pro 98 and pro staff 85

    any ps 85 (preferably with 2 handed backhands) hit with the first youtek speed pro in 98 size ? i felt like there was some lineage between the two. crisp, solid, decisive but i felt it was a version of a ps 85 for todays two handed backhand players.
  12. jersey34tennis

    Prince tt bandit 95 = smaller pure drive ?

    Prince Triple Threat Bandit Midplus Head Size: 95 sq. in. / 613 sq. cm. Length: 27.00 inches / 68.58 cm Strung Weight: 10.10 oz / 286 g Balance: 4pts HH Swing Weight: 332 Beam Width: 0.0mm Tip/Shaft: 24.0mm / 20.0mm Composition: GraphitExtreme / Copper / Titanium Power Level: Medium...
  13. jersey34tennis

    wilson h tour 105 , any thoughts

    just got a hold of a new old stock h tour 105 in 4 3/8ths grip. anyone ever hit with this version. i barely remember what the h tour 95 felt like. loved the ntour 95,s and the blue and orange tour 95. after that i lost the love of this frame with the blx white and orange and officially hated it...
  14. jersey34tennis

    Prince NXG Graphite midplus and oversized

    bought a large stock of new midplus and oversize nxg's and they're all different from stock. have txp codes and no air handle (foam filled). the oversize frames are 28 instead of 27.5 and i've yet to weight them. cool thing is that they both play similar to the original head youtek speed pro...
  15. jersey34tennis

    Robredo post match salute ?

    just got home from work and straight into the computer to watch tennis highlights. federer won- no surprise. murray saves mp and grimaces his way through 3 setter with 2 tiebreaks and robredo meets him, leaning on the net with a double middle-finger salute to the man who stole the title from...
  16. jersey34tennis

    Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph and the 6.1 95 classic

    having hit both of these frames recently i can't find too much difference between the frames. i know the fed stick is supposedly more head heavy but the quality control seems to have put these two frames in very similar spec categories and they both seem like the same frame. the federer frame...
  17. jersey34tennis

    Post Pictures Of Your Pro Stock And Experimental Racquets Here

    over the year's i've gotten a couple of the bosworth racquets (rafter's precision response, palmer's pro staff 6.6 85, 2 of gimelstob's dunlop pro 90's) but i haven't kept them all. just want to see what interesting frames people have out there. share you pics, the specs if you have them ...
  18. jersey34tennis

    Murray's racquet history

    i remember seeing murray with the I radical series and microgel. we all know about pt whatever pro stock models but did he ever had a liquidmetal or flexpoint paintjob temporarily on his racquets ? just wondering.
  19. jersey34tennis

    Head Premier Tour

    i just came across a bucket full of these. i'm hoping they're in good condition. i know nothing about these frames other than they're supposed to be along the lineage of a 16x18 prestige. anyone out there hit with them or have any info about them. found very little on them on the web
  20. jersey34tennis

    Head Premier Tour grommets

    has anyone had any luck finding grommets for this frame or knows if the graphene prestige rev pro are close enough to cut and squeeze on there ?
  21. jersey34tennis

    New babolat shoes for wimbledon

    some new ones. only one that interests me is a hunter green svx model with some purple and white highlights. ABSOLUTELY one of the best looking shoes i've seen in a long time .
  22. jersey34tennis

    New Babolat Wimbledon and Roland Garros frames

    immediate buzzkill cosmetics. same frames. But the new Wimbledon frames look interesting . an aero pro team, a junior frame, and a pure drive. colors will be black with purple and bright green accents. aeropro model looks the best. for Roland Garros they're finally doing the aero pros...
  23. jersey34tennis

    Nadal's choice of strings and frames if he played in the 90's

    there's the speculation that nadal would have been destroyed if he played in the 90's without his currently technology. so banning polyester and the aeropro. what would he have used in terms of strings and combinations i could see him playing with a pog longbody or a pog oversize with some...
  24. jersey34tennis

    prince exo3 tour 16x18 for sale (4 1/2-5/8ths)

    8.0-8.5 condition. grip is 4 5/8ths but put babolat skin feel with lead under grip so it measures 4 1/2 . just restrung 1/22 with ashaway crossfire plus kevlar mains 50, babolat excel crosses 57 lbs. $60 shipped continental u.s. thanks for the interest
  25. jersey34tennis

    If grass was clay and clay was grass

    what would people's careers look like if all the clay tournaments were turned to grass and the short grass season was turned into a clay court tournament. How many players would have significantly more titles or would there have been grass court specialists with smatterings of titles all over...
  26. jersey34tennis

    pure storm limited

    so i have finally found a string that lets me play with this frame. i have tried each version and have tried over 30 string combos with this frame. i went from full gut, full multi, full syn gut, full poly and then through an assortment of hybrid combos and have struggled to find a string with...
  27. jersey34tennis

    Berdych to win a slam in 2014

    calling it. losing all if any developed credibility chosing him but i see the davis cup win as the foundation for confidence to win a slam this year ( i know they won one before). if he doesn't win this year i will donate a racquet to someone who responds to this poll (free shipping and string...
  28. jersey34tennis


    after reading a couple threads there are a couple people you come across and they have banned under their usernames. what gets you banned ?
  29. jersey34tennis

    Anyone head of APEX/ MANTA racquets

    about 7-10 years back i bought a racquet in north jersey at a great little tennis store on a whim and because it was 30 bucks. it's an apex manta, or manta apex frame. has a marbeled paintjob in gray with white and black flecks on it. very very unusual frame. it's definitely a mid, but it's also...
  30. jersey34tennis

    turning a pure drive lite into a youtek extreme pro

    i always hit a better backhand with a youtek extreme pro/extreme leaded up. the pure drive lite is the softest 100 head like an extreme i'm allowed to use at my club. how many inches of lead should i put under the grip and on the sides to see if i can repliate the feel. tried pure drive roddick...