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  1. NickJ

    NEW Prestige MP 360

    Sorry if already been said but don't have time to sift through each & every post. Confirmed by UK HEAD employee, new Prestige line coming in January 2020. No other details sorry.
  2. NickJ

    Novak Djokovic's actual racquet

    I use power pads AND a rubber band. Only recently started with the power pads and honestly can't tell the difference in them being there to them not . . . . However, the rubber band I have been using for years (openly admit I'm an Agassi nut) and its the best form of vibration dampener I have...
  3. NickJ

    Head Gravity

    Played with my new Gravity Pro last night and first impressions are promising. Nice & flexible which is what I need at my age/physical status. Long time Pro Staff user but after years of use I developed an arm problem & switched to DR98. Specs of the Gravity peeked my interest and it helps our...
  4. NickJ

    Prestige ..what’s next?

    Cilic. EDIT - although he could just be using a paintjobbed Pure Drive . . . ;-)
  5. NickJ

    Head Lite Tour 630

    Maybe, I'll have to try & dig the green one out & check. Perhaps yes, it's just as simple as a new paintjob! Didn't even think of that!
  6. NickJ

    Head Lite Tour 630

    I have a 'normal' Pro Tour 630 too, that's the one I like to hit with. Just thought best to keep the Lite as it is in case there may be a time when I come to move it on, don't want it all ruined with my adaptations!! I also have a Lite that is the green & black, at least I think it says Lite on...
  7. NickJ

    Could Federer be using a 4 1/4 (L2) grip now?

    Learn something every day! Expensive . . . . . glad I didn't see them when they came out! She'd have been proper angry with me if these would've arrived in the post!
  8. NickJ

    Could Federer be using a 4 1/4 (L2) grip now?

    Didn't even know they existed! That's why i immediately thought 95s!
  9. NickJ

    Could Federer be using a 4 1/4 (L2) grip now?

    They look like Air Max 95s, which are running/gym shoes . . . . ? Photoshopped picture perhaps!
  10. NickJ

    New Blade Video

    I prefer the current paint-job, I'm not keen on the grey at the sides which puts me off the Clash. And if this is what they're possibly going with across all their lines . . . . Still, does give the perfect chance to pick up a current model cheaper when these are released! Every cloud & all that.
  11. NickJ

    New Blade Video

    From the Wilson Tennis FB page - 'Introducing Blade V7. Stay tuned for more on August 1.'
  12. NickJ

    New Blade Video

    Thanks, but credit goes to to Dave Vaughan at Hagley County Sports here in the UK. Posted on the shops FB page so I just copied the link, thought there might be some interested people here on TT !!
  13. NickJ

    New Blade Video

  14. NickJ

    New Blade Video

    I've just watched a video with the new design of the Blade. Grey accents at 3 & 9, very Clash inspired, with the green across the top headguard. Guessing this is how Wilson will be redesigning all their lines. I don;t know if I'm allowed to link the vid, or even find it as not on YT. You're all...
  15. NickJ

    Do Rackets Degrade Over Time

    Perfect excuse to just buy some new sticks!! 'Oh yeah, it's gone. Dead as a Dodo. Right, what do I fancy?? Gravity, Clash, new Blade, Pure Strike 2020, at least 14 different Angells . . . . . . oh my, the choices.
  16. NickJ

    Head Lite Tour 630

    I have a Pro Lite Tour 630 but in the blue & black, the same as the 'normal' version.
  17. NickJ

    What if Sampras and Agassi swapped frames?

    Agassi would swing & miss due to the smaller head size. Pete would just stand there looking at the frame, all confused & shiz . . . .
  18. NickJ

    Hyper-G Color

    This. Looks so good in my Textreme Tour 95 . . . . .
  19. NickJ

    The Ultimate Racquet Brand Contest: Which brand is your main? (Wilson, Babolat, Head, Yonex, Prince, Volkl, ect.)

    Wilson Pro Staffs for years until an arm injury pushed me to towards Yonex DR98s which I find much more comfortable without losing any playability.
  20. NickJ

    Gravity . . . .

    I don't doubt you at all Ron! I'm sure you are correct, i'm not completely familiar with Russian naming. I said the B stood for Battered as it was the day he got his backside handed to him 1st round of Wimbledon!! I don't know where you are from but here in the UK 'battered' either means you are...
  21. NickJ

    Gravity . . . .

    Battered ??
  22. NickJ

    Verdasco with Radical OS

    Blacked out in match against Edmund. Just warming up now but def using the one from the pic above, the one for the laydees . . . .
  23. NickJ

    Gravity . . . .

    Zverev still using the prototype paintjob on his GravitySpeed. He's got a massive sweet spot apparently. Loves kittens & children.
  24. NickJ

    New Rackets

    Nope! I'm just hoping! :) I'm sure they will be. My match racket is a DR98. I also have 2 AI98s, a VCore Pro Duel G 310, and a VCore Pro 330g and all of them are wonderful.
  25. NickJ

    New Rackets

    Yes. They'll be awesome.
  26. NickJ

    Wilson Clash Tour x2

    Hahahahahaaaaa!! Good for you!
  27. NickJ

    Yonex players - what are you using?

    DR98 blue 2 x AI98 Vcore Duel 310 Vcore Pro 330