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  1. ChaelAZ

    Fed talking about his racquet/string lineage

    Didn’t see this posted so sorry if a duplicated. Pretty cool.
  2. ChaelAZ

    Restoration work (videos)

    I do some basic restoration and rework for resale, but I get so glued to these master craftsmen doing these. There are some amazing videos on YT and thought I would share. They are long, and probably boring for a lot of folks, but if you are interested here are a few channels to check out. My...
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    70% game and consistency

    Been struggling with consistency a bit - overall across days, but more importantly in matches. I seem to always have dips where I loose focus and energy. So was practicing yesterday and working on my 70% strokes with the new Blade. I am really enjoying the extra SW with the V7 Blade and I am...
  4. ChaelAZ

    Winning Mindset video

    Couldn't attend the national conference, but am catching what I can online and through some stuff being sent to me. This was a good positive session that is worth a view.
  5. ChaelAZ

    What's the level video?

    Any recommendations for these guys?
  6. ChaelAZ

    Epci Forehands Video (Not as big as 3.5, but....)

    We all know 3.5's hit as big and bigger than pros, so here are some of the decent pro forehands. Maybe they will make rec level at some point... 8-B:giggle:
  7. ChaelAZ

    Epic backhand...great video

    Looking to see how the pros finish points with the backhand? Check out this great video with a huge selection of players. Another interesting note for me is, everyone keeps saying how Nadal has made his backhand a weapon in the last few years, but I don't think people paid attention to what...
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    CBS special on stringing and custom racquets

    Didn’t find this posted so sorry if it is a duplicate, but kinda cool little segment on Pro gear for the likes of Fed.
  9. ChaelAZ

    My Serve Review video

    Basically what I said in the video description... Going to work on the the elbow postion lower and see how it goes. Any thoughts appreciated.
  10. ChaelAZ

    Practicing varied speeds...

    We had Caty here in February and one thing I noticed was how good she was on serve with variety. Was cool to see this in my feed with her trying to hit various speed targets from 65 to 100 mph. For recreation players in the 3.0 to middling 4.0 players, I think the variety of speed can really...
  11. ChaelAZ

    What the heck did I just watch?

    Every so often, something on YT surprises me. We are all kinda desensitized to things, but there are still some WTH stuff. Post any videos or pictures that make you go" Hmmmmmmmmm....". This one was found this morning while looking for tennis vids, of course. But....Wha....da....heck!?
  12. ChaelAZ

    The mental game and experience

    On thing I notice in professional players, or just players who play at a high level is, as they progress and grow they gain a mental fortitude that allows them to be competitive or win in situations where they are not playing their best or the other player is doing well. They weather the storm...
  13. ChaelAZ

    Difference of 4.5 and a Pro (video)

    @TimeToPlaySets Rob is a strong 4.5/5.0 and his coach is Kiryl Hartbatsiuk had a career high around 700 in the world. There is a VERY distinct difference in their strokes, control and power and it is very easy to see. Here are some examples in this practice video. Starts out with both warming...
  14. ChaelAZ

    3.5 TTPS

    Found this over the weekend and thought of you. What do you think @TimeToPlaySets ? This the mythical 3.5 rec player unicorn with the huge bom serve and bigger strokes than Nadal?
  15. ChaelAZ

    Rating range NTRP 4.0

    So this is based on what is posted as NTRP 4.0. Interesting to see the variety of levels and styles. All respect to the players as I know some post here, so this is just a neat example to see the kind of variety and differneces that move players up and down in levels. To me, obviously at the...
  16. ChaelAZ

    Should I do 2HBH or 1HBH (video)

    With Djo winning today I am ready to embrace how vastly superior the 2HBH is to the 1HBH. Here is some video of a practice today working on it. Think I am close to greatness here. Comments, concerns, mockery, rating judgement, moral implications, and tom foolery welcome. 8-B
  17. ChaelAZ

    Good FH training vid (oh, and sanded synth grass)

    Too funny. Posted about that synth grass with sand the other day and first video this morning is someone training on it. lol. Anyway, some nice technique and hitting to check out for those FH techie folks.
  18. ChaelAZ

    Artificial Grass with Sand Surface...

    Anyone else ever hit on this surface? I think the resort said it was Nova Pro, but I also found this thread from a while back on it too. ( ) Last weekend I got to meet up with @Jimbud to...
  19. ChaelAZ

    Khachanov v López - Great Battle

    I have been flipping between Khachanov v López and Verdasco v Edmund. Both solid matches, but LOVED seeing Karen just pull through in the epic last game!
  20. ChaelAZ

    My buddies interview with Craig O’Shannessy

    Couple local guys, Gus and Devin, sat down with Craig to talk stats and numbers. Cool interview and worth a view. Also neat spot piece with Brayden.
  21. ChaelAZ

    If my son was your ump...

    I’d challenge! Aloha from Lahaina Tennis Ranch Maui all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Forehand update...again...2019

    You can teach old dogs new tricks, but it ain't easy. So goes the story of my forehand changes. Around 2015 I half-heartily decided to change my big "DelPo" style loopy forehand and incorporate some more modern techniques. I muddles for a few years with injuries and apathy, so I didn't make a...
  23. ChaelAZ

    Worst Tourney Logo - Madrid Open

    Always reminds me of bad 8bit 90's terminal text. Like system font. Ughhh....
  24. ChaelAZ

    Good level difference video - rec vs. pro

    Caught this in my YT feed this morning, and it does well to show the level/pace difference between high level and rec. I had the opportunity to hit with some pretty high level players and I've always said the biggest difference is I always felt rushed and like I was playing on the edge of errors...
  25. ChaelAZ

    Loose Wrist, too loose?

    Of course, any shot you can do consistently it "correct", but this popped up on YT and was really intersted in how loose this young man plays in the wrist for his forehand, but also on serve. Nice active arm. And of course, gotta give props for the 1HBH. Solid point play.
  26. ChaelAZ

    Maui - May 24th-31st

    Staying at the Sheraton and they have three courts on site with a lot of other places to play around the island. Long shot, but if anyone is there or visiting around the same time I will be bringsing a racquet and stuff to hit. Let me know! Or any suggestions welcome. Thanks! Already got the...
  27. ChaelAZ

    John Millman v. Lacko Court Level (Serve/points video 4k60p)

    Last one for me, but got to again sit right behind Millman and watch him play. Checked out the serve, but more his movement on court and such.
  28. ChaelAZ

    Ernie Gulbis v. Evgeny Donskoy Court level (Video 4k60)

    More focused on Ernie and his serve/play. Great to see him play up close though. The height and extension on the serve is excellent. And then to see the much talked-about forehand in person, it really wasn't as extreme as it looks on TV at times. Uploaded just now so high quality might not be...
  29. ChaelAZ

    Ryan Harrison Serve/Play

    Rain has things at a stand still, but we did get a few matches in yesterday. So close you can smell the players :giggle: Was behind and center yesterday for Ryan Harrison vs. Quinzi (ITA). Always loved Ryan's serve, but was really impressed with his footwork too. Worth a watch. Not doing...
  30. ChaelAZ

    Pat the Dog, or not....

    I have followed Tom since he started posting, and I love the way he breaks down some of the things that get out into the coaching world. Not so much to denote them as wrong, but to further explore how they might, or might not work. This was brilliant on Pat the Dog, which screwed me up for a bit...