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  1. Backspin1183

    Who just made his Masters semi final debut?

    Matteo 'Frooking' Berrettini! Outperforms players like Djokovic and RF! Making this kitty look foolish in the process:
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    This is beautiful

    The first and only like I've given to a Djokovic Instagram post so far. Just came across it and thought it was beautiful. It's nice to see tennis players making positive impact in the lives of others.
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    Predict the first Slam to be won by a NextGen player.

    Nadal, Federer and Djokovic have been so dominant in Grand Slams that very talented younger players haven't had a chance to win a major trophy for years now. But, sooner or later they will win a Grand Slam title as the big 3 era is gonna come to an end whether they like it or not. What Slam do...
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    Do you see Nadal winning one more US Open title?

    I would love to see him win another US Open title to tie the Open era record of Federer, Sampras and Connors. It would be crazy for Rafa Nadal if he were to win one more to get his 5th US Open. Somehow I feel like he loves playing on Arthur Ashe as much as he does on Philippe Chatrier. He just...
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    Serve and volley back in fashion?

    We saw quite a few serve and volleys from both players in the US Open final. The stat that stands out to me is the number of times the players approached the net. Medvedev was 50/74 (68% win) at the net and Nadal was 51/66 (77% win). When was the last time we saw two players going to the net...
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    Djokovic fans after USO 2019...

    I see many Djokovic fans on this board almost rubbing it on Federer fanatics after Nadal's 19th. :laughing:LMAO Never thought a Nadal victory could mean something to Djokovic fans.
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    Groth: Only Nadal and Federer are bigger than Kyrgios!

    "If I buy a ticket to a tournament and Rafa or Roger are not there I’m buying it to see Nick. They won’t be giving him up any time soon.” Lol Do people really think he...
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    Tsitsipas: Olympic Gold medal over a Grand Slam

    Asked to pick between winning a Grand Slam or an Olympic gold medal, Tsitsipas replied: "Tough question, why should I make a choice? But I would say the gold medal." Discuss. No disgust.
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    Nick Kyrgios might just be the most popular tennis player right now

    after Federer, Nadal, Murray, Djokovic, Nishikori, Tsitsipas, Wawrinka, Del Potro, Zverev, Thiem, Cilic and Opelka. He is great for tennis.
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    What do you think about a Rafael Nadal vs. Alexander Zverev USO 2019 Final?

    Can Zverev win his first Slam in his very first final like he did for his first Masters 1000 and WTF? Or would it be #19 for The Nadal? It would make for a great final at Flushing Meadows. The Bull vs The Zebra. The best of the GenNext vs the toughest player of the Big 3 (for InstaGen players)...
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    Proof that Wimbledon is slower than clay this year

    RG played faster than the grass courts of Wimbledon this year. It is very clear to all objective tennis fans (Fedr fans). Nadal fans will still say it's not true. :rolleyes:
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    Zverev: Grass is not my favourite surface

    "Let's be realistic: grass is not my favourite surface if you look at the past. Even though I had a very good draw here, Wimbledon is always tough for me. Especially if I play someone like Vesely in the first round, who serves very well, I thought returned extremely well today,” Zverev said...
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    Nick had a chance to win against Nadal

    ...until they were tied 4-4 in the 3rd set and he attempted to hit the ball to Nadal's chest. Up to that point Nadal was under tremendous pressure to hold his serve while Nick was almost cruising in his service games. When this incident happened, Nadal looked back at Nick for awhile to see if...
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    This year's Wimbledon is slower than 2017

    Nadal got 11 aces today in 3 sets. That's about 3.6 aces per set. Compare that to 2017 when he got 25 aces in 5 sets against Muller, averaging 5 aces per set. This proves that the grass is slower this year. Federer will like it. Not so good news for Nadal and Djokovic.
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    Would it be the most impressive Grand Slam victory in recent memory if Nadal wins Wimbledon 2019?

    He was a distant third favourite for Wimbledon even before the draw was out. Now that the draw is out and we know he has been handed a brutal one, his chances of winning Wimbledon has decreased. That being said, if the humble fisherman somehow pulls off a miracle and win the whole thing, would...
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    Who is your favourite tennis player?

    Let's put it to vote so we get better ideas of how many are fans of X, Y, Z players on this forum. I remember having such polls before 2-3 years ago. Things may have changed now with some old posters gone and new ones joining since.
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    Nishikori is key to winning Slams

    Anyone who beats him in a Slam quarter or semi final is guaranteed to win the event. If he reaches the quarter final at Wimbledon and loses to Federer, nothing will stop the Swiss from winning his 9th title at SW19. It will be a bad omen for Federer and fans if Nishi loses before the quarter final.
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    Guy Forget: If he (Nadal) did not have injuries, he would have already reached 20.

    In an interview to WeLoveTennis, the French Open Tournament Director Guy Forget commented on how many more titles in Paris Rafael Nadal can win. "If he is injury-free, he will be the favourite next year. Dominic Thiem or Novak Djokovic can have problems. Now he has such control on this surface...
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    The next 'King of Clay' target is 24 RGs.

    Nadal has now won 12 RGs, 6 more than the previous king of clay Borg's 6. The next king of clay will need to win 24 RGs to earn the right to be called 'king of clay'.
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    Kyrgios vs Djokovic/Nadal Wimbledon 2019?

    Who else wants this match up to take place on the Centre Court of Wimbledon? :D I admit it would be highly entertaining, Kyrgios facing either Nadal or Djokovic on Centre Court. Nick will have a good chance on grass against either player. Let's hope this match happens at Wimbledon. Especially...
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    How many titles will The Lost Boys win this year?

    Can the Lost Boys win some titles including maybe a Masters 1000 or WTF? Nishikori won 1 title (Brisbane) this year, but nothing else since. The other two are yet to win any.
  22. Backspin1183

    Nadal already practicing on grass

    I don't know why he likes playing on grass so much more than on hard courts where he is doing better now. :rolleyes: Seems like team Nadal very keen on another Wimbledon title. :cool:
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    Is Djokovic going to play Queen's this year?

    He had a good run at this tournament last year reaching the final, losing in a close 3 set match to Cilic. Will he show up for it again or head straight to Wimbledon like Nadal is planning to?
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    Nadal to Thiem: "If I wanted to lose to someone it would be you..."

    "I am sorry as you are one of the best examples on tour," said Nadal. "You are a hard worker, always have a smile on your face and are a good person. That's the most important thing. "Thanks for being a great inspiration for me and small kids around the world. "If I wanted to lose to someone it...
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    Roland-Garros 2019 one of the best in last 5 years

    This was the first time we had all big 3 members in the semi finals of a Grand Slam since 2012 or 2013. We got a Fedal on clay and Thiem vs Djokovic marathon 5 setter that lasted more than a day. Because of rain delays and play getting suspended. We also had the match of the year in that...
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    What should Nadal do different to beat Federer?

    He has lost the last 5 meetings with F. What changes should he make on his game to have a better chance of beating F? I'd like him to chip and charge a few times to surprise F. Serve and volley may not always work on clay, but Nadal has the tools to make it work on this surface too. Just trying...
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    Gael Monfils: 'If I could win 10 French Opens, I would have'

    In an interview to France 3 Gael Monfils commented on his career and the criticism around him about his apparent lack of effort. "When I came to the tour, I was described as a person who was not committed enough. I could have won many Grand Slams, I do not hide that if I could have won ten...
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    Kyrgios pulled out of RG after the tournament director had said that Nick would be punished in a 'hard way'

    The past few weeks have seen Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios surrounded in several controversies. One of them included him throwing a chair on the court during at the Italian Open. The Roland Garros tournament director Guy Forget addressed the situation and believes that the player will be...