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    GOAT is fictional thing - says Roger

    GOAT does exists, however, no one player has a a true consensus yet since mutiple players can lay legitimate claims to it. Federer could have closed the deal on this as he was the closest to put all other player's arguments to bed, but he failed the final hurdle each time. Nadal has a real...
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    Can Rafa Nadal go past Roger Federer’s majors record in 2020 ?

    in "peak form" perhaps. But i think H2H outside of slam victories and overall record is not that important.
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    Can Rafa Nadal go past Roger Federer’s majors record in 2020 ?

    Nadal's slam performances this year were really fantastic. F at AO Win at RG SF at Wim Win at USO One of his best years at slams... the last two years have seen nadal play some of his best stuff at Wim. I don't see why he would decline so terribly next year.... He still looks so strong and...
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    Watching Goffin's performance against Federer, it is sad how the competition crumbled against the Big Three in majors.

    the problem is consistency. few players in history have had an average level as high as fed, djok and nadal. bonus mention for fed especially --> Fed's avg level is ludicrously high - just see his consistency over the course of his career. on an average day goffin is gonna lose to the big 3.
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    Would Federer winning the US Open by beating Djokovic make up for Wimbledon?

    Yep. Pretty much this. Fed's victory would have been one of the most epic of all time at 37 beating nadal/novak b2b. No cigar.
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    Jim Courier: Without injuries, Novak is gonna have the most GS out of the Big 3

    Its Novak's to lose, really. He has the matchup advantage right now against his main 2 rivals everywhere except RG.
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    Laver: Fed is GOAT

    A great candidate for sure but not the clear-cut GOAT. Fed had chances to put this debate to bed during the course of his career, but it wasn't meant to be. Other rivals stepped up. BTW - its clear that Laver loved Fed's style and he would like fed to be goat everything else being equal. but...
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    2019 Cincinnati SF - [1] Novak Djokovic vs [9] Daniil Medvedev

    medvedev's game style is reminiscent of gilles simon..he's like a better gilles simon.
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    Book it. Djokovic is getting to 18 slams by the end of AO 2020.

    djokovic won this match due to his clutchness...but he cant clutch win every slam here onwards. Federer has shown he cannot protect his records against djokovic, but the field may do it for him. djokovic's level of play was overall not convincing and it was only his clutch play that saved him
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    Where does Djokovic rank all time on grass?

    Compared to djokovic, sampras had meh competition too at W. Djokovic at 5 slams is below sampras right now overall but his performances in finals were so impressive against two other ATGs - Fed and Nadal.
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    What went wrong at 40-15 for Federer?

    yes. its ok. you go for your shots. if you miss its execution, and that is only in his hands. But Federer's down the t serve is one of his kill shots. he hits it very well... i was including more than the MPs btw (i.e. djokovic;s general returning on the deuce side.) But the MPs should have...
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    Federer 0-8 in Finals v Nadalovic at FO/Wimbledon

    He actually lost to corretja when up 2-0 in sets. try again. dont give me the prime nonsense either. pete has no business losing a 2-0 lead on grass against corretja on grass whether he is 25 or 31.
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    What went wrong at 40-15 for Federer?

    the pattern is djokovic's return on the deuce side, and he got burned on mps before. have a look at their match history and the results in deciding sets. its looks seriously ugly for federer against novak especially in recent history. i dont think djokovic is going to able to get a solid...
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    What went wrong at 40-15 for Federer?

    margins are so small. it literally separated a wimbledon championship. if this was the first time it happened, i would have said whatever. But we had some past history to use and we know the patterns of play in djokovic - federer matches. these guys have played many deciding sets and tie...
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    Which player is mentally the strongest?

    Federer fights the hardest even when he is down in the score, which explains why he loses in titanic battles. djokovic is the most clutch nadal has the best concentration / intensity.
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    What went wrong at 40-15 for Federer?

    im happy to be proven wrong, but the serve i am referring to was in the deuce court at 40-15. the serve in the 2012 SF was a serve in the AD court which djokovic netted with a FH. his serve selection in the ad court was the right one. unfortunately he got passed at net... the one in the deuce...
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    What went wrong at 40-15 for Federer?

    this is pretty much it right here. Rather than rally and try to play the points, fed rushed the net going for the quick resolution. djokovic makes that shot 8 times out of 10. that approach to showed a lack of respect for djokovic's passing abilities and he got rightfully punished. prior to...
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    Wimbledon 2019 SF: Roger Federer [2] vs Rafael Nadal [3]

    federer's level always goes up and down against nadal regardless of whether he is 23 or 37. Nadal is so solid and consistent and that is why he beats federer in tight matches with few exceptions. Nadal still has a really solid chance to win this match and federer continues to squander his...
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    Wimbledon 2019 SF: Roger Federer [2] vs Rafael Nadal [3]

    djokovic is the bigger mental hurdle for roger than nadal at the moment. its been years since roger beat novak in a slam...
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    2019 Wimbledon R3: Roger Federer(2) vs Lucas Poille

    if millman can beat fed on the faster usopen surface...why not a more talented player like pouille on a slower grass surface. Federer's serve does not have the same strength as previous yrs on grass...less # of aces etc.
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    How many Roland-Garros titles will Nadal win?

    he'a so above everyone on clay - its crazy. this was the year he might be vulnerable..but he still is so good that he was able to rescue his form at RG. unless some serious physical issue hits - nadal's level on clay will still be good enough to win 2 more RGs. nadal also has the heart of a...
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    Safin vs Nadal - Roland Garros Final

    this match only looks good on paper...and safin looks great on paper against a whole host of opponents. but he still lost to many guys who he had no business losing to. funny thing is that before they even played a match, ppl speculated based on paper, that fed should eat nadal alive on every...
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    Federer will win Wimbledon 2019

    too many ppl can take him out on grass....his reactions on the return, shots of the ground, serve are not operating at a high level. he wins because of his experience. the draw needs to be favorable....nadal and djokovic will enter W in good form but will be vulnerable as well... there are...
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    2019 ATP 500 Halle Final - [1.] Roger Federer vs. David Goffin

    fed does not look convincing at all. if goffin plays like he can. fed will likely lose in halle. Federer's form has been very okay-ish...he will need to peak at the right time to win "W"
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    2019 Roland Garros Semifinal: Nadal (2) vs Federer (3)

    Federer has wonderful shots but whenever he plays nadal, his court craft just seems really ordinary on clay even with the extra time. Nadal makes him look pedestrian and clumsy at net or in any quick exchanges.
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    Federer can win Wimbledon

    for the first time, nadal is within striking distance of the slam record. another victory for nadal, and he will be within two slams of federer!!!! Big pressure on federer for W. his ground game is decent, but his serve really let him down against rafa today. fortunately, federer rarely if...
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    Fedal rematch?

    nadal was amazing today. he just had answer to everything federer threw at him. Nadal is one match to coming within 2 slams of federer. Nadal has a great shot of becoming the GOAT. I cant remember federer showing this type of form in a slam at the same age. Of course nadal on clay is...
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    2019 Roland Garros Semifinal: Nadal (2) vs Federer (3)

    the match would have been more competitive at the very least. not putting the work in from the beginning means you are just not prepared. his executing on shots that he can normally make shows this... Nadal put the work in, and was committed this season Federer put in a nice effort and...
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    2019 Roland Garros Semifinal: Nadal (2) vs Federer (3)

    RG could be a big deal in terms of the slam race between nadal and federer. nadal has never been closer to fed than 3 slams!!!
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    2019 Roland Garros Semifinal: Nadal (2) vs Federer (3)

    Federer's executing on key shots - fh dtl. Serving in general was poor. he needed those shots to be ON, and he didnt have the reps to execute. Fed can't just play like 5 matches on clay pre-RG and expect to beat Nadal. You gotta work the season if you want a chance to beat the GOAT on clay.