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  1. ChaelAZ

    Seniors lounge (over 50) come on in.

    Been gorgeous, but still hitting the 90’s. Only gets better from now through June.
  2. ChaelAZ

    Post videos of yourself playing well.

    Get a refund on whoever striped those courts. Tell them the doubles alleys go on the outside and not down the middle. [emoji16]
  3. ChaelAZ

    Does Nadal NEED at least 1 ...

    Nadal needs nothing. He is already GOATing. I think another AO would be awesome.
  4. ChaelAZ

    2019 Wilson Blade

    Still happy with the 18x20 V7 and finding better access to power and spin working with the swing weight. Also getting much better with my volley work. Serve and groundies are money. Still need to work through some Various string tensions for testing. Also have about 8g of lead in the butt cap...
  5. ChaelAZ

    Post videos of yourself playing well.

    I will take the clay. You can have the humidity! [emoji16][emoji462][emoji1360] Nice hit.
  6. ChaelAZ

    Good videos

    Great hitting but Fed and Domi. Especially, check out the slice on the serve warm up of Dom at around 9:12. CRAZY curves.
  7. ChaelAZ

    Leaving TTW

    Who are you?
  8. ChaelAZ

    Tips for playing in 100F+ heat

    Well...this is normal for AZ so we don’t feel the effects as much. But my go to things are simple. Mix a little Gatorade powder in your water. Don’t drink straight sports drinks as they can weigh heavy in your stomach. Same with food you might use for energy, have the smallest portions more...
  9. ChaelAZ

    Thiem has the potential to dominate

    He has for years. The remaining question is still, will he.
  10. ChaelAZ

    Good videos

    At the highest level? Don't hang a 6 foot thread for these two.
  11. ChaelAZ

    Ball abuse Mr. Federer

    If it actually hit someone that would automatically be a match forfeit I think. The ump did say something about hitting it in the stands, so I think Fed got lucky it didn't hit someone cuz that would have been it. I've seen a few players hit a ball down and have it barely tap a person around...
  12. ChaelAZ

    Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award

    lol. This is the kinda post that always gets removed. Moet makes sure of it.
  13. ChaelAZ

    Ball abuse Mr. Federer

    I think the ump said it went in the crowd, so even if it wasn't overly angry it would be a violation. They also said it was a second violation so point penalty. Ask Serena about all this. She knows....she's a mother and someone still owe's her an apology! lol. Where is Ramos when you need him?
  14. ChaelAZ

    Seniors lounge (over 50) come on in.

    I'm always up for beers.
  15. ChaelAZ

    Week 2 of USTA League Nationals is four days away

    Vegas gets crazy wind. Maui was like that too.
  16. ChaelAZ

    Argh... Got bageled by a girl

    That is very true, but I think more because there were not opportunties for juniors to play adults in any USTA leauges or tournaments, for the most part, until you played open which then rating is a moot point. For sure, in some instances it is linear, but the full linear path I am suspect of...
  17. ChaelAZ

    Fed talking about his racquet/string lineage

    Didn’t see this posted so sorry if a duplicated. Pretty cool.
  18. ChaelAZ

    Seniors lounge (over 50) come on in.

    Yeah man, good on ya. Focus on competing the best you can and the results will follow as they may. All the best.
  19. ChaelAZ

    Argh... Got bageled by a girl

    UTR has the same limitation any rating scale will have, and that is your level will always be based on the relative level of those around you. Things are not always linear like they appear, or not as much as they appear, even if they try to sell it that way. They even say that kids adn adults at...
  20. ChaelAZ

    Another new rule change for 2020 USTA League, more stringent rules for self-rate/appeal playoff eligibility

    That will be great to see if the numbers change, but yeah...the people gaming the system will still find ways to game it, so I agree this is subterfuge and more about posturing for appearances.
  21. ChaelAZ

    How to improve concentration (on serve and ground strokes)?

    Dis me overall. Interesting a younger guy would lose intensity like that though. One issue might be he is peaking too high and then drops so low because he feels too much pressure to sustain that level. I've dealt with that recently so I am working to find a more even level of play that can...
  22. ChaelAZ

    Post videos of yourself playing well.

    I need more red clay in my life!
  23. ChaelAZ

    Another new rule change for 2020 USTA League, more stringent rules for self-rate/appeal playoff eligibility

    Wow, they are REALLY pushing this new rule. Yesterday I received a text from the LNC and also another email. I imagine there was a lot of flack about it this year to drive this. I mean, more than usual. Certain will be interesting to see how it effects next season.
  24. ChaelAZ

    Novak will have to vulture ATP 250s and 500s to keep his career relevant from now on

    I kinda figured Fed might vulture a few lower events for the title record over Connors. We will see if this happens this next year.
  25. ChaelAZ

    Should Federer take break from Tennis?

    For the next, ooooooh...40 years or so maybe. :) Teasing aside, that second set was epic, but overall just enough or that...just enough to win he used to always seem to be able to dip into. The pendullum has swung a bit. We will see how he feels mentally by year end.
  26. ChaelAZ

    It's official - Rafael Nadal will reclaim world #1

    Ahhhh, that Nadal and his famous azz. "Picking" the right times to peak.
  27. ChaelAZ

    USTA League Nationals start in four days

    Sorry to have missed meeting up. I probably saw you playing, but was only up there sporadcially. Aside from the weather I hope everything else was good.
  28. ChaelAZ

    Ideas for tennis camp or a tennis pro -- improvement desired

    If you are looking for a fun and solid tennis camp (AKA adult getaway with lots of tennis) check out Newcombes Tennis Ranch programs. I love Newks and classes/camps are always taught in small group with TONS of instruction for 4. The Pros are excellent and hands on. Facilities are really good...
  29. ChaelAZ

    TLS Rating vs Tennisrecords

    Most of the 4.0 players in our league and are UTR 6 with a range from 5 to 7, so 4.5 at UTR 7.36 would be in the lower 4.5 possibly?