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    US Open 2019 4 R: Nadal (2) vs Cilic

    The Spanish gladiator will face his assassin at the Australian Open 2018. Nadal fans still have not forgotten how "The Punisher" Cilic executed Nadal with deep forehands that match. Yeah, Nadal got injured around the 5th set, but Cilic won fairly and even before the injury the match was close as...
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    DATA prove that Wimbledon 2017 is the slowest Wimbledon ever

    The surface speed metric controls, for each tournament, the mix of servers and returners (yes, returners affect ace rate, too) to boil down each event to one number, representing how the tournament's ace rate compares to tour average. Wimbledon's surface speed metrics: Year Men Women...
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    Where is the DATA proving that Wimbledon 2019 is slower this year than other years post-2000?

    Of course, Wimbledon post-2000 is slower than in the 1990s, as in 2001 Wimbledon converted all the courts to a 100-percent perennial rye grass, replacing the traditional mix of 70-percent rye and 30-percent creeping red fescue. I think people are implying that Wimbledon this year is...
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    The early losses of Thiem, Zverev and Tsitsipas do not support the Wimbledon seeding formula.

    It has been suggested that because three top 10 (Thiem, Zverev and Tsitsipas) lost in the 1R of Wimbledon, and Kevin Anderson (seeded #4) won his first round match, it supports the necessity of the Wimbledon seeding formula. Incorrect argument. Anderson: Anderdon lost in the 1R of Wimbledon...
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    The toughest draw of all time: Nadal at Wimbledon 2019

    Nadal already had little chances to win Wimbledon before the draw (last year he was close to win), but with this draw he has literally no chance. Nor would Federer or Djokovic win with this draw. No one can. This is the toughest draw of all time. Here is Nadal's draw: 1R: Sugita 2R: Kyrgios...
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    Feliciano won Queens both in singles and doubles. Has it happened before?

    I am not a tennis historian, and so I ask TTW for enlightment. Feliciano just won Queens in singles and doubles (with Murray). Has it happened before? How many players have won the same year the same title in singles and doubles?
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    How many Australian Open titles will Djokovic win?

    Complex question. Complex answer. Since 2011, the Djokovic has won all the AO titles when he was in good form, excluding his 2014 loss to Wawrinka. In 2017 and 2018 he was subpar.
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    How many Roland-Garros titles will Nadal win?

    Simple question. Simple answer. Nadal seems to be able to win at least 3-4 more RG titles.
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    How many Wimbledon titles will Federer win?

    Simple question. Complex answer. Personally, I think he may be too old to win more Majors. But if Rosewall was still top 10 at age 41, so will be Federer. Will it be enough to win WB titles?
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    2019 Halle Open QF: Roger Federer (1) vs Roberto Bautista Agut

    Will the favorite win? Or will Bautista surprise Federer? Bautista has a much better baseline game than Tsonga nowadays, even though his serve is less powerful.
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    Roland-Garros 2019, round 3: Rafael Nadal (2) vs David Goffin (27)

    Goffin, a solid clay courter, won his first two matches in straight sets. So did Nadal. Who wins? You decide.
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    If (and only if) Federer defeats Nadal at RG, he will defeat Djokovic as well.

    I see some users have created threads suggesting that Federer will defeat Nadal at RG. Don't know why are they saying so, but for the sake of the argument let us suppose that Federer at age 37 finally beats Nadal at RG. If Federer defeats Nadal in the SF, he will undoubtedly defeat Djokovic in...
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    The Godfather 4 trailer!!

    We have had to wait 29 years, but finally the Godfather 4 will is here!! Plot: Antoinne Napoleon, former director of Roland Garros, had to dimite after he suffered "external" pression and threats from some groups which have not been identified yet. The rumors speculate that he was forced to...
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    Madrid 2019: the best Masters 1000 of recent memory?

    Is this year's Madrid Open the best Masters 1000 we have seen in recent memory? Fognini-Thiem today was a fantastic match of great quality (1st good match). Federer-Monfils was also a beatiful and disputed match which could have gone either way (2nd good match). And tomorrow we have...
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    Is Djokovic overrated on clay?

    Is Djokovic's current level overrated on clay? Last year he lost to Checcinato at RG, and people said he has not at his best. Sure? Nadal lost to Müller at WB 2017 and no one said Nadal was not at his best. Checcinato is a clay specialist who played really well and defeated not only Djokovic but...
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    Federer vs Djokovic - who will leave the bigger impact on the sport?

    This isn’t merely about slam count, although one of them could retire with the slam record. It’s a combination of success, capturing the public imagination with their fitness/playing style/charisma (e.g Borg/Laver), highlight wins/losses, example set on and off court etc Who do you think...
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    Andy Murray Weak Era Since there are Weak Era threads for Nadal...
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    Why there will never be a tennis GOAT

    What is a surfaces' specialist? A player who is more succesful in one surface than the others. In tennis, there are 2 Grand Slams on hard courts, 1 on grass and 1 on clay. It gives a clear advantage to hard court specialists. Thus, the Grand Slam race is utterly irrelevant since it gives...
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    Congratulations to the Nole family from a Nadal fan

    Djokovic destroyed Nadal and becomes the first and only man to win 7 Australian Open titles! In addition, Djokovic becomes the only man to win 3 consecutive Grand Slams 3 different times. Djokovic is by far the most dominant tennis player the world has ever seen and only deserves compliments for...
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    2019 Australian Open SF: Rafael Nadal [2] vs Stefanos Tsitsipas

    Since the Nadal-Tiafoe match is just a warmup for Nadal, let's go to the SF. Some context: Tsitsipas has never won a set against Nadal. My prediction: Nadal will easily defeat Tsitsipas in 3. Discuss.
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    2019 Australian Open 4th Round: Simona Halep [1] vs Serena Williams

    The current world #1, Simona Halep, showed his great form by defeating Venus Williams 6-2, 6-3 (Serena also defeated Venus 6-1, 6-2 the last US Open by the way). Serena has lost 0 sets so far, while Halep has lost 2 sets till now. Who wins? You decide!!!
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    Difference between athletic prime and competitive prime

    According to the Oxford Englsih Dictionary both "peak" and "prime" are synonymous: Prime: The state or time of greatest vigour or success in a person's life. Of the best possible quality; excellent. Peak: The point of highest activity, quality, or achievement. So I will employ prime/peak...
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    Novak Djokovic is the SOAT, BOAT, WOAT, COAT, HOAT and FOAT.

    As I want to continue with the Djokovic fans tradition, let us invent new acronyms: Djokovic is the SOAT, BOAT, WOAT, COAT, HOAT and FOAT. SOAT = Strongest Of All Time. BOAT = Best Of All Time. WOAT = Weirdest Of All Time. COAT = Craziest Of All Time. HOAT = Hardest Of All Time. FOAT =...
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    Prime Borg vs Prime Federer

    Who had a higher prime, Borg or Federer? Federer has the Career Grand Slam, while Borg never won any single Grand Slam on hard courts. But apparently, the Career Grand Slam is irrelevant since "trolls" here are suggesting that Nadal does not have a better prime than Borg. Federer has a far...
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    What is an all-time great?

    I have read many times here the expression "ATG" (all-time great). But there is no consensus on what does it mean. Let us settle the debate once and for all.
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    Federer is fully recovered from the supposed hand injury

    Here is the original Federer's interview in German, for the newspaper Tages Anzeiger: There, Federer said: Federer surprises with the statement that he suffered pain in his right hand and wrist before the...
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    Is serve and volley useless on clay?

    How many players have won Roland Garros with serve and volley AND modern racquets?
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    Will Wawrinka come back to the top 10 in 2019?

    I think so.
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    Margaret Court vs Serena Williams (the definitive thread).

    Who is greater? As a Federer and Nadal fan, I have no doubt that Margaret Court is the one and only women's GOAT. 24 > 23.