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    Serena vs. The Umpire

    A “0 for 30” production! “What if I told you...” 1) the coach who did the illegal coaching is receiving no blame from the penalized player 2) and the same coach knew of umpire’s penchant for penalizing coaching (even men’s number 1) but was not prepared for the possibility 3) the head of USTA...
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    Identical Outfits

    Nike designs the worst for team USA. Obviously, they don't care. Most professional tennis outfits look horrible. They don't match player skin tone, they make professional female athletes look frumpy (which if you look at their instagram - they certainly are not), they don't fit the players...
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    Andy Murray is insufferable to watch

    Much better watching Murray against a big server like Copil [nice new tecnifibre racquet, btw] tonight (or this morning). He really battles on return games. Watched Murray v Edmund yesterday and we got up from out seats by the 2nd changeover to watch Shapovalov v Medvedev from the "Tennis...
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    Big Foe On The Come Up: Followers of Frances

    Odd result against Baghdatis. Yeah, at 4-4 Frances 2nd serve was called out but review showed it in. Marcos claimed outcall was at same time as he hit the return long (it was after) and they spoke at net with umpire coming down from chair (dunno why they replayed point, but that wasn't the...
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    Big Foe On The Come Up: Followers of Frances

    Big Foe with a couple of big 5th set (WTT) wins! ...and losses, but it's all good. Refuse to Lose! Let's go Kastles!! I'm sure Robby Ginepri is the right coach to help improve his "stamina" the court (ask Minnie Driver). "It can't be that good!" Big Foe definitely puts in the work and...
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    Could Roddick have worked on footwork?

    Roddick absolutely worked hard. Imagine if Mardy Fish had close to Roddick's work ethic. Woulda been a nice 1-2 punch in US tennis v the world. He was always looking to improve, had maybe, the first "super coach" with Connors. (even though it got Roddick a US open, kinda bummed me out that Brad...
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    Could Roddick have worked on footwork?

    Maybe, but wasn't Roddick the absolute wet dream of the USTA? 140mph serve/crushing "fear"hand/squeaks his sneakers so much on the hard courts he has to wear Chang style plastic ankle braces - the USTA thought this was the evolution of tennis...only to be pwned by a new era of tennis movers...
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    Nick picks a fight with Bartoli!

    Marion talks "tough", but as usual, "tough talkers" in real life are inspired by compassionate friends who put tennis into perspective. btw, what talents do Kyrgios and Monfils possess that are...
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    Big Foe On The Come Up: Followers of Frances

    Probably a stomach bug like Zverev had. I think Big Foe's track record shows more heart than not.
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    Big Foe On The Come Up: Followers of Frances

    Don’t believe the crap Brad G and Darren C were spewing about Big Foe’s stamina. (Especially after Halep just lost). Them saying “there’s gonna be a lot of questions with his team and coaches”, sounds like they are trying to take their jobs! (Big Foe has always had coaches trying to swoop in...
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    Mirka and the RF logo

    What's interesting is that sources (Fed and his agent) all say that Nike has had the RF trademark since 2010, but hats were originally sold with proceeds going to charity before then. Seems like when they started selling...
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    Yonex Duel G 310 vs VCore Pro 97 310

    I've recently picked up both 310s (and orange Tour G) and find them to all feel different. (each feels like a separate evolution of the orange Tour G, but not of each other, Duel G more control, VCore Pro more pop and spin) New VCore Pro has a noticeably softer string bed (16x19 v 16x20 Duel G...
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    DFW's Roger Federer as a Religious Experience

    Ok, time out guys, this thread has spiraled out of control - THIS is what's missing. It's the ONLY copy I can find of the now defunct Grantland Director's Cut series celebrating famous...
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    USO Final [15] Madison Keys vs. [PR] Sloane Stephens

    What tennis academy did Sloane throw shade at? Will UA finally make a tennis shoe?
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    Fashion Police: US Open 2017 Edition

    I'm sure those are fancy new shoes from Adidas, but from the waist down she looks like a cheerleader with 80's Reeboks. Unfortunate, and best forgotten.
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    What was Adidas thinking?

    The men's shirts look fine. What rubs folks the wrong way is that it's straight up FILA with a different label. Seems like a very lazy collaboration. And why no evening outfits? US Open is identified with playing under the lights.
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    What was Adidas thinking?

    Muguruza's outfit (not counting shoes and socks) looks great! It's not for sale, of course.
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    What was Adidas thinking?

    Poor Halep, Adidas did her wrong again. She wore the SAME green outfit as Ostapenko at Roland Garros (should #3 player wear the same as unseeded #47?) Then in DC, was given an all black outfit for daytime (black hat/shirt/skirt/shoes) and she retired from heat exhaustion (Coach Cahill, buy her a...