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  1. amorys90

    Effect of tightness on kick serve?

    There should be minimal to no wrists involvement in the serve...
  2. amorys90

    Dimitrov BH slice more than normal?

    He's been slicing a lot now for a while. Just watch his Cincinnati finals match against Kyrigos. He slices way to much IMO. I've seen him in person and it seems that he just doesn't have that much confidence in that side...
  3. amorys90

    Doha 2017 QF - Thiem vs Tsitsipas; Step Right Up for Some Amazing Backhands

    Thiem's ball is penetrating the hardcourts much better than last year. The service motion looks a little rushed with the low toss but still very effective.
  4. amorys90

    I can't believe Thiem is #4

    So I guess the Cincinnati Masters are played on clay...:rolleyes:
  5. amorys90

    How many people think Schwartzman is 5'7"?

    I think Ferrer is shorter than his listed 5'9" as well...
  6. amorys90

    Nadal gets the easiest draws of all time

    Excerpt from How to be a Fed Fan "Chapter 19: Dealing with Emergency Scenarios When Rafa beats Fed, pull the back card. Or when he beats Delpo, pull the wrist card. When he beats Busta, pull the unknown Spanish dirtballer mug card. Or when he beats Anderson pull the servebot on slow court...
  7. amorys90

    Choke or Clutch - Thiem and Del Potro

    Thiem doesn't choke. Choking is a mental thing that begins in the tennis brain and Thiem doesn't even use his tennis brain. Overhit? sure. Implode? sure... but not a choke. I've never seen him get tight like Dimitrov or Cilic.
  8. amorys90

    Official Pablo Carreno Busta Appreciation Thread

    He's an awesome player. I saw him in cinci and absolutely loved his game. Late bloomer like Thiem but will remain in the top of tennis for years to come.
  9. amorys90

    I hate this Thiem/Delpo match.

    Thiem did well to handle the crowd and Delpo's sudden shift from playing awful (no winner till 2nd set :confused:) to GoatPo mode. Nice win for the Argentine though. He really took the match. Hope he plays the same tennis against fed.
  10. amorys90

    Goffin and Thiem to spoil Fedal meeting

    Sorry guys, it's happening! ...Unless I'm jinxing it like some particular Thiem fan :eek:
  11. amorys90

    Who will qualify for the WTF

    Fedal Thiem Zverev Dimitrov Cilic Querry Carreno Busta
  12. amorys90

    Top Contenders for USO Outside of Big Four

    Thiem's flying under the radar. He's been playing really solid tennis. Everone talks about how bad he is on hardcourts yet its Zverev and Dimitrov who are losing early. Don't underestimate him (he's made at elast the 4th round of every major this year). His draw is tough but he could very well...
  13. amorys90

    What was Adidas thinking?

    One of the best kits I've seen, but guess I'm alone in that opinion... :(
  14. amorys90


    I'd like to see Zverev, Lorezi, or Schwartsman
  15. amorys90

    Who's Your Dark Horse at Flushing Meadows?

    How can top seeds like Zverev and DimI be dark houses. Their prime contenders coming off of masters wins.
  16. amorys90

    Can we all agree that Rafa on clay is the scariest thing in tennis, bar none?

    Because any post from a new user that doesn't say 'Federer is GOAT' is a troll?? :confused:
  17. amorys90

    Dimitrov can still win between 4-6 slams.

    His second serve is still a big liability and he's a little slice happy off the backhand. But I hope for the best!
  18. amorys90

    ATP ranking is relevant?

    ...maybe in America or Australia
  19. amorys90

    I just can't watch Nadal anymore.

    He has perhaps the heaviest forehand in history... must be some kind if super pusher then:eek:. But seriously, idk how over can say he is a pusher.
  20. amorys90

    Is 2-handed backhand bad for the body?

    2 hander seems to strain the non-dominant wrist quite a bit. And the rotational element is probably harder on the knees than the more linear one hander... but I'm just speculating
  21. amorys90

    Nishikori's wrist

    That bending of the wrist is not pronation, it's flexion. There really should be almost no isolated wrist movement on the serve so I'm not surprised Nishikori is having problems.
  22. amorys90

    Most wasted talent?

    Michael Stich should have done much, much more. He was a very complete player.
  23. amorys90

    Zverev News

    Agreed. Gasqet was basically bunting the ball back half of the time and Zverev seemed content to rally with him. He has the strokes to play aggressively but plays more like Murray from the baseline :confused: