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    The Last Two FO's have shown....

    That Soderling is basically a mindless baseline basher, proving that there is room in the Top 10 for these players. Let's face it, with all due respect to the success Soderling has had since last year, he's still at the end of the day a mindless baseline basher. He relies on fast, deep shots...
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    Who plays in the world tour finals?

    Obviously 5 of the 8 spots are determined. How are the spots determined this year? Unfortunately I cant' find anything like the ATP Race they used to show publicly in previous years....
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    Federer Facing Nadal

    Ironic how Fed lost the two hard court slams of the year while he's considered one of the best hard-courters of all time, right? Even more interesting how he lost 6-2 in the fifth set of BOTH hardcourt finals, right? Yep, at Flushing Meadow Fed was facing none other than a Nadal across the...
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    Did anyone else notice...?!!

    Just looking at some stories on ATP website... Saw Nadal's story, and guess what I noticed in the tiny photo there? Nadal in sleeveless shirt and "pirate shorts" (though I prefer "capris"....that's just me). Good news for all those fans who wanted the original Raging Bull back. Let's hope...
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    Nadal Playing Doubles - a Double Edged Sword

    Great to see Nadal back in action, of course. I did not realize, though, that he would be taking on both the doubles and singles draws at Montreal. This caught be my surprise, especially since he's just coming back from a victory. On one end, this is a good move to get back into the rhythm of...
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    Nadal will not win USO 2009

    Your heard it here first folks.
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    Del Potro will win USO 2009

    You heard it here first folks.
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    Rafa Updates?

    Hey guys I'm legitimately interested in how Rafa is holding up with his knee...any updates on this recently? Last I heard he just needed more time to recuperate...but I also heard rumors of a potential surgery. So what's going on in Rafa's life recently? I've been out of groove...
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    And let's watch the Roddick bandwagon roll!

    Seriously, all of a sudden now that Roddick played a spectacular match people start to root for him? You call yourselves fans of anyone, honestly?
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    Robin Soderling's Chances

    All this talk about Fed almost being secured to get the Grand Slam are a little unfair to the man Fed still has to get through, Robin Soderling. By no stretch, of course, am I delusional. We're talking one of the greats of the sport (Federer) going against someone who has been injury-prone...
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    Pro Racquet Smashing Techniques Can't believe FYB did that ... love how Will Hamilton actually keeps a straight face throughout the whole thing :D Now we can all break racquets like Safin. Still amazing that they do it in one hit many many times :)
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    Wimbledon 2009 Winner Prediction

    Cast your votes!
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    Most Universally Liked Player Ever

    Saw a thread about this. Figured it was a poll-worthy question.
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    Taylor Dent's Wimbledon Chances

    So here's one of the few threads on this page that doesnt' have to do with Nadal, Fed, or Murray..... After watching Dent's match against Federer at Miami, I was beginning to see why so many of you on TT yearn for the S & V days. I haven't had the opportunity to see enough of the 80s & 90s...
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    n6.1 Tour

    Think they'll bring this back on the market if Dent has some good success with it? I'd really like to get one from a reliable source rather than fleabay...too bad I do'nt even have a chance to demo one or know I'm safe in buying one.
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    Federer needs to learn a thing or two...

    ...from Wawrinka's backhand. Watching the match last night between Wawrinka and Nadal, Stan had some solid backhands. He didn't try to overdo anything, and he did just enough to keep the ball in play yet deep enough to push Nadal. I would argue that the Wawrinka backhand's consistency is...
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    What do they do? I mean I can take a guess by the name but ... more imporatntly, how do they work?? Also, what are the made of & how can you install em?
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    Just when I was beginning to like Djokovic....

    "Djokovic, who committed 29 errors during the 68-minute match, said: “Overall it was a very bad day. There's not much to say. He played very solid. I mean, he didn't do anything special. It was all me making [an] incredible amount of unforced errors." from...
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    Frame Design Features -- What does what??

    For some reason I seem to be inclined towards thin, flat beams (e.g. my racquet I play with is K 6.1 Tour). I've tried several racquets and for some reason I always seem inclined to like thin flat beam bodied racquets as opposed to wide body/varying thickness frames. Any ideas as to why I might...
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    Stepanek's Racquet?

    Any idea on what he uses? That thing barely looks like a mid.
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    Federer Irony

    AO, 4th Set, 2 of the commentators (I think Enberg) says something about as the game goes on each point becomes bigger... he then says "If Federer doesn't win it this could be a back breaker for him." He's out of some matches due to a back injury. Eh...pure coincidence, but...
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    Fact Check - Fourth Player to win on 3 Surfaces

    Fact Check - Only Fourth Player to win on 3 Surfaces?? That's Nadal. The other 3 are Connors, Agassi, and Wilander. What about Laver's Calendar Slam? Was that when both AO and USO were on grass?
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    The Truly Classy Guy is Nadal Sunday 1 February 2009 By Eleanor Preston An emotional Roger Federer after his loss Share * * Digg * Facebook * Newsvine * Permalink He cried, and it was hard...
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    WTA's done.

    No question in my mind about it. They officially have no player on tour who can provide consistent quality tennis to the fan. They had Henin. They thought they had Ivanovic. There was hope yet with Jankovic. To me, these were the best players who actually also provided the best...
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    More entertaining: S & V matches or today's matches?

    The title is pretty self explanatory. I just want to settle this once and for all :) I was surprised how many people on these forums seem to think S&V is a more enjoyable/interesting style of play. I personally get bored watching an old Sampras match. It's not that it isn't rich with technique...
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    Gilles Simon #6???

    Looks like the doubling of points at the start of this season effed some things up. Simon is at #6 while Tsonga is 10 pts behind at #7. If I remember right, wasn't it the other way around? I'm pretty sure Tsonga's name was thrown around as the highest ranking Frenchman. Not sure why Tsonga...
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    So about the linespersons...

    Why do they always dodge the ball hit straight at them even when they have to contort themselves into weird angles? It doesn't make sense why they can't just shield themselves....anyone know the reason for this?
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    YULitle - Help w/ Stringing Tools Plz

    What Xuron cutters do you recommend for a low-volume stringer? I string anywhere from 2 - 5 racquets per week but I don't have a good pair of string shears or cutters, so I wanted to invest in a pair of Xuron cutters. I'm only looking to invest in one right now rather than a couple of...
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    Dunlop Aerogel 200 Question

    I currently use the K6.1 Tour and I'm a recreational/club player, so I wanted to add another racquet to my arsenal just to rotate every now and then. Can anyone give me a comparison of the K6.1 Tour and the AG 200? So far from the stats the biggest differences should be: - 18 x 20 pattern...
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    An Argument for Nadal

    I'm sure there have been a fair share of these come up lately, but I am about to make an explicit argument for why Nadal is one of the best players of all time. Yes, you heard me, all time. I'm not calling him GOAT, no. He still has a lot to prove to be considered a GOAT. In my opinion, GOAT...