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  1. rUDin 21

    Fedovic subpar form post Wimbledon

    Djokovic and Federer have been pretty bad after that Wimbledon final. Djokovic is 13-3 with title in Tokyo(but that was Eastbourne 17 type of draw) SF,QF and 4R. Federer is 9-3 with Laver Cup title,2 QFs and 3R. Together, they have only one atp final since Wimbledon.Coincidence? Let's not forget...
  2. rUDin 21

    Nadal's chances to finish the year as No 1,if he wins the title?

    Anyone care to explain,what are Nadal's chances to overtake Novak at the end of the year if he wins USO now?What is his schedule post USO?Is he going to chase Novak till the end?Novak has to defend Shanghai title and two indoor finals,and Nadal almost nothing to defend.
  3. rUDin 21

    Top 10 Grand Slam men's finals of 2010s

    With the decade coming to an end, I'd want to ask you guys to tell me your opinions.Top 10 Grand Slam men's finals of 2010s.Or at least top 5. My list: 1.2012 AO 2.2014 W 3.2017 AO 4.2012 USO 5.2015 RG 6.2015 USO 7.2018 AO 8.2012 RG 9.2012 W 10.2011 USO
  4. rUDin 21

    Post final ceremony:Winning anthem

    Why some tournaments have country anthem at the end of ceremony and others don't?I only saw that custom in Monte Carlo and Paris.Is there any other tournaments that also have that?
  5. rUDin 21

    Which US Open Final was better?2015 Djo/Fed or 2016 Waw/Djo?

    A little bit more dramatic fouth set in 2015.