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  1. prairiegirl

    Women's tennis is becoming infinitely better than the men's game

    The men's game has been predictable for over two decades. Still is, The big 3 continue to dominate and until they retire they will continue to do so. The women's game, however, is seeing very exciting new champions all the time - Bianca Andreescu, Naomi Osaka, Ash Barty, Karolina Pliskova...
  2. prairiegirl

    Frustration with Tennis TV

    I had a long-time subscription but shut it down this summer as I was streaming all the matches. But now I want to renew it and their system won't let me. I have emailed with support almost a dozen times with no resolution. Does anyone know a way to call them? Is there someone I can speak with...
  3. prairiegirl

    Shapovalov v. Gerasimov Chengdu Open QF

    Who will win? Shapo in 2 Shapo in 3 Gerasimov in 2 Gerasimov in 3 If Shapo can win, he has a good chance at a first final. What do people here say? I'm going with Denis in 3.
  4. prairiegirl

    Does Laver Cup have a Serious Problem?

    In this, the third year of the Laver Cup, a series of tennis matches over a period of 3 days, it’s clear that the premise which is “Team Europe” versus “Team World” is a bizarre concoction which doesn’t work. I have no argument with a tournament honouring Laver, and if anyone deserves to have a...
  5. prairiegirl


    He seems to have gone AWOL - anyone know his schedule?
  6. prairiegirl

    Laver Cup

    Is anyone here planning to watch? Nothing else going on as far as I know. I'll watch because nothing else is going on.
  7. prairiegirl

    Roger Federer: A Class Act

    Just listening to his post-match interview: "This is Grigor's moment, not my body's moment". In other words, he said correctly that he was outplayed. It wasn't about physical issues. A class act all the way.
  8. prairiegirl

    What do people here think of DeMinaur?

    I first saw him when Denis beat him in the Wimbledon junior finals. At that time, I thought he seemed just very boring and quite tedious. But, then he began to win some titles, and now, here he is in R16 of the USO. I watched a little bit of his match against Dimitrov (a player I've never had...
  9. prairiegirl

    Explain this please...

    I've never watched much of Monfils before, but wanted to see his style. My goodness, after watching several videos of him playing, he's an enormous talent! Why hasn't he won several Grand Slams, or at least one given how damn good he is? The talent is there.
  10. prairiegirl

    How many times should this be allowed to happen?

    Once again, Tsitsipas was given a warning about on-court coaching. This has happened so many times now. I think he should be fined or something more should occur. This is truly unprofessional.
  11. prairiegirl

    Rublev's screaming

    Is this a natural sound he makes when he hits the ball? It doesn't sound that way. The sound is almost like a scream/grunt. What's the purpose? Is it even remotely possible it's designed to unnerve his opponents? Or, is it just the way his body moves and the sound comes out?
  12. prairiegirl

    Shapovalov v. Rublev - QF Winston-Salem

    Who will win?
  13. prairiegirl

    Can Shapovalov rebound or...?

    I always believed Denis Shapovalov was an extraordinary talent. And, maybe he is. His breakout was fantastic, but since then he's been ordinary. He had some good moments last year in two Masters events but results were spotty. Somehow, he ended the year inside the top 25. But, as of today...
  14. prairiegirl

    What's happening w/ Tsitsipas?

    Maybe it's nothing, like a brief lull in an otherwise good year, but this is the 2nd Masters in a row he's gone out in the first round. Pushed back in the rankings now to either 7 or 8, but it seems as if Medvedev will pass him now. What do you think?
  15. prairiegirl

    Shapovalov v. Pouille

    Whom do you think will win?
  16. prairiegirl

    Nick Kyrgios needs to be banned from towel in his mouth

    Of course I know this might sound ridiculous. After all, how do you enforce this? But, this isn't a tennis issue, it's a health-related issue. He passes on his germs to all of the girls and boys who take his towel from his mouth. It's disgusting! They should just give him a chair and say put...
  17. prairiegirl

    What is wrong with De Minaur?

    Why is he wearing his hair and sporting a moustache that makes him look like hitler?
  18. prairiegirl

    Stuttgart Tennis

    There are practically no people in the stands for the Raonic -Tsonga match. The same was true yesterday for the Shapovalov-Struff match. No interest whatsoever in this tournament.
  19. prairiegirl

    What's wrong with Denis?

    Although I see a lot of talent in Denis, something is missing here. A talented player doesn't go down like this without a reason. I honestly thought it was just a bunch of bad draws or bad luck, or the clay, but Denis was fully capable of winning today. Once again, he's out in the first round as...
  20. prairiegirl

    When will Tsitsipas take over as No. 1?

    Of all the NextGen players, Tsitsipas is proving to be the most reliable, consistent and talented of all the players. He's won titles on hardcourt and clay and bested some of the best players, including Nadal on clay. I'm not his biggest fan by any means, but I have to admit he's probably the...
  21. prairiegirl

    Things that MUST change in tennis

    As much as I love tennis, and have for quite some time, it is really on the edge of becoming a rather unwatchable sport. Far too many rituals and habits have entered the game which created a negative and less than enjoyable atmosphere. If the ATP and WTA want this sport to move forwards, these...
  22. prairiegirl

    Felix v. Denis?

    Felix has won. In doing so, he reaches his 2nd ATP final at the age of only 18. I said some months ago he would eclipse Denis this year, and for now, he has. So, I wonder how this will affect their friendship. Will it just be another step in their evolution that they more or less expected? Or...
  23. prairiegirl

    Shapovalov v. Paire - Lyon R3

    This could be an interesting match. Neither player is terribly consistent. Both very talented and capable of great tennis or mediocre tennis, and sometimes, well, I'll leave it there. Whom do you see taking this?
  24. prairiegirl

    Kyle Edmund - What Happened?

    Last year, if I'm not mistaken, he was ranked 14 in the world. Now, he's fallen to 27. What happened? He didn't have any major injuries. Has something else occurred. Frankly, I've never been a fan of his, but it seems as if this fall is really devastating to a young player's career.
  25. prairiegirl

    Clash of the Canadians

    Who will win? I'll say Denis in 3. Even though all predictions say FAA.
  26. prairiegirl

    Martin Laurendeau is fully healthy

    There is nothing wrong with Marty. Perhaps he's fully healed, but he's now the head coach of the junior Davis Cup team for Canada. I watched a video of him coaching and he's just fine. I guess he and Denis just parted for some other reason, and Denis has parted with Rob as well. Strange that 2...
  27. prairiegirl


    What do people think of this new doubles team? They have only played 3 matches together and already won 2. That's not a whole lot of course, but I think this consistent doubles play could do Denis a lot of good. He won 29 of 32 points at the net today in singles and in doubles he was very good.
  28. prairiegirl

    Shapovalov v. Evans - R2 Miami

    This could be a tough match for Denis as I believe Evans plays a lot like him. Each time they've met Shapovalov has lost but that was before his break-through. Any thoughts on this one? I see it as this: If Denis can produce his high-level game, crisp serves and low UEs he'll win. If not, Evans...
  29. prairiegirl

    What happened to these players?

    Tsonga and Rublev are both playing qualifying matches. How far did Rublev far back? And, Tsonga has won numerous titles so what's he doing in the qualifying rounds?
  30. prairiegirl

    Which of these players will crack the top 20 this year?

    Which of these players will enter the top 20 this year and stay there? 1. Edmund 2. Shapovalov 3. FAA 4. DeMinaur Others?