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  1. ThirdEye

    Tecnifibre grip size compared to other companies

    Dunno about the latest one but I think LTDs are all using Head tk82 pallets. Or at least my old one did.
  2. ThirdEye

    Federer: Nike shirts look like a truck drove over it

    Federer had some of the best Nike outfits (and some atrocious ones). Other Nike players usually looked lackluster.
  3. ThirdEye

    Roger back to black

    Pitch black shoes?
  4. ThirdEye

    Men's Uber Sonic 3 ugly?

    Uber 1 and 2 looked good, this one I'll pass.
  5. ThirdEye

    Which company makes the best shorts ?

    New Balance.
  6. ThirdEye

    @RogerFederer starts R1 with his all-black tuxedo racket.

    The darker the paint, the stiffer the response. It's not QC at all, all his frames are cherry picked.
  7. ThirdEye

    What´s the best PJ?

  8. ThirdEye

    @RogerFederer starts R1 with his all-black tuxedo racket.

    Again, where/when did he say it? I haven't read or heard such a thing from him anywhere.
  9. ThirdEye

    What will Nike do next???

    Most people don't even know what Breguet is.
  10. ThirdEye

    What will Nike do next???

    Is that supposed to be some kind of joke? That outfit looks meh at best.
  11. ThirdEye

    Roger back to black

    Are you kidding? This is Roger Federer we're talking about, do you think they just pick some random racquets from a batch and he just uses them?
  12. ThirdEye

    Should we expect thin beam racquets from Wilson? (Blade/Pro Staff?)

    True, no CV on the light version though.
  13. ThirdEye

    Dimitrov testing new frame in Toronto

    A new frame will always need some adjustment time, look at how long it took before Federer became 100% confident with the bigger racquet. That said using the slice on the BH side against Djokovic might have been a precise choice, as there are just a few players able to rival a topspin BH battle...
  14. ThirdEye

    Dimitrov testing new frame in Toronto

    Guess he might be using some custom handle. Notice the leather grip is not the usual Wilson black one, which might mean they applied a custom handle to the hairpin and then a leather grip.
  15. ThirdEye

    Dimitrov testing new frame in Toronto

    Posted by his stringer in Monte Carlo. Hope this is enough.
  16. ThirdEye

    Dimitrov testing new frame in Toronto

    I've read from a stringer it is just the same racquet Roger is using, plus 5g of lead split at 3 and 9. When he trains in Montecarlo he's even using the old pj with Roger's autograph on it. 360g, 31.8 balance, 360SW.
  17. ThirdEye

    I like Fognini

    TTW, where the 14th best player in the world becomes "mediocre".
  18. ThirdEye

    I stand by the swoosh

    It's freaking clothes, it's not a life style. Get over it and stop creating a million threads about the same subject, nobody cares.
  19. ThirdEye

    Pro Staff 97S

    Not that open of a pattern at all. The 16*19 Pro Staff has a wider pattern.
  20. ThirdEye

    Live by the Blade...Die by the Blade...

    No idea about it, but considering the CV models came out almost two years ago I guess end of 2018 / start of 2019.
  21. ThirdEye

    Federer’s new Nike contract........Am I missing something

    He's now playing vs Mischa Zverev, he's using the latest Nike RF kit and shoes.
  22. ThirdEye

    Rumor of a new RF racquet at French Open 2018

    Probably not recognizable enough on tv.
  23. ThirdEye

    Rumor of a new RF racquet at French Open 2018

    All of them produce insane heavy topspin with heavy pace. Some of them produce more pace than spin (Del Potro, for example), some others do the opposite (Sock), but they're all producing insane speeds and rpm's. And they use mp's for a reason.
  24. ThirdEye


    It's the same freaking thing with a different paintjob.
  25. ThirdEye

    Nike Rafa 11 shirt

  26. ThirdEye


    Fact is that first you have to come up with a design that is so good that you can maintain it for years just by changing the colors once in a while. Good luck with that.
  27. ThirdEye

    I don't want to feel any vibration

    Pro Staff 97s