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  1. norcal

    Video of lesson today

    You played Kyrgios? :p
  2. norcal

    Seniors lounge (over 50) come on in.

    In league play swung back from playing #1 against a very strong player to playing #3 singles against a not so strong player. Worked on placing serve and being aggressive on serve returns on the fh side, stuff I need to work on. Played a 3rd set for fun since we ended kinda quick. Anyway in last...
  3. norcal

    Are you getting a flu shot?

    Today a coworker said his son has a bad cold. He said, "He had a flu shot two weeks ago, I'm sure that's why he has a cold!" I guess he's one of the lucky ones to only get a cold from the (2 week old) flu vaccine.
  4. norcal

    Seniors lounge (over 50) come on in.

    Yeah you may want to take an 'underdog' attitude in these tournaments: assume everyone is an ex-D1 college type and you have nothing to lose. Nothing worse than feeling like you're in a match but losing all the games because you're tight. A friend of mine has been playing some 60's tourneys...
  5. norcal

    Yonex Sonicage Wide

    I found the 'regular' sonicage to run short compared to other Yonex offerings. Comfy shoe though, kinda running/tennis hybrid.
  6. norcal

    Tsitsipas comments on playing Medvedev - “It’s just boring”

    Wonder if Medvedev will get bored of beating him every time.
  7. norcal

    Why not, let's pay attention to Challengers too...

    I saw him play his semi on Saturday live then Sunday on tv when he beat Johnson. Dude is very impressive in person. Great demeanor, aggressive attitude and a well rounded game (beautiful BH!). He's coming off knee surgery so it'll be interesting to see how far he can rise. Was also impressed...
  8. norcal

    Pinkie side hand pain issues

    3 months and no Dr visit? You need to see a specialist and get p/t (or whatever) and quit guessing.
  9. norcal

    Pinkie side hand pain issues

    Sounds like damage/arthritis of your thumb joint. When you collapse your thumb toward your pinkie it will hurt, it is not getting proper support.
  10. norcal

    Pinkie side hand pain issues

    I've had TFCC for over a year. Wrist widget definitely helps. Cortizone shot helps. Not using your wrist/not lifting anything helps. It gets better but takes a long time. See a specialist so you know what you're dealing with.
  11. norcal

    Are you getting a flu shot?

    @SystemicAnomaly, what is your response to @c-had ? Seems like even cursory google search would have given you pause to post such bs. I am sympathetic to your plight however, my Mom has dementia and it runs in her family so I am definitely worried about it too. In fact I participated in the...
  12. norcal

    Playing singles against former Top-300 dude this afternoon

    Great stuff man, you are fortunate to hit with such good players. The only downside is TTPS will read this and conclude a 3.5 can hang with Del Potro.
  13. norcal

    Murray vs Fognini verbal exchange

    Fabio said he was just joking around so I'm sure he would have called a hinderance on himself if Murray had missed the volley. Murray just mad he didn't catch Fabio on a scheduled tank day.
  14. norcal

    Murray vs Fognini verbal exchange

    I get the distinct impression no one has kicked Fog's smug little ass. Too bad Murray didn't lol. Here's the exchange and some presser:
  15. norcal

    Seniors lounge (over 50) come on in.

    So Yesterday turned out much better than expected. My hand was not hurting for the first time in a while and I ended up beating the best singles player in the league 4-6 6-4 7-5 in a long, hard-fought match ( saving 2 match points)! Legs felt great and I moved really really well, guy...
  16. norcal

    Seniors lounge (over 50) come on in.

    Sorry to hear man! Hang in there, maybe cut back on hitting for a bit till you feel that passion again. I have the opposite problem, I want to hit so much, everything feels great except my hand. Playing #1 singles this weekend against an undefeated team (away of course) with zero match play or...
  17. norcal

    Are you getting a flu shot?

    You are describing Mac's responses to ollinger to a T. Science is too difficult for him to comprehend therefore it must be fake.
  18. norcal

    Only 1 singles for Nationals 40+ :(

    Our local league has always had strong singles representation, this year it's 3S/2D. It's 18+ but the vast majority are 40+. 1S/3D is terrible imo, let alone 0S!
  19. norcal

    Can anyone solve the Bublik's Cube?

    Love watching this guy, he's entertaining, isn't afraid of the net, big game, underhand serves and ...crazy. Now about that shot If he can put it together how high can he go?
  20. norcal

    Kirkland shoes almost gone.....have we lost out minds on shoe cost?

    Not to mention the outsoles would last at least 3X what Costco shoes will.
  21. norcal

    Durable string suggestion

    Flatten out his strokes a bit. Don't know another solution.
  22. norcal

    Former College Players ranking themselves at 3.5

    OP suddenly got too busy to post.
  23. norcal

    Seniors lounge (over 50) come on in.

    Yup, sat out the last two weeks with never ending hand/wrist problems. And I'm not a gym rat so I can feel myself getting further out of shape. Really sucks cause everything else feels good. Maybe I need to learn to play left handed.
  24. norcal

    Fred and Ralph further separating themselves from ATG pack with another Laver Cup win.

    Wait, Europe won? Thanks for the spoiler a-hole! j/k, I turned it on this morning to see Fritz playing Thiem and I thought I had accidentally turned on the 1st round of a Master's event so I turned it off.
  25. norcal

    Sock & Kyrgios - Grand Slam?

    If they got to play Tsitsipas every round, then yes.
  26. norcal

    How in the world

    Well flabio beat Fabio, so there's that.
  27. norcal

    Are you getting a flu shot?

    @Mac33 is an anti vaxxer who will take every opportunity to spout his ignorance of science. He uses flat earther level logic (the other vocal anti vaxxer on here, over50'schamp, was also proudly a flat earther, but he has since been banned). Mac's sources are always wrong. I think most of the...
  28. norcal

    Seniors lounge (over 50) come on in.

    Wow. Sorry to hear that.