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    Now that Nadal has a 4th US Open title...

    He has set himself apart from most of the other greats by winning his 7th non-clay slam. In the Open era, only 3 other players have more non-clay slams than him - Sampras, Federer and Djokovic. So, does this now dispel the notion of him being a "clay only" great?
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    Interesting Nadal stat

    Don't think I've seen too much talk about this one before so would be interested to see the thoughts regarding this particular stat: Nadal has been in at least 2 slam finals in 8 different seasons. Comparisons: Federer >> 6 Sampras >> 5 Djokovic >> 4 (with chance to make it 5 this...
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    Chances of a Nadal v Kyrgios semi final...

    With Nadal, his form is a real question mark at the moment, but if it picks up and he gets to the semi's, it will be a real blockbuster if it's against Nick. Still a long way to go for it to happen, but I really hope it does, the build up to it would be great and there'll no doubt be a lot of...
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    What would Federer fans prefer...

    Nadal wins his second AO title and with that has a double career slam OR Novak wins his 5th AO title and with that becomes the outright leader in titles won at the AO?
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    Out of the following seasons, which player had the best?

    Nadal's 2013 saw him make an incredible return to the tour, winning 2 majors and 5 Masters tournaments as well as making it to the WTF final. However, can it be considered better than Novak's 2012, 2013 or 2014 seasons?
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    If Nadal won the AO final would it have been his year?

    The reason I ask is, I wouldn't mind getting some insight into how much weight the slams actually have to one's season vs rankings. I'm not taking into consideration that if he'd have won his confidence would've been higher, would've won more other tournaments etc. Nope, none of that...
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    What do you think would be the toughest draw for Nadal and Novak?

    Forget the actual AO2014 men's singles draw and explain, what would have made Nadal and Novak's draws harder than they are in reality?
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    Favorite Matches from your favorite players

    What would be your favorite matches from your favorite 2 or 3 players? For me, in no particular order: Nadal: Nadal vs Federer WIM 08 F Nadal vs Djokovic RG 13 SF Nadal vs Verdasco AO 09 SF Nadal vs Federer AO 12 SF Nadal vs Federer AO 09 F Nadal vs Djokovic USO 13 SF Nadal vs...
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    Nadal says Cincy slower than Montreal

    Well all this talk about Cincy being incredibly fast, Nadal says it's slower than Montreal. Did they slow the real slam down too? :lol:
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    Rod Laver Arena's hidden message

    Rod Laver Arena holds a cryptic hidden message. Which one of you is clever enough to discover it...
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    Nadal vs Hewitt - who has the better backhand???

    Just wanted to see what the general consensus is regading Nadal's backhand vs Hewitt's. Who's is/was better? Are they equally as good? Personally, I think Nadal's ability to flatten it out and hit incredible passing shots as well as his consistency gives him the edge.