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    Good youtube tennis match!

    Just saw this Colorado state 4.5 final: These 2 guys play great. Grey shirt has great serve. But green (blue) shirt has a killer forehand, awesome movement. Watch how he return the kick serve outwide at 5:44.
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    My hitting video!

    Nice day so i went out to hit with my friend. I don't know anything bout recording tennis match so its a little tilt :). 16 minutes long with no editing. If you are bored, check out points at 3:00 and 15:15 .its fun. For those not familiar, we were playing a game called 21. Simply playing...
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    Approach the net on clay court!

    I am going to play a tournament on clay court soon. Clay court is expensive in my area, i can't say i am very familiar with the surface. I remember i used to get passed or lobbed a lot more often when i went to the net on clay. Recently my net game and overhead have been improved a lot so I...
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    Is it worth making your opponent mad?

    Played my first USTA match today. I need some match experience so i guess USTA is a good choice. My opponent was 6' 4, hit big serves and volley, first serve probably in 100s, 2nd serve probably around 80. First time i returned his serve, i almost dropped my racquet. score was 3-3, and we had a...
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    Exaggerated follow through on serve!

    I know this question is easier to ask with a video but i have no device to do recording now. So i will try to describe it as well as i can. I think that my serve is weak because it lacks proper follow through. Especially in tight spot, break point 2nd serve :cool::cool::cool::cool:, i just do a...
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    Signs that your opponent is going to switch gear!

    A friend of mine hits with a lot of variety, semi western forehand with lots of top spin, very effective backhand slices and dropshots. After playing him long enough, I can sorta tell when he is going to switch things up, i.e grip change to eastern, get really low, racquet prep...Not that i win...
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    Keeping a balance of your shot repertoire!

    Not a technical issue, but i guess a question about strategy for practice that i only have partial answer for. For past 3, 4 years I think my strength is my 2HBH (kind of like NYTA with a **** serve). First was CC BH, then I added DTL. I get a lot of points with those shots. some better players...
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    Stupid things you've done before a tennis match!

    Mine: Chung has huge quads. I wonder if i can break my squatting personal record :eek:
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    Transition from hardcourt to clay court!

    I spend almost all my playing time on hardcourt (free). Recently I move to a new place and the cheapest indoor option is clay. So I join the indoor clay court league. The first match, in my opinion, was a disaster. Although I still can handle a 3.5, I know a higher level player will eat me for...
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    Endurance during tournaments!

    Any suggestion? Drinks, food, training before the matches, strategy? My first tournament and I am looking at playing 2 - 3 matches a day. Not looking forward to it.
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    Use opponent power vs generate own power!

    I was hitting with an old coach today and he told me that I did not use much of my power at all, and I mainly used opponent's power and redirect at them. I didnt believe this kungfu BS until we both changed tactics. He hit more slice, variety, high top spin... I tried to add more of my own power...
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    how to win this match-up!

    I have a friendly match tomorrow against an opponent that I have lost 3 times in a row, all in 3 sets. Any suggestion would be nice. :) My opponent: good player, good serve, especially 2nd serve kicker, pretty good volley. His forehand is average, but when he hits them, he put everything in it...
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    lefty001 is good seller!

    Got a yonex racquet from lefty001. Better than description. Very happy with it. Please sell some more!
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    forehand takes long to get warm up!

    my forehand takes a long time to get warm up. Ideally, i prefer to get 30 minutes of hitting in the middle with medium pace. That will really get my forehand going. usually people don't have that kind of time :) . 15 20 minutes warm up for mini tennis, ground strokes, serve, and volley and play...
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    Giving advice on court!

    Learnt my lesson today. I was playing a match with a friend, very good player in a 4.5 USTA league, very nice guy. First set went my way quickly. Second set, when it was 3-3, he missed 2 easy approach shots and lose the serving game. From there, there was virtually no resistance. He was like...
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    wrist pain on non-dominant hand of 2HBH!

    Wondering if anyone experienced this and how it can be fixed. I used to play with a Wilson racquet grip size 4 3/8. I recently switched to a Yonex with grip 4 1/4. Now i start to get wrist pain on my non-dominant hand when doing my 2HBH. This never happened with my old racquet. It is kind of...
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    Moppet 52 good seller!

    Totally recommended. very fast shipping. the racquet was as described. definitely deal with again.
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    bleeding heart syndrome!

    I have been analyzing my mentality during some of the sets i played recently. I realize I have some kind of bleeding heart syndrome. That is, when I have momentum, playing well, if my opponent starts whining this, complaining that, I feel bad for them. From there, once i let my guard down...
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    ball tossing arm!

    Yesterday I was playing a practice match. First set was smooth, my serve was good, double fault only once, crushing my opponent. 2nd set was not so smooth. First two serving games i double faulted 3 times, manage to come back to win the games. The serve was not working. I analyzed my serve to...
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    ball toss for topspin serve!

    When I am practicing my topspin serve, i notice that if my ball toss is right above my head (as in if i look up i see the bottom of the ball directly above me), my serve gets in, but little pace, little topspin, contact with ball seems awkward. But when i toss behind me (sometime quite far...
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    players with variety of shots!

    I have been playing with a couple of higher level players. What bother me most is their ability to switch gear, a backhand slice here , a drop shot there and a forehand winner to end the point. Drive me nuts. Its not my game currently to do all these stuff. How can I deal with this? Should I...
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    how do you hold your racquet in forehand!

    I recently change my footwork a little bit and it works great, i can get to hitting position much earlier than before. I feel I can hit forehand with depth, spin and control. I start to relax even more and eventually I find myself holding the racquet with only 3 fingers, not quite using my thumb...
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    long or short stroke?

    I used to believe that a long smooth stroke is the way to go (pros on tv all do that). but today during practice i had a little change up. usually i have long take back and i have good control and decent top spin but very little power. today i did shorter take back and the result was amazing. my...
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    Need Wilson prostaff 90 , grip 4 1/4 or 3/8!

    Hi, I am looking for a Wilson BLX prostaff 90 (red white version), grip 1/4 or 3/8, in good hitting condition. Email me at: with price and pics. Thanks a lot.