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  1. robthai

    Who will be Djokovic's main rival in the year 2021 and beyond?

    So Djokovic could possibly equal Federer's slam tally in a few years (still a big if), but who will be the biggest obstacle facing him in the year 2021 and beyond? I think Felix will most likely be the biggest obstacle for Djokovic once he gets into the top 10. IF there is someone I left out...
  2. robthai

    If your favorite tennis player was a football player, what would their position be?

    I think Fed would play defensive midfield like Pirlo because of his grace and style. Pirlo was one of the most graceful passers of the ball it was like he was orchestrating his teams attack. So I envision Fed doing the same based on his style. I would not imagine Federer as a good striker...
  3. robthai

    Is Djokovic going to finish his career having never faced legitimate competition from a younger player?

    Felix is the only guy, apart from him I dont see anyone stepping up. They all suck. Is anyone else getting bored of seeing him play against old Fed who, although a great shot maker, has very slow movement compared to his prime years? Discuss
  4. robthai

    Wimbledon 2019 will end the same way as Australian Open 2019 did for Nadal

    Nadal is playing close to as well as he ever has this year at Wimbledon but is it a false dawn? I think he will reach the final comfortably only to get thrashed by Djokovic again. What is the most likely ending for Nadal at this years Wimbledon?
  5. robthai

    Whose level was higher against Djokovic, Kohlschreiber or Taro Daniels?

    Which player played at a higher level to beat peak Djokovic? I can't comment much as I did not watch the Kohlschreiber match but last year I watched the Daniels match and I know Taro Daniels played some inspiring tennis to beat Novak at his peak. Since there are a lot of Nole fans on this forum...
  6. robthai

    Which level was higher at Wimbledon, 2010 Berdych or 2018 Anderson?

    Who would you pick and why? Both were disappointing in the finals but Anderson gets more of an excuse because he was fatigued after the Isner match.
  7. robthai

    Should the ATP Next Gen Finals should be scrapped now that Zverev has won the real one?

    How can they allow this farce of a tournament to continue? I thought the whole purpose of this tournament was because the younger guys couldn't compete with the old guys. Isn't Zverev younger than a lot of those players who competed in the next gen tournament?
  8. robthai

    The main reason Nadal and Djokovic still win slams is lack of competition

    Seriously, how much longer are Nadal and Djokovic fans going to use old Fed as their main competition to prop up their era? Where are the younger guys??? Its 2018 and there hasn't been a slam winner born in the 1990s. Nadal and Djokovic are not as good as when they were 25/26 but yet their...
  9. robthai

    Which final was played at a higher level, 2009 or 2012 AO?

    Two of my favorite finals of the Australian Open. 2012 was a marathon slug fest with lots of changes in momentum between who wanted it so bad, their legs started to give. 2009 was the perfect mesh of two distinct styles that brought out all angles and dimensions of the court. I appreciate the...
  10. robthai

    If Nadal didn't pull out of RG in 2016, does Djokovic win a RG trophy?

    I remember in that year, Nadal said he was ready to win the French Open, but he had to pull out because of a wrist injury. If Djokovic doesn't win Roland Garros that year because of Nadal, then does he still have the hunger intact, causing him keep his level up going into 2017? Maybe he wins...
  11. robthai

    Insane Tennis Match from Baby Rafa

    Look at Rafas movement here. Back when the era was stronger and wasn't dominated by a bunch of old players.
  12. robthai

    Did the field catch up to Djokovic, or was it a weak era and Djokovic simply declined?

    Either it was a weak era since 2014 which Djokovic first benefited from then Fedal feasted on it (Fed gets a pass for dominating these young scrubs because hes almost 37). Or did the field simply catch up to Djokovics level? It could be both because what I've noticed is that Djokovics grinding...
  13. robthai

    Berdych or Cilic? Who had the better career and who was better at their peak?

    Zverev Thiem match got side tracked with this debate. Thought I'd continue it here where its more appropriate. Peak for peak I think Cilic is better. Although both are equally as talented, Cilic has a stronger mentality and doesn't flop in finals. Berdych was much more consistent throughout his...
  14. robthai

    Zverev is ready to beat Nadal on clay.

    I think Zverev has a very good chance to win tomorrow. He straight settled the guy who straight setted Nadal last week and has beaten Djokovic in last year's final. If Zverev servebots then it's his to lose. Regardless of the outcome of this match, Zverev will flop at the slams as usual.
  15. robthai

    If Isner had beaten Rafa at the 2011 French Open

    Would it rank as the greatest upset in Tennis history? Even greater than what Soderling did against Rafa in 2009?
  16. robthai

    Nadal's inability to beat Djokovic in 2011

    Was it because Djokovic reached a level so high that peak Nadal could not match? I say peak Nadal because he was playing at a similar level to 2010 which is his best ever season. Was it purely a mental issue with Nadal given his victories over Djokovic in 2012 as proof? I'm not sure what to make...
  17. robthai

    If Feds peak years coincided with these next gen losers

    If Fed faced peak Nadal and Djokovic during his peak years, but then as he declines and has to deal with these next gen losers the same way Nadal and Djokovic have once they got olded. What would be his slam count? Would it be less or more than 20?
  18. robthai

    "baby Rafa"

    For those that say Rafa was still a baby during 05-06 and therefore it was a weak era for Federer. Watch this video. I think Rafa 2005-2009 was better on clay than post 2010 because he was better at defense. Clay rewards this style of play more so than his aggressive post 2010 clay version. He...