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    From Babolat PD to Wilson RF97 good for my wrist?

    U need very strong arms if not muscle fatigue fast and injured will be more
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    Coco Gauff wins first WTA title

    Amazing Lostqpenko needs to retire soon
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    Serve and lower back problems - Plantform vs Pinpoint - need your help

    High level serves is very tiring Sometimes I do kyrgios serve
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    Q Re: Dealing with Heavy Topspin FH

    Low deep slice. If not u just lost the match
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    Who is with me?

    Fed fans will lynch him like a honkie
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    A. Zverev is the most compelling player to watch right now

    9 games in a row Wad a strong mental health
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    Goffin is Greater than Hewitt

    Hewitt was leading 4 love Then succumbed 7love
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    Video of lesson today

    He's high on metb Other day I played a guy who using a fake tuxedo Looks really good on groundies Ask him to play a match, he was utterly destroyed, cos all he did was practice his groundstrokes with a coach
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    Players in the next court

    Low level ones usually stare Med el level will glance High level will scream vamos
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    ATP serve net clearance?

    One foot from net for Djokovic 2nd
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    The act of class by John Millman

    Another mug mugging the big 3 Zzz
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    Andy Murray is unhappy with the poor attendance at the China Open.

    Krygios is not playing Now is holidays in Beijing Wta is more popular
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    After adding more knee bend, Forehand now going slightly long.

    Knee bend only when u need extra power
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    Mouratoglou wants ATP rule change because of Fedal

    Wwe is here Patrick murderatoglou is the king
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    Video of lesson today

    Left hand is missing
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    Some players like to use old depressurized balls to play matches, do u encounter them?

    No aces no topspin serves Feels like clay court without the high bounce Just rallies up and feels weird playing like dat
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    Any slicer-dicers here want to ‘fess up on strategies that work against them?

    Cross Court is a winning startegy if u win the cc rallies. If not there's nothing else u can do
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    Durable string suggestion

    U have video of the rallies? Rpm blast 15g breaks is crazy in 2 hours.
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    Open Letter to Jason Jung

    Lol please come back
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    Kyrgios' Posture

    Old age has caught up fast with that serve 69 year old tennis pro
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    Osaka's first 3 titles in historical perspective

    Bianca to win next 24 major s
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    Poll: Who is the GOAT among non-slam winners?

    Davydenkko is the max player
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    Anyone feel sorry for Bautista-Agut at the Laver Cup?

    He's just doing the job he was paid to do
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    What does Bjorn Borg actually do at Laver cup

    Ric flair is concerned there's an impostor
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    Kyrgios: "I saw a hot chick in the crowd.."

    Bouchard sugar daddy is hallucinate
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    Jack Sock is out of shape!

    He's hitting for wta recently Like Jenkins and stuff
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    Do you enjoy the Laver Cup?

    Summer slam is so exciting