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  1. movdqa

    If you want to lose weight, play competitive chess

    ESPN: The grandmaster diet: How to lose weight while barely moving The 1984 World Chess Championship was called off after five months and 48 games because defending champion Anatoly Karpov had lost 22 pounds. "He looked like death," grandmaster and commentator Maurice Ashley recalls. In 2004...
  2. movdqa

    Are you getting a flu shot?

    Son got his today at work. He sent me a link to the CDC Flu Map at Massachusetts is already at Widespread. MA is typically the earliest and most intense state for flu. NH is a Local Activity - we get it because we're next to MA. My manager has had it for...
  3. movdqa

    Hit and Run accident

    I was driving the speed limit on this highway this evening and I got hit on the highway. I did not see the car coming at all. I was in the second lane and was hit by a car trying to pass me in the first lane. He didn't realize that there was a merge where he tried to pass me. He took off but I...
  4. movdqa

    Early morning and late night running - what do you do for visibility?

    The days are getting shorter so there's less time to run during the day. This evening I'm running in the dark and the street lamps are barely adequate. What do you do to be seen and to see the road? I know that some runners use light vests and some use headlamps. Anyone use these and any...
  5. movdqa

    Playing a set after a long break

    I didn't play tennis from October 2017 until around February 2019 (or later) and it's just been hitting. Today I came early and hit 71 serves and missed 10 of them. They were all kick serves without a lot of pace. I've wanted to change my windup for a long time and just decided to do it here. I...
  6. movdqa

    What do you do for balance?

    You start to lose balance capabilities in your 50s. My balance routine is Yoga-based: Warrior I, II, III Tree Pose Half-Moon Pose They look dumb but Warrior III, Tree Pose and Half-Moon Pose can be challenging. It's possible that heavy barbell exercises help too - I find that I'm far less...
  7. movdqa

    Age is just a number

    What's your example?
  8. movdqa

    How do you remediate a neighbor cutting down your trees?

    I'm going to a planning board meeting tonight to discuss a strip mall that cut down a bunch of trees on our property to add parking spaces and improve drainage. They cut down a bunch of 100 foot conifers without getting Planning Board approval and we now have a nice view of the strip mall...
  9. movdqa


    I got the MMR shot this past Thursday - it appears that a decent percentage of immunizations before 1987 weren't effective and there's no way for me to get records on which version of the shot I got when I was in elementary school - so I just got the shot recently. I had mumps but not measles or...
  10. movdqa

    Looking for court shoe, preferably New Balance, that has a wide and high toebox and comes in 4E

    I'm going to look myself but the move to angled toeboxes has been a major problem for me in blisters. I have found New Balance running models that have wide and high toeboxes. I looked at about 100 models and found two with big toeboxes. They make far fewer tennis shoes though. Cross-trainers...
  11. movdqa

    Toxic waste from solar panels

    If Solar Panels Are So Clean, Why Do They Produce So Much Toxic Waste? The problem of solar panel disposal “will explode with full force in two or three decades and wreck the environment” because it “is a huge amount of waste and they are not easy to recycle.” “The reality is that there is a...
  12. movdqa

    Fractal Geometry

    Someone suggested I read the book The Misbehavior of Financial Markets by Mandelbrot so I downloaded a sample from Amazon and was surprised to see that Mandelbrot wrote books and papers on economics and finance. He's best known for the The Fractal Geometry of Nature back in the early 1980s. I...
  13. movdqa

    Surprised that there's no Shapo - Rublev match

    It was quite the slugfest.
  14. movdqa

    Sampras using Head racquet now?

    I saw him using a black frame with the Head Stencil at the IW Exhibition.
  15. movdqa

    Does Evans have a topspin backhands?

    Watched the first five games of his match with Wawrinka and every backhand was a slice. Does he have a topspin backhand?
  16. movdqa

    Coming back to tennis after a long break

    I haven't hit tennis balls since October 2017 and went to hit for 40 minutes this afternoon. It went a lot better than I expected it to. Footwork and movement were there but spacing and watching the ball were poor but I could hit forehands and backhands reasonably well. It will take a long time...
  17. movdqa

    Shapovalov at IMG Academy - court-level view

    Just plain fun to watch how smooth he is and how he generates so much power.
  18. movdqa

    The Chess world vs the Tennis world

    I played a lot of chess as a teenager but gradually switched over to tennis as chess was unhealthy back then and I wanted more activity. I've been getting back into chess lately and the chess world is completely different. You can play people from around the world online in multiple formats, 24...
  19. movdqa

    Buying old computers

    My 2008 17 inch MacBook Pro lost the inverter circuit to the screen so the screen is dead but I'm using it as a desktop with an external display. Still, I miss the nice screen. So I started looking around for another 17 inch MacBook Pro. They come and go in my local Craigslist and I found a...
  20. movdqa

    Heart rate monitors

    I bought a Garmin Fenix 5+ two weeks ago and it's quite an amazing device. I had a Forerunner 630 which is a running watch but it doesn't have wrist-based heartrate monitoring - just via chest strap and that's a bit annoying to have on all the time. All-day heart monitoring gives you a lot of...
  21. movdqa

    WSJ: The Case for a Second Gym Membership

    If your regular workout leaves you limp, go directly to one of these techy new fitness studios to...recover. Tom Brady does it—but is a bonus rehab gym worth another $1,800 or more a year? At Upgrade Labs (from $510/mo.,, you’ll find baffling treatments like Pulsed...
  22. movdqa

    WSJ: House Panel Passes Tax Break for Gym Memberships, Exercise Classes

    WASHINGTON—Taxpayers would be able to claim new breaks for gym memberships, exercise classes and other fitness expenses under a bipartisan bill advanced Thursday in the House of Representatives. The bill would consider those costs as medical expenses for tax purposes, enabling people to use...
  23. movdqa


    Twitter images don't inline for some reason so here's a link. BJK looking a lot better than before.
  24. movdqa

    Agassi using Pure Drive and Steffi using Wilson

    Head wouldn't renew them for racquets? Anyone know what Steffi is using? Looks a bit big for a PS85.
  25. movdqa

    Lateral Steppers

    I tried one of these out at the gym (Octane LX8000) and it provides a good but different workout. I noticed that going in one direction was a lot harder than the other and I'd guess that this is due to tennis. At any rate, it may be another cardio option at your gym
  26. movdqa

    Sharapova on Billions

    Looks like marketing for Head. Nice to see pros in TV shows.
  27. movdqa

    Reusing old equipment

    I like to upgrade hardware at home from time to time just to keep things running smoothly and to fix potential problems before they occur. I have been waiting for Apple to fix their video and keyboard problems on their newer models (there are now class-action lawsuits for both issues), and...
  28. movdqa

    Goodbye to Windows

    Windows 7 goes off support in January 2020, 8.1 in 2023 and I really hate Windows 10. I only have one remaining program that only runs on Windows (doesn't work on Wine) and I'm considering dropping that program and using something else. I run it on a Windows 7 VM but I don't want to have to...
  29. movdqa

    Head Heat Tour

    I was at one of the big box stores and noticed that the Head Heat Tour was on sale. It was previously the Head Heat. BTW we're talking about really cheap racquets - not the type that most folks here would buy. It's $50, 23/24/25 beam width, 100 sq inches, and 9.1 ounces (a tad light for a Tour)...