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  1. Rosstour

    Every M singles champ since 2004 (save Murray & DelPo) is in the 2019 4R

    Another WTF moment that really makes you appreciate the consistency of this era. And those two missing names are still active, just injured. Hopefully this isn't a repost, please delete if so.
  2. Rosstour

    More Rafa Bias in the media (New Yorker)

    Just proving my point that the genpop know nothing about tennis and are generally Nadal fans--unfortunately these people will drive the discussions on who is the GOAT. See the subtle shade the author throws at Fed: not a classic match, means nothing in the grand scheme of things...just a data...
  3. Rosstour

    Judy Murray has absolutely slayed me with this tweet

    Apologies if repost or posted in a thread somewhere that I missed.
  4. Rosstour

    Can we call Fed's return to clay a success yet?

    Leading up to this, there was so much dismissal of Fed playing clay. Even his fans said that QFs would be a great result. So can we give the guy some credit now? He comes back after 3 years away and makes the SF while dropping only one set. Is anyone the least bit impressed?
  5. Rosstour

    Anyone still wondering why Fed is playing clay this year?

    With Djok and Nadal going out to second/third-tier players, are we finally starting to understand that Fed has correctly detected weakness in his main rivals?
  6. Rosstour

    repost? Your choice for most interesting/compelling/competitive season of Big 3/4/5/6/7 Era

    edit--delete this, spent loads of time on poll options and they disappeared.
  7. Rosstour

    Nothing demonstrates Federer's longevity better than...

    ...current pictures of Fernando Gonzales. Just remember, "Stonehand" contested the Australian Open final against Fed in 2007...and is less than one calendar year older than Roger. And when Fed won the event again in 2017, Gonzales looked like this:
  8. Rosstour

    Better season so far: Fed or Rafa?

    Simple question. Apologies if repost, but Fed just won a tournament today and I didn't see anything like this on the front pages of either of the likely subforums. Rafa: #2 RG Barcelona Madrid Monte Carlo Fed: #5 AO Indian Wells Miami Halle If my count is correct, they have each won a Slam...
  9. Rosstour

    Rafa Windrunner / Premier jacket. Which size do I want?

    Hi all, I take a size L in most current Fedal gear tops. The jacket fit is 'regular' on most review sites, whereas the fit of the Fedal shirts is sometimes described as 'slim' through the chest. Do I size down to M, or stay with L?
  10. Rosstour

    Which Vapor should I create?

    All are similar layouts with minor differences (shank, laces), just different colors. If you feel like responding in detail or making any suggestions I am glad to read it. Wht/Orange Wht/Pink Black/Orange Black/Volt Grey/Orange Grey/Volt
  11. Rosstour

    Might not be worth its own thread, but took a big leap yesterday

    Feel free to poke fun and burst bubbles, but...I beat my main hitting partner for the first time last night. Me: 34, 5'6"/145, no college play, resumed this summer after a 3-year layoff, playing/self-rating as 3.5 Him: 25, 6'2"/190, former D3 college player, plays 5.0/open I dropped the first...
  12. Rosstour

    Fed and Rafa collections = same sizing?

    This may sound like a dumb question but I am a little surprised at the tightness of the Rafa shirt I just received. It's this one: I got a M and I am incredulously thinking of sending it back for a large. I was originally on the fence between S and M when ordering, now wondering if I should...