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    Pretty Good Site!!

    There used to be frequent match reports earlier on the site but i guess it is tough for a single person to keep updating all the pages on a regular basis. Apart from the match reports there were also some fun stuff like prediction contests for grand slams and other tournaments. bg
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    Current ELO Ratings

    True, but very difficult for a 'normal' tennis fan to understand. who would bother about ratios and multiplication factors when a simple 100, 70, 45, 25 etc points system is much easier to understand. Guess ATP is more worried about tennis popularity than effectiveness bg
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    Current ELO Ratings

    Is it possible to get graphs or history of the players' rating from somewhere? bg
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    Did Nadal have a one handed backhand?

    Thats what this article says ... bg
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    BEST ASIAN Tennis player in history of tennis?

    If it is talk about singles, I think i would like to recommend Ramesh Krishnan. Magician with great touch and drove Mcenroe crazy (i think in some Australian Open). IIRC, Mcenroe complained to the umpire that it should be illegal to serve SO slow. bg
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    Two nice articles from USO 2002

    I really dont get what u r talking about. for starters, i dont think that author is an American at all. Most probably that was written by Nirmal Sekhar. Also what I feel is that the author was comparing the players at their peaks .. means 80% of peak sampras would beat 100% peak agassi and...
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    Two nice articles from USO 2002

    Just thought i will share this for those who havent read it yet bg
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    Koubek DQ'd!

    Yes truly idiotic to argue when up a break in the final set. bg
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    Doubt regarding ranking points in 2009

    I am not sure if this has been addressed in any other thread. anyway, here goes ... How exactly are they planning to manage the ranking points in 2009, since many tournaments now have double the points from previous year (2008), BUT not all. For eg. in 2008, Doha will have 250 points and...
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    Why not make one of the slams on carpet?

    How about this ... Move AO to november, a couple of weeks after Paris Masters. I suppose it will be spring in Australia so weather might be OK. Of course make the surface carpet. so this will reduce pull-outs from Madrid and Paris. Move YEC and Davis Cup to December. So starting with...
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    Federer withdraws from Tokyo

    At this rate he will most probably pull out of Basel too. Maybe he will finally give Paris a shot. From Federers POV, both Paris and Basel need 5 matches. so why not play the event that will give more money as well as resting period after Madrid. bg
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    Federer withdraws from Tokyo bg
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    Federer withdraws from Tokyo

    The reason being fatigue. Either he is getting old very rapidly or the Japanese havent offered him enough appearance money. Anyway Nadal has a chance to overtake Federer now. Maybe Federere did this to make things interesting at the TMC ;) bg
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    Idea for a new stat to use for pros

    it might make fast court specialists look dumb compared to clay court specialists bg
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    Federer to play Estoril Open

    he will most probably skip Rome as he is not defending much points from there. bg
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    Current State of the Men's GAme

    Could you post the details as to how you got all those numbers? bg
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    I'm not watching WTA tennis any more

    One thing that i observed while watching womens tennis these days is that passing shots have still not reached the level that is present in Mens tennis these days. I always get the feeling that any decent groundstroke (approach) should be followed by a net approach in WTA. of course this needs...
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    Sticky request: Tennis video clips and matches

    maybe they were hitting balls a lot flatter back then bg
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    Sticky request: Tennis video clips and matches

    just thought i will post this as a warm-up to the Hard Court season. enjoy!!! bg
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    Sticky request: Tennis video clips and matches Highlights from 2006 womens final at Wimbledon bg
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    Fed - Roddick under the lights - who's staying up?

    but my boss doesnt :-( starts at 1400 hours here and no way can i leave!!! bg
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    Roddick is an embarassment

    what else do u expect from a player coached by connors? bg
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    Anybody watching Novak?

    seems to be in full flight. would like to hear some comments if anybody is indeed watching him. mouth-watering 4th round match coming up? ;) bg
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    Tennis has changed, current players not as good as previous.

    LOL!! make them play with TT bats ;) on a more serious note, how about restricting the racquet head size to a smaller size compared to what is used now. obviously edberg etc used a much smaller racquet compared to sharapova (god it seems to be larger than her) bg
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    Attn Bjorn99 / And a proper thread, Possible First Round Upsets

    i dont think tipsarevic winning will be any kind of upset given nalbys suspect conditioning at the moment. Moya blake match will have same result as their match in sydney tomorrow. bg
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    Sticky request: Tennis video clips and matches

    wonder if it is really worth the trouble of another upload ;) bg
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    Sticky request: Tennis video clips and matches

    here are highlights from the match between Federe and Santoro in the US Open, 2005 (second round) bg
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    Best Grandslam Final of 2006?

    Yes, gets my vote too. It had the best exhibition of tennis for the whole year. two fine players playing very nice grass court tennis. wonder if they both played S&V for more than 80% of their first serves. bg
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    Article : Federer: sportsperson of the year

    Here is a nice description of that amazing BH Half-volley against Blake in the TMC final, among other things. Instantly Roger Federer would have noted the flight, assessed velocity, estimated topspin, calculated the ball was going to land almost on the baseline, on the backhand side, and...
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    Best Match Ever

    Most competitive match, with a high degree of quality : Mens : Safin beat Federer, 2005 AO, SF Womens : Mauresmo beat Henin, 2006 Wim, F The best exhibition of perfect tennis: Mens : Federer beat ROddick, 2005 Wim F. Womens : -No idea- (want inputs) bg