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  1. Chingoo1255

    Enlighten me

    What is topspin all about? Aside from deep topspin lobs it seems at lower levels topspin is either going into net or it sits up for receiver to tee off on. It also slows the ball enough that lots of people can reach the shot. Am I using it in wrong application cause that describes my topspin game.
  2. Chingoo1255

    I swear....

    I hit ball cleaner and have better groundstrokes when I don’t do Roger and look at the point of contact. When I do consciously look at contact point and hold head steady it’s either a frame or a flier. Anyone else have same experience? How long did it take you to get over this hump?
  3. Chingoo1255

    Too much shoulder turn?

    so I started to change my stance for my serves. I used to keep my toe pointed to the post when serving. Now I have played with keeping the front foot parallel to the baseline and the back foot slid almost parallel and behind the front foot. I didn't get much shoulder turn with the original...
  4. Chingoo1255

    Driving topspin shot

    I have a topspin forehand that I question its effectiveness. I drive my shots as opposed to just brushing up. My shots have way more pace than loopiness in them, clearing the net bout 1-1/5 foot? high?. The depth is usually in no man's land, closer to the baseline than the service line. I like...
  5. Chingoo1255

    Serving with a choked up grip

    is the serve better with a choked up grip? I've been serving with a three finger grip and pinky off the handle all my tennis life. First and only time, I tried serving with a choked up grip ala choked up volley grip and it seems to have some benefits. More control and dare I say more power? I...
  6. Chingoo1255

    Taped seams coming apart adidas Barricade

    i got a couple of these barricade crew tops with the taped seams just below the shoulders. They're coming unglued and I've tried a couple of fabric adhesives but not working. Anyone try super glue or a similar adhesive? I kinda like the tops so trying not to ruin them.
  7. Chingoo1255

    Macci forehand Ramblings

    i think I finally am starting to get his technique but I'm not fit enough. A 10 shot rally wears me out like. I find I'm still not consistent with the technique unless I am "cooking with gas". It's kinda like all or nothing. If I'm not all in (75% at least swing speed with loading and exploding)...
  8. Chingoo1255

    Power as it relates to temperature

    I played Wednesday night and it stayed above 50 degrees while I played. I had just strung my racket with Tour XC. The string played really well, had pop to it and was crisp. Played 2 hours and with new balls. Tonight it was much colder. 45 degrees when we started and was really windy. Temps...
  9. Chingoo1255

    I hate my gym rant

    i have a gym membership to this national gym chain named after a prominent west coast city. It's only a half mile from my house but I hate it. The next closest gyms in the chain are within a 10 mile radius and there are 4 of them. I really do not know if it's the members or the management who...
  10. Chingoo1255

    Prince 5000

    i saw ad for a 500 rackets strung Prince 5000. Anyone gave experience with this machine? Things to be wary of or to look for? I'm interested only because it looks to be top end machine for very very good manual machines figured worth a look since only f few hundred more. FWUW it's only a...
  11. Chingoo1255

    Finally did it

    ive been messing around in the desert of no results and am now officially getting a coach. I've watched this coach train kids and approached him last week. Well fast forward one less in and I see that I do have serious problems that need to be fixed. His forehand philosophy is a little...
  12. Chingoo1255

    My investment is killing me

    5 years ago I walked off my career of 20 years. I had seen enough to know I didn't want that lifestyle any more. I went back to school, acted like I was a teenybopper again. I had gone to technical school after high school but I had always wanted to go to college. Now I'm out of school and...
  13. Chingoo1255

    Would you have let them have it?

    So I went to the courts and checked the reservation sheet; my favorite court was reserved until 7:30 and no one was on it. The reservation didn't have a name on it, just ALTA. since it was 7:40, we hopped on and warmed up. Some time later, a guy came and sat ta the other court and then his...
  14. Chingoo1255

    Contribution of leg drive in racket head speed on serve

    After a couple of months doing my serve deconstruction, I've decided I need to start adding leg drive to my serve. I've been serving with just a small knee bend and about the only contribution of legs on my serve is the straightening of my legs when driving racket up to contact. I've been...
  15. Chingoo1255

    Yonex Ezone Ai98 done for?

    i noticed that there is no more Ai 98 on website. Does that mean there are no more and I need to look elsewhere? Or is it a temporary thing. I know they're probably discontinued but just wanted to know if I need to look elsewhere. Thanks!
  16. Chingoo1255

    Natural gut on Klippermate

    I finally got some gut and from what I understand it seems to need more care when stringing. As I'm new to stringing is there any precautions I need to take especially relating to A Klippermate? I am concerned since the string gripper puts a big angle on the string. Any help/guidance is appreciated!
  17. Chingoo1255

    It's here!!!

    just stepped out of the local big box store with a RFA and PS97s. First one to grab them, hot off the stringing machine. Store had plenty of rackets from the entire line of this series. First impressions: Visually understated for the RF. I can handle the tuxedo theme, but I don't care for the...
  18. Chingoo1255

    Ai100 on a Klippermate

    My strings are in its last leg, and I just realized how the bottom of the frame has the yellow tubes that are so close and protrude so high into the stringbeds. Anyone string one before with a Klippermate? Any issues or work arounds for this combo?
  19. Chingoo1255


    I watched a local mixed doubles team practice last night. I really focused on serves and it was inspiring yet at the same time left me wondering why I even bother. The 3 guys had really good first serves and one guy had really good kick serve as second we've. He won lots of points with it. He...
  20. Chingoo1255

    Wilson warranty

    has anyone had experience with getting a racket warrantied? My PS97ls developed a crack sitting in storage. I'm so upset cause I just got it this November and hardly played with it. It's been out less than 10 times, never dropped, thrown, or abused and it has a crack in the frame now. I've never...
  21. Chingoo1255

    Burn 99 FST Ai98 comparison

    ive been demoing a Burn 98 FST all week. I like the swing weight, the pretty stiff yet comfortable feel of the racket. With my ground strokes I get decent top spin, not as much as my 95s, but adequate without having to exaggerate my swing path. I serve good with it, more power than the 95s. I...
  22. Chingoo1255

    cross string contribution to long balls

    I'm playing with a Youtek ig Radical MP strung with micro sheep mains and tour xc crosses. I hit a pretty flat ball with eastern forehand if it matters. The string job must be getting to the end of its life tension wise. Way more balls are going out with the same swing path but if I exaggerate...
  23. Chingoo1255

    Rick Macci forehand video

    I've been trying to learn the forehand from Rick Macci off of YouTube. I've noticed if I hold the grip more eastern forehand, I can get a more linear swing path but when I go more western, I start to get a circular swing path. Is this normal? For those who were able to change/reconstruct their...
  24. Chingoo1255

    Different topspin results from different string patterns

    i strung up my Youtek IG Radical MP and have been playing with it for the last two weeks. I generally don't consider myself to be a topspin player, but I do try to hit with topspin. I've noticed and have heard comments that with this tight 18x20 pattern, my shots are heavier and they have more...
  25. Chingoo1255


    i found an Eagnas stringing machine for 250$ but no model number or good description. Anyone can tell if it's a good machine it not for the price? Thanks in advance
  26. Chingoo1255

    Wilson kfactor k6.1 95

    Anyone use this racket before? How does it compare to the 2014 6.1 95s? Power? Maneuverability? Plough through? Which string pattern is better? 18x20 or 16x20? TIA
  27. Chingoo1255

    What gives?

    so I strung up my first racket a YouTek IG Extreme OS a couple weeks ago with Prince C XC 17 at 45 lbs. it felt wunderbar. Last night I was hitting forehands with it and I heard a pop and felt weird sensation at same time. After that hit, the strings feel so much softer and mushier. I examined...
  28. Chingoo1255

    Tour 98ESP vs PS 95s (2014 ) vs Warrior 100l ESP

    anyone played with these rackets? Similarities and differences? Like and dislikes? I play with the 95s ATM and ran into a deal that's really good on the 98 ESP. I like most everything about the 95s with no real complaints; I just wonder at $40 with free string (tour xc) would there be enough...
  29. Chingoo1255

    Obsessions of a one track mind

    I started to play tennis 4 yrs ago as a social function with some exercise as a side benefit. Today it's no longer social as all the people I played with went their own ways once they discovered how great they could play while I languished in the basement. Friendly games have people walking off...
  30. Chingoo1255

    Too many YouTube distractions

    I have a mediocre serve so I'm always watching YouTube videos and trying to use their tips as a basis to improve my serve. I was turned on to Feel Tennis two years ago and my serve improved dramatically. In the last two monthes, I caught the Jeff Salzenstein/USTA video and started to change my...