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  1. sredna42

    Big 3 in american doubles. Who wins?

    American dubs between the big 3. Best of 5 maybe? 2 v 1 rotating. Etc etc Who would win on score? Who would win morally? I think Fed would destroy them, and prove that he is actual and moral superior of the 3.
  2. sredna42

    Nadal/Djoko/Fed/etc action figurines

    If the ATP released little action figurines of the players would you buy them? Wonder what the best seller would be. And which figure no one would want to buy, and would end up in the discount bin for $1.99. That'd be the Bautista Agut figurine probably
  3. sredna42

    TTPS is right! Underhand serve FTW.

    Played a pretty good level doubles match, half outta boredom, half to switch things up, i threw in a drop serve. Ace. So tried another one. Ace again. LOL these were young fit players, the full Nike tuxedo and 12 racquet bags, they figured it out after a few times and would get to it, but...
  4. sredna42

    Just watching a rec comp last night

    Any ball near a line called out. If its on the baseline where the guy who hit the shot is furthest away, then its even worse, watched one lob land inside the baseline but touching the inside edge. Guy watched the lob all the way like a hawk clearly praying it would go out, and when it didn't...
  5. sredna42

    The whole tour is a moribund circus for the most part.

    They should have big $$ arranged matches, like boxing, with heaps of hype and trash talking in the build up. Look how much interest and money conor macgregor fights were getting. Something. Anything. I dunno. Some invitational only mini tournaments perhaps. Outside of the slams the whole...
  6. sredna42

    How many slams would kyrgiosGOAT win if coached by Fed

    If Fed pulled the pin on playing and took on coaching kyrgiosGOAT, how many slams could Fedr coax out of him? Keeping in mind Kyrgios respects/hero worships fed enough to listen to every word he would say, and Fed would be an awesome coach anyway.
  7. sredna42

    TTW wildcard for USO19

    Given that there are so many god tier experts on ttw, is it just and rightful that the US open not offer a wildcard to one of the many pro level members here, rather than nepotistically & frivolously wasting it on some provincial dead end just because of their connections? If so, who should the...
  8. sredna42

    Anyone switched from ATP to WTA type forehand?

    Anyone here switched from the ATP type modern forehand to the simpler WTA type wrist laid back forehand? Starting to think that for recreational midweek warriah tennis {which is basically everyone here, let's be honest) it may be more than adequate and far less susceptible to breaking down...
  9. sredna42

    Who has the best helmet hair? Djokovic vs Verdasco

    In the battle of follicles, who is King vs bonus
  10. sredna42

    Fernando Gonzalez 2019

    He's still hitting the ball great, a pleasant surprise in my recommended vids
  11. sredna42

    What program to edit/shorten video?

    Quick question, When you get footage of a training session or match, what program does everyone use to cut the crap parts out and leave only the parts you want? Thanks in advance
  12. sredna42

    How many more slams would Fedr have won were he left handed?

    Given it is a big innate advantage, how many more slams would he have were he sinister? 33?
  13. sredna42

    TTW wrestling fans: If kyrgios and tomic were a WWE tag-team what would their name be?

    A more awesome heel tag-team i can't imagine. Would have been managed by bobby the brain heenan for sure back when. Tomic could be called "the 6 million dollar man"? Can't think of a name for Kyrgios... I think their tag-team name would be "Moral Victory"? Discuss or your goldfish will die in...
  14. sredna42

    Moral Victory: Nadal world
  15. sredna42

    Novak and Boris interaction after the final

    Can't find a vid of it, but did anyone else see after the match ceremony, when novak was strolling through the crowd to the media booth with the cameras following him, he bumped into Boris as he emerged from some media bunker. It was strange, novak had just been hugging and blowing love hearts...
  16. sredna42

    AO19 Men's Doubles Final: (5)Herbert/Mahut v (12)Kontinen/Peers

    It's on now, anyone watching? The media gave more attention to the wheelchair tennis, mixed dubs, and women's dubs, than to men's dubs here in Aus. Zero coverage despite an aussie being involved.
  17. sredna42

    Ch.9 not showing Dimitrov v Tiafoe on ch.92

    Jeez, thanks channel 9. We are all so glad here in Aus that you aren't showing the Tiafoe v Dimitrov match on ch92, but instead are showing the $20 budget 1978 movie "Silver Bears", despite paying all those millions for the rights to show the tennis. Guess we all better tune into the Barty...
  18. sredna42

    AO line calls worse than usual?

    Is it just me, or does it seem like there are alot of bad calls, calls and corrections, successful challenges, than normal this Australian Open? I'm too lazy to look up examples, it just seems like the umpires are over-ruling alot, and linesmen are missing some pretty bad ones this year, just...
  19. sredna42

    Fed's younger brother

    didn't know he had one
  20. sredna42

    Awesome camera angle

    tsitispas vs deminaur 2.37 You see plenty of rec vids on youtube with this angle, but it seems very rare to see a whole point shown in this angle of a pro match. You get such a good feel for everything this way
  21. sredna42

    Tactics behind fed's slice vs Djokobot?

    Anyone have any insight into why Fed was opting to predominantly slice against Djokovic in that match? Is the idea to break djoko's rhythm? To deprive him of pace? Or is it something defensive, to give himself time to recover to center against djoko's backhand? He seemed to hit his topspin...
  22. sredna42

    Fed and Dustin Brown have never played H2H zero how is it he has played Nadal however many times it is now, yet Federer never? It would be a great match to see (or would have been great when they were both firing) How many more chances are there for them to cross...
  23. sredna42

    Tec 315ltd vs Prince TT95p

    Could anyone who has used both give me their opinion on which is better/worse or just a comparison? Using the tec315ltd 18x20, though I liked the TT100p, and getting the evil itch to try something different again, and the 95p leapt out at me. Would love to try the 93p but they aren't available...
  24. sredna42

    Has a mach referee ever overturned an umpire's decision?

    You see it all the time, bad call by chair umpire, player freaks out, umpire won't back down, player calls for match referee, referee shrugs and says they can't do anything. So just wondering, does anyone know of an instance where the match referee came out, heard both sides, and then actually...
  25. sredna42

    Nadal will win Wimbledon. Fedfan support & therapy thread.

    Let's face it. Federer is going to get knocked out, and the Mutant is probably gonna win. The move to uniqlo was maybe an omen that not all was right in the Universe. Like the sign of a coming storm. When it happens, feel free to come here for support, or even just to talk. I'll have a...
  26. sredna42

    AO 2003 Court Speed (Roddick/El Aynaoui)

    Not sure if this is the right section, Was watching an awesome match between roddick and el alnouyi in the quarter finals of the Australian Open 2003, and it looks to my eyes sometimes that the court seems very slow, that the ball slows down heaps after the bounce, then other times it looks...
  27. sredna42

    Compulsory post match interviews

    Is there any way a player can avoid the stupid post match interviews? "Talk us through your feelings about that point" :rolleyes: Could a player claim anxiety disorder and get a medical exemption? Could they just sit there and say nothing but have their PR spokesperson talk for them?
  28. sredna42

    Best camera set up to film myself for training?

    I bought a little knock-off go pro, which turned out to be a POS Currently looking to buy a camera set up that is: Quick to set up (making it easy to use) long recording time/large memory (to record an hour or 2 in HD) can record in good enough definition to be able to view footage in...
  29. sredna42

    Who/How to break Nadal's game on clay?

    How do you do it? Who is going to do it? What are the weaknesses to attack? How do you minimize or avoid his strengths? Dominic just folds, and keeps trying the same thing over and over. Zverev just can't blow people off the court. Soderling did it. Rosol did it. Dustin Brown did it...
  30. sredna42

    Santiago Giraldo the dark horse

    One of my favourite players ever. Santiago will go deep at this FO, it is his time! 1st round success, made bagdhatis retire out of fear 2nd round up against Batista Agut, who he will crush with his epic ROS 3rd round a weak and ailing djokovic, who looked like he was already exhausted it...