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  1. sredna42

    Solinco Hyper G vs Volkl V Square

    Just my opinion, but this string sucks. Less spin that hyper G, too much power, unpredictable launch angle, just all over the place. And really chunky for a 17g string
  2. sredna42

    Post videos of yourself playing well.

    You'd be the soup n azi of tennis coaches S
  3. sredna42

    16 Kyrgios free weeks

    LOL we high school now
  4. sredna42

    16 Kyrgios free weeks

    LOL not at all. Anyone who considers that an insult should maybe crawl into a safe space and never leave
  5. sredna42

    Shot Tolerance: The Elephant in Tennis Tips/Instruction

    I missed this post. This is so true
  6. sredna42

    16 Kyrgios free weeks

    Hemorrhoids like this are half the problem with tennis.
  7. sredna42

    16 Kyrgios free weeks

    You poor little daisy. Of ALL the vile swear combinations and curses and insults imaginable, that's crossing the line? Is it even an insult? It wouldnt even matter what it was he said, its just the fact the he said it. Don't doubt djokodal fans will be playing with their nipples in excitement...
  8. sredna42

    16 Kyrgios free weeks

    For what? Just because the media and some sanctimonious washed up pricks have clamored for it. The atp are a fking joke, just about everything kyrgios said was true. The only thing he's done worth being punished over was when he threw his racquet out if the court.
  9. sredna42

    Andy Murray - To think that I would return to my best form would be naive

    It's not going to happen. Did you see his movement? I was wincing just watching him awkwardly walking between points. He had an awesome career in singles he has nothing left to prove, i hope he sticks to dubs, as he'll just hurt himself again in singles and will look bad getting drubbed by mugs
  10. sredna42

    Hyper G Soft

    No idea never seen it. I'm interested in the hyper g soft. I bought 18g hyper g, and although a great string, it loses alot of tension quickly and doesnt bite the ball as much as 17g, but 17g was a tad too firm.
  11. sredna42

    Hyper G Soft

  12. sredna42

    Best items you found at thrift stores (Goodwill)?

    Brand new Prince tour team 3 racquet bag, with separate compartment for shoes wallet etc. $5 AU.
  13. sredna42

    Wilson being sued over Clash branding

    If they are a band, surely they can only gain protection in a musical context. Wtf do the clash, some chitty godawful band, listened to by dirty drug fcked hipsters stoners or whatever, have to do with tennis or any sport. Maybe just go trademarking every word on the English language. Ridiculous...
  14. sredna42

    Wilson being sued over Clash branding

    Wtf am I reading? Wilson can't call a racquet "clash" because the band say they own the word?
  15. sredna42

    What does Bjorn Borg actually do at Laver cup

    The lights are on, but nobody is home.
  16. sredna42

    Laver Cup storylines are getting a bit played out now in year 3.

    Laver Cup derangement syndrome is kinda sad to watch. Instead of eating scones, and choosing between the beige or off white vest, and polishing their dentures, and talking about their constipation with someone on the bus, they could be enjoying the tennis.
  17. sredna42

    Laver Cup

    Because isner was going super saiyan. Starting to think Laver cup brings out the best on him. Sascha actually didn't play too bad, there were positives despite the loss.
  18. sredna42

    Would you pay Federer $1000/h to coach you?

    My lawyer charges almost that and no one says a thing.
  19. sredna42

    Does Laver Cup have a Serious Problem?

    God DAMN imagine how epic that would have been
  20. sredna42

    Laver Cup

    I wish they'd hold one in Australia. It'd be mental, but it'd probably be held in Sydney
  21. sredna42

    To Get Better At Singles, Play More Doubles...

    This advice would be perfect for Alexander Zverev. I reckon doubles would sharpen his volleying, his anticipation, would make him tone down the mindless shots up the middle and hit to effect more, would take some pressure of himself, and being something new it might be refreshing
  22. sredna42

    Would you pay Federer $1000/h to coach you?

    You had a spelling error, but I fixed it for you mate.
  23. sredna42

    Does Laver Cup have a Serious Problem?

    Laver Cup derangement syndrome is real.
  24. sredna42

    4.0 still full of pushers

    You're going to do well.
  25. sredna42

    Laver Cup

    Or how about Serena kickstarts a womens only tournament named after a former wta great. stronk whamenz don't need no man.
  26. sredna42

    Need clarification for opponent exclaiming during a point

    LOL how does that work? Do you have tourettes?
  27. sredna42

    Laver Cup = Waste of Time

    Thread #427 by nadal fans hating on laver cup.
  28. sredna42

    Laver Cup Teaches Tennis a Number of Valuable Lessons

    Anyone who didn't enjoy that first laver cup is either an atp shill or no true fan of tennis.
  29. sredna42

    Laver Cup Teaches Tennis a Number of Valuable Lessons

    I hope he does. Atp needs some competition. The mandatory playing obligations rub me the wrong way, its as though the atp think they own the players like cattle.