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    Federer Footwork Training
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    Name That Grunt

    Have fun!
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    AG100 vs POG Mid

    Does the AG100 have more or less stability in service returns and volleys compared to the POG Mid? Also, is the ground stroke top spin generated from AG100 less than a POG Mid?
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    New Balance 654

    Can any New Balance 654 users share their comments/feedback on this shoe? How is its comfort level for players with a wide forefoot and durability on hard courts?
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    Adidas A3 Prevail forefoot comfort

    For the Adidas A3 Prevail users, I am wondering how the foot width comfort on the Prevail compare to a New Balance size 2E. Would you consider the Prevail a D+ or EE width size? Here are my history of tennis shoes: 1) New Balance CT 1200 2E. The most comfortable tennis shoe I have used. Feels...
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    Tennis academy/programs in Northern CA

    My daughter tried the weekend tennis classes at the community tennis courts. I found that was not worth her time and my money. We're looking for something more intense or serious in teaching, but not necessarily private lessons. My daughter prefers to be in a small class with students around...
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    Living and Tennis in Houston

    My family is considering of moving to Houston. I read there are a lot of tennis and courts there. For the Houston residents on this board, what do you think of the area around hwy 6 and West Little York Rd? Is the Cy-Fair school district the best in Houston or at least very good? With current...
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    Federer as King Arthur (video/photos)

    Photos and video footage of photo shoot where Federer is King Arthur.
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    The Roger Federer Story, Ch 34--Two New Friends: Woods and Sampras Book Excerpt: The Roger Federer Story, Quest for Perfection Friday, August 17, 2007 The following is an excerpt from "The Roger Federer Story, Quest for Perfection," a book by esteemed Swiss tennis journalist Rene...
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    Armour Pro vs Tough Gut

    Given the same gauge, tension and full-gut setup, which gut produces less power -- Klip Armour Pro or Pacific Tough Gut?
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    Big Ace vs Syngut Playability

    17g Big Ace is my favorite poly. I used it in the mains of my n90. My crosses were always a multi and the cross would always be the first to snap. Playability of this setup was excellent through its life. However, I was wondering (for those who know) does BA's playability last longer than a...
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    Asian K90 vs POG Mid

    I did not want to hijack BP's thread on the new Tour 90s club. But the following question came to my mind. What are the similarities and difference between the AK90 and POG Mid?
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    Pacific ToughGut / Poly hybrid

    For those who use Pacific TG in a hybrid with it in the mains at tensions in the 40s to low 50s, are you satisfied with the control and spin from the baseline and mid-court on transition shots, while also achieving excellent feel at net where you can place the ball? I'm under the impression...
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    heartbreaker: excellent seller

    Racket price was fair. Communications were professional and prompt. I received the racket after 2-days from payment. The racket was in better condition than her description. She also had high-end multi strings on them and an overgrip I was not expecting. :p Highly recommended!
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    Tiger on Federer

    Tiger Woods speaks of meeting up with Federer in MIami WORLD GOLF CHAMPIONSHIPS MARCH 21, 2007 TIGER WOODS DORAL, FLORIDA LAURA NEAL: Tiger, thanks for joining us. Before we get to the incredible record at this event and at this golf course, maybe some fun stuff. You had an unusual...
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    Search tool is broken

    TW Mods, Search tool is broken. When I typically search for 'natural gut' I can view numerous threads. However, now only four threads are found. Same goes for other search "terms".
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    SAP Open online broadcast

    San Jose to be broadcast online The SAP Open, the Bay Area’s premier men’s professional tennis tournament has teamed with B2 Networks to offer live streaming of all SAP Open matches originating from HP Pavilion. This marks the first webcast for the prestigious ATP circuit stop in San Jose...
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    Klip Armour Pro and power pads

    Are (leather) power pads required when you string the Klip Armour Pro in a racket? I want to try this string in my n90.
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    Coach Roche believes Federer can be the best Dubai: Roger Federer's coach Tony Roche feels his best student has still a long way to go before he nestles comfortably among the tennis greats. "There is no discounting that Roger is a great player already. But he can still improve...
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    AO surface playing faster

    [This would help Federer, Roddick and Blake the most.] MEMO Lleyton Hewitt: five weeks from the start of the Australian Open, early critiques suggest that the current incarnation of Rebound...
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    Sampras shows he still has game Pete Sampras has lost some of his hair since his days as the world's best tennis player. He doesn't appear, however, to have lost much of his game.The 35-year-old Sampras headlined the St. Luke's-Idaho Elks Rehabilitation Services (SLIERS)...
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    With Connors' help, Roddick feels he's closing gap on Federer With Connors' help, Roddick feels he's closing gap on Federer By Michelle Kaufman McClatchy Newspapers (MCT) MIAMI - Andy Roddick is well aware that his record is 1-12 against top-ranked Roger Federer, but he said he...
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    Racket Grip Doesn't Cause Tennis Elbow Racket Grip Doesn't Cause Tennis Elbow (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- Size doesn't matter when it comes to the grip on a tennis racket and risk for tennis elbow. A new study reveals a grip that is either too big or too small for the...
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    SLO’s Tennis Warehouse outgrows space

    Congratulations TW on your continued success! SLO’s Tennis Warehouse outgrows space The Tribune San Luis Obispo’s the Tennis Warehouse has moved its growing operations and inventory from Buckley Road to the old San...
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    Article: Aerogel Tennis Racquet
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    Tennis chiefs shorten finals at 11 tournaments Shanghai - Tennis chiefs on Saturday said they would shorten finals at 11 tournaments and test round-robin formats next year as part of a major overhaul of the men's circuit. The ATP also announced more Sunday...
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    It's really Federer vs. Sampras You know you've had an amazing season when your biggest stumbling block was a bed. We speak of The King -- Roger Federer. Blogging from Tokyo in October, Rog wrote about how he woke up in the middle of the night "screaming in...
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    2006 Madrid: 2R Rog v Massu (final game)
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    Sampras 96 Wimbledon stunt Wimbledon 96 was bad luck for Sampras.
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    Pro Supex Premier Ace & Topspin Cyber Flash

    For you Topspin Cyber Flash and Pro Supex Premier Ace users out there, if I string cyber flash in my n6.1 90 at 55lbs what tension should I string premier ace at to achieve same control, power and spin?