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    Gamma Glide - Revolutionizing Hybrids (hopefully)

    This is definitely a string anyone from the recreational to professional level will need to take a look at. When I first heard of it I thought it was just a cheap recoil knock off but fortunately I was wrong. Recoil had a slick outer coating which eventually which eventually was worn out, a...
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    Neos 1000 questions

    Just started working on one of these in my shop. I'm definitely a little spoiled since i've previously worked on baiardos and gamma 6004s. I'm just getting used to not being able to rotate the racquet 360 degrees. The main thing I want to ask is how to raise it. I have some pretty bad back...
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    Babolat Bumper Guards/Grommets

    I've heard a lot of complaints about these, never realized how hard it is until I actually had to do one! Grommets normally take me maybe 10 or 15 minutes but these were really frustrating. Took me about 25 and I had to tape them down to keep the top guard in place. Does anyone have any...
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    Post your requests for stringing videos.

    I'm doing a project with another member in my program to have some video's on youtube so that the freshman are better prepared and have something to reference when stringing at the racquet center or on internship. Any questions anyone has had that they want to see demonstrated that are not...
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    ATW patterns for certain companies / patterns.

    I posted this in a previous threat but it died out, was hoping I could get some answers "For the past few days I've been switching from my regular two piece ways and have been trying out different 1 piece ATW patterns. The problem I have found is that with many of these patterns when...
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    Death to the starting knot

    All it does is ruins grommets, breaks natural gut, and slips through if the gauge is thin enough and tension is high. Unless anyone has a knot they use that they'd suggest besides those posted online I'll be going starting clamp / parnell knot from now on for sure.
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    Tigher tension on final cross suggestions

    Lately I've been a big fan of the JET stringing method where you skip the second to last cross, weave the final cross and then go back and weave the one you missed to get "true tension on the final outside cross. However this is not possible on a lot of babolat frames since the second to last...
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    1 clamp crosses?

    I was watching a a guy string a couple of weeks ago on the constant pull machine (Gamme els fixed clamps) at our club and when he was doing the crosses he would drop the back clamp, or "safety clamp", once he pulled a cross. When i asked him why he said that he thought this made it so he pulled...
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    Do Power Pads help reduce breaks?

    I've been stringing for a player on the ferris team for the past 4 months. He's a big hitter a before a month ago has been has always broken the mains in the center of the racquet in a Black Magic / Babolat Nvy hybrid in a Yonex RDIS. However over the past 3 weeks he's been playing some big...
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    Tips for long term proficiency

    I was hoping I could get some tips from some of the more experience stringers on here who are doing a couple thousand racquets a year. I got an intership to a Shop in Alabama this summer where I'm pretty sure I'll be stringing somewhere in the neighborhood of 15-25 racquets a day. This really...
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    Is Bottom up THAT BAD?

    Hey everyone, just got into this forum and its great to see a community like this that is willing to help others out who are new to tennis or stringing. By the title you all know this is an age old stringers question. You're one piecing a racquet and you get to the bottom of the mains and...