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  1. 2nd Serve Ace

    Medvedev=harder hitting Simon?

    D. Medvedev to me plays exactly like G. Simon, but is much bigger and hits harder. Maybe the "French" influence? (Medvedev moved to France when he was 9)
  2. 2nd Serve Ace

    Late SW grip same as full western?

    Tend to find that a SW forehand that allows the ball to get parallel to the body has about the same face angle as a full western forehand taken a bit foreward. Feel like 100 stiffer hoops make this the more effective option since there is more margin. Sent from my SM-T560NU using Tapatalk
  3. 2nd Serve Ace

    Jack Sock is out of shape!

    JS looks like a blimp in this Laver cup match I'm watching. Is he giving up on competitive singles play?
  4. 2nd Serve Ace

    Nike's Halloween kit?

    I've never seen so much purple in a tennis clothing lineup. Seems like a Halloween ghoulish type of approach. Sent from my SM-T560NU using Tapatalk
  5. 2nd Serve Ace

    Loose Wrist bands

    I'm watching Tsitsipas play and he's got this big loose wrist band on his hitting arm that bunches up past the joint and appears to rest on his hand. That would bug the hell out of me!
  6. 2nd Serve Ace

    102 heat index, totally manageable on clay.

    I swear hard courts get hot enough to about fry an egg in the summer. But on one of the hottest days this season, mid-day, my match on Har-Tru was actually pleasant. Just stepping from the concrete walkway onto the court felt like a 15 degree temp drop to me.
  7. 2nd Serve Ace

    Penn tour ball like wilson us open

    Have opened and played a few cans of the new Penn tour ball and it is nothing like the old ATP ball, which had a tight weave and medium firmness. This new tour is very felty and soft, much more similar to the Wilson USO. It's ok if you like that kind of ball, but I might move back to the...
  8. 2nd Serve Ace

    USPS bad for shipping heavier packages?

    Have shipped numerous lighter weight items (less than 2 lbs) with US postal service no problem. But a few weeks ago, shipped something about 20 lbs, and US postal service completely ravaged the box and lost some of the contents. Basically looks like it had been hurled against a wall 9 or 10...
  9. 2nd Serve Ace

    Novak is deserving of an autograph frame.

    Totally overdue from head! A shame H doesn't market it's top players better.
  10. 2nd Serve Ace

    What if Sampras and Agassi swapped frames?

    How badly would each fair?
  11. 2nd Serve Ace

    Thiem schedule discipline

    It looks like Thiem will play 11 total events going into Wimbledon. In 2016, by comparison, he played 16 tournaments before W! Signs of a much more mature player? Sent from my SM-T560NU using Tapatalk
  12. 2nd Serve Ace

    Jo Konta OG totally slipping

    Watching a replay of the SF and Konta's overgrip has unravelled significantly. UE seem to follow! Sent from my SM-T560NU using Tapatalk
  13. 2nd Serve Ace

    Women in majors should play sets to 8.

    So the men do best of 5 sets in the majors, but what makes it special on the women's side? Maybe just have the 3rd set to 8? Sent from my LG-LS993 using Tapatalk
  14. 2nd Serve Ace

    Tsitsipas better serve motion

    Have to commend this guy and his team: Tsistipas is not falling off to the left on his serve nearly as much as he did even 1 month ago. Big improvement! Dimitrov still hasn't made this correction.
  15. 2nd Serve Ace

    O-ports vs. Parallel drilling

    I kinda wish Prince would examine a grommet approach that would be in between traditional and O-ports.
  16. 2nd Serve Ace

    Nadal Tsitsipas Bravo!

    Best match I've watched in years. Ts to move that well at 6'4" is incredible. Kinda wondering why the Spanish crowd didn't get behind Rafa more. Rafa actually won more points! I like the serve and volley from Stef. His BH grip is almost conti, but he returns serve great with it. Sent from my...
  17. 2nd Serve Ace

    Players changing accents

    Bless Zverev's heart! He is arguing in English with the Madrid chair umpire but using a Spanish accent to do it in.
  18. 2nd Serve Ace

    Head primal

    Does anybody know what the poly is on this hybrid? I'm impressed by it's ability to avoid any denting. Sent from my SM-T560NU using Tapatalk
  19. 2nd Serve Ace

    18×20 6 in the mains should not exist

    Ok so there are basically only 2 retail frames that this even applies to: the Prince tt 100p and the head speed pro. But seriously, having used the Prince for awhile I'm thoroughly convinced that it is not the best pattern for any frame! Take the Prince, elimate the 9th main but push the 7th...
  20. 2nd Serve Ace

    New Phantom Pro (18x20) (320)

    TW has a new phantom pro for sale with a tighter string pattern and some more mass. Both of these are welcome additions for that frame.
  21. 2nd Serve Ace

    Ashaway kevlar + isospeed cream

    This is really about the best combination of aramid and poly/elastomer hybrid stringing that can be had in today's marketplace. The spin is excellent, the control is superb, the tension maintenance is good, and the value is second to none. Power will vary from low to very low depending on cross...
  22. 2nd Serve Ace

    Switching to 2HBH, watch for leg strains!

    I can tell you, there is a difference in how you use your front leg on the 1hbh Vs the 2hbh, that if trying to change, watch out for strains around the inner thigh! It took me a few days to understand what was going on, but basically I'm using the lower body more to create leverage on the 2hbh...
  23. 2nd Serve Ace

    Using the front arm more on the 2H BH.

    I was playing last night and toyed around with a 2h backhand, (which I normally cannot get enough power on to be effective), but started doing something that began to make it a viable shot for me: Basically, I stopped thinking about making the swing with the rear shoulder and started to...
  24. 2nd Serve Ace

    Mirka's ring

    I'm sorry, but Mirka's engagement ring is crazy over the top, tacky big. Looks like one of those lollipop rings for Pete's sake! Sent from my SM-T560NU using Tapatalk
  25. 2nd Serve Ace


    I think I've created a new thing: basically, it's when your socks and shoes are so drenched with sweat that the sole of the shoe leaves a very clear moisture impression on the court that stays for at least 10 minutes. Sent from my SM-T560NU using Tapatalk
  26. 2nd Serve Ace

    Cooling Towels

    Actually used one of these last night, and it wasn't half bad! Slung it around my neck on every change over. Provided a little pick me up refresher. I was using the Tourna towel, but there are hundreds out there that work in a similar way: get it wet and then refrigerate until use. It will...
  27. 2nd Serve Ace

    Flaw in the shot clock system

    So if you catch your toss, that doesn't count as a time violation for some reason? Totally dumb! Sent from my SM-T560NU using Tapatalk
  28. 2nd Serve Ace

    1HBH, thumb knuckle on bezel 5 or 6?

    I would say 6 (back corner bezel) since its easier to both lift and tilt the racket at the same time from that position. Also easier to get to the slice grip. I can see some advantages to being on bezel 5 (bottom bezel), though. Easier to handle high balls any maybe a little better at...
  29. 2nd Serve Ace

    5 different lines in 5 weeks

    Going to give myself a pat on the back and some kind of merit badge for my accomplishment in service to my USTA team: 5 weeks in, I've been plugged in at all five lines of play, 1S, 2S, 1D-3D. 3 different dubs partners and 2 different surfaces, to boot! I guess this is what happens when...
  30. 2nd Serve Ace

    Shot Clock or Decider Point?

    The shot clock is proposed as a way to enforce a rule already on the books, supposedly. (25 seconds to serve) Head umpire already has a shot clock in the chair, so not sure what the real change is! Decider points at 3 all, or possibly 4 all would cut down on long games, but not interfere with...