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    Phantom 93 14x18 string set ups

    On my 14x18 gut/poly played great, but broke very quickly (4-6 hours depending on who I was playing with) and the strings moved around like crazy after 3 hours - if that bothers you at all. If you like the gut/poly hybrid and you are not a string breaker, I think it's worth a try at least once...
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    Clash 98: underrated racquet of 2019.

    In my area you can't go to the hotspot public courts without seeing at least 2-3 people using some version of the Clash. It's definitely won a lot of people over.
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    The Official Lead Tape Placement+Racket Customization Thread

    I'd like to ask a question on this thread regarding HL balance as it relates to maneuverability, and particularly as they apply to volleys. When I look through most threads on HL balance and volleys, and look at some of the racquet specs of serve and volley players, it seems that a high SW...
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    Are there any rackets still made in the USA

    I have a couple Yonex Ezone 98's and a SV95 and they all say made in Japan. Also have a Wilson Ultra tour that was made in China, but they added an extra line that says it was "designed in Chicago, USA" ;)
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    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    What would you guys recommend as a cross string to RPM Blast 15L mains? I'm hoping to have a "budget RPM" setup that can retain most of the performance of full bed RPM by keeping it in the mains and going with one of the Pro's Pro strings on the crosses. The Stratagem 8 seems like the obvious...
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    Playing singles against former Top-300 dude this afternoon

    I know I mentioned this in your travel subforum post, but please make this a thing!
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    70% game and consistency

    You and I both! I have no doubt we'll get there.
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    70% game and consistency

    Interesting you bring up the hour mark as the threshold where your focus and energy start to break down because I think I'm the exact same way. I wonder if this is, to some degree, related to the amount of time I practice outside match settings. My private lessons go for an hour, clinics I used...
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    Genesis Zero Gravity synthetic gut

    Has anyone tried this string? From the description, it seems like they created this with the poly/syngut hybrid in mind and I'm curious to see how it has performed for those that played with it. At $29 a reel it seems like a great bargain if it plays well, but at least one person I know said...
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    Guayaquil, Ecuador this weekend

    Request for a youtube show in the style of Anthony Bourdain, of you traveling the world and meeting people to play tennis :)
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    Post videos of yourself playing well.

    Haha, nay, it's the grand master himself! Edit: just want to clarify that the above picture of j011y (I assume it's him) looks like Donnie Yen, the star in the movie, which all have english subtitles if you can find them on your streaming service. Worth a watch imo!
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    Post videos of yourself playing well.

    That photo looks awesomely familiar ... Were you in any Ip Man movies?
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    Post videos of yourself playing well.

    Ohh, here goes! This is me practicing cross court forehands on the machine while cheating to the right on my start point, but I got three in a row to hit the back fence off one bounce in the court :)
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    The Decline of Proper Cushioning

    Barricade vs. Crazy Light Boost 2018 comparison: I think the most relevant comparison is probably the outsole by the toe area. Both shoes have been worn approximately the same amount (~3 months). I'd go as far as to say I've worn the Barricades longer, and you can see that it still...
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    The Decline of Proper Cushioning

    I used the 2018 Crazy Light Boost basketball shoes for tennis for a few months. For context, I am a 4.0 player in my early 40's, and when I play with people in my age group or older, I have been called "speedy," and against younger guys I am "normal" lol. I do not consider myself an...
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    Coach recommendation in DC area?

    Can't really speak to the correlation between recruit status and coaching ability, but I think it will come down to what you're looking for. Personally I think he's a reasonable option for private lessons in the area and I've had nothing but positive experiences with him as an adult recreational...
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    Normal for winner to get fresh can of balls from loser?

    Not sure about the full context of OP's situation, but I currently play in my local Tennis League Network flex league, and that is indeed an official rule. ------ 2) Tennis Balls Each player is required to bring a new can of tennis balls to every match. The winning player will take home the...
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    Yonex Ezone 98 Gold LE grommets

    Hello, I was wondering if there was any update with this inquery? Thank you!
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    008 | Tennis Science Talk: Power Potential Explained

    Really enjoyed listening to this episode - always a pleasure to hear straight from the guru himself and put a voice to the reading materials. And Michelle, thank you for perfectly representing the "rest of us" and capturing pretty much how I reacted to the professor talking about the...
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    Yonex Ezone 98 Gold LE grommets

    Yes but they would be mismatched :( But I think there are a couple workaround ways to make it work with either green and blue throat pieces. Would have been nice to just have a black one available :)
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    Does anyone make any money playing tennis in their 40-50's etc.?

    Haha... I'm a 40 year old who takes lessons from a coach in his mid-late 20's and the first couple months I used to give him checks. In hindsight he probably had a good laugh about that (or maybe confused) and I wouldn't blame him, but now I pay through zelle. Every so often I still have to...
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    Throat grommets - how worn do they get?

    A little bit of context into my dilemma. I'm looking at getting the Yonex Ezone 98 gold edition for my wife who is a big Naomi Osaka fan and liked the racquet after demoing the blue version. However, the grommets for the Ezone 98 is such that the lime and blue versions have corresponding colors...
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    Yonex Ezone 98 Gold LE grommets

    Hello, I noticed the Yonex Ezone 98's have separate grommet sets for the green and blue frames, so I was wondering if the Gold edition requires its own grommet (which does not seem available on the TW grommets section), or if another grommet set will be compatible?
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    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    Yup! I also still love the 93P as well but I feel like the Ultra Tour has a lot more going for it and I've really gelled with it. I went with 56/53lbs with Luxilon 17g gut mains and 18g Ice Code crosses, and 52/50 lbs for full bed of 18g Ice Code. I could use either frame interchangeably at any...
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    Uniqlo apparel review

    Got the Federer shorts, Nishikori hat and wristband last week. The hat seems to redirect all the sweat moisture to the brim, which I'm not sure what to think. I don't notice my other hats doing this as much. I like it better than my Lacoste polyester hat, but not quite as soft and comfortable as...
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    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    I think it's a personal preference thing, I personally added most of the weight at the top of the hoop since I prefer my setups to get about 2~3 pts headlight. Edit: Sorry, didn't realize you were talking about taking off weight. If you like the current balance and want to reduce weight...
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    Why do so many people here think about playing unconventional?

    To be fair, I think for every one of those threads that pop up, it usually contains about 10+ replies that will argue against such outlandish claims and a few people who will argue word for word, post for post to make their point, and hopefully at some point most people land at some happy medium...
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    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    I also made the switch a couple months ago from the 93P, and I'm loving the racquet with 18g Ice Code too! I have one frame with natural gut/ice code and one with full bed ice code. Love that string, and the thin gauge is a great complement to the Ultra Tour in my opinion.
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    Hyper-G vs Black Code 4S

    Customized it bit and strung it up with gut/poly and it plays great with good power! When I play full poly I use Ice Code which also has decent power and great control.
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    Hyper-G vs Black Code 4S

    16 :)