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  1. JoelSandwich

    Federer Hewitt Wimbledon 2004

    Been looking for this one for awhile
  2. JoelSandwich

    Hewitt AO 2005 vs Wawrinka AO 2013

    I think this would be a great match I don’t think either player wins in straights but I’ll include the options anyway Who you got?
  3. JoelSandwich

    Federer Safin AO 2005 with ESPN commentators

    If anyone is interested
  4. JoelSandwich

    Federer Doha 2005 vs Djokovic Doha 2016

    I think this would be a phenomenal match Who you got? Wish more footage of 2005 was available
  5. JoelSandwich

    Soderling Llodra Paris 2010

    Never seen this match before Great stuff Llodra is unreal at the net
  6. JoelSandwich

    Agassi Safin AO 2004

    Just found these highlights in way better quality than the other ones on YouTube
  7. JoelSandwich

    Rank slam winners of 2005 by level of play

    I think this is pretty hard to order What would your guys order be?
  8. JoelSandwich

    Blake Roddick Indianapolis 2006 Final

    Great match tons of awesome rallies and shots
  9. JoelSandwich

    Best match Djokovic played this year?

    And I mean in terms of just his level of play, not the match quality itself
  10. JoelSandwich

    What are Borgs best performances?

    What do you guys think?
  11. JoelSandwich

    What are some underrated tournament runs from players outside the Big Four?

    What are some that come to mind for you guys?
  12. JoelSandwich

    What was the better performance?

    Federer vs Hewitt R4 AO 2004 or Safin vs Hewitt AO 2005 Final? I think these are pretty comparable Both started slow in the first set but then played ridiculous tennis the last 3 sets
  13. JoelSandwich

    Great performances before prime?

    Sampras USO 1990 is one that comes to mind for me What are some examples you guys would pick?
  14. JoelSandwich

    Hewitt Roddick USO 2001 QF

    What a great match from both
  15. JoelSandwich

    Best performance vs Ferrer?

    Pick one Discuss
  16. JoelSandwich

    Federer vs. Mirnyi AO 2006

    Federer hit an absurd number of ridiculous shots in this match
  17. JoelSandwich

    Your top ten favorite albums?

    These are probably mine (in no order whatsoever) This will probably change over the years though I tried to only pick one per band to have some more variety My Chemical Romance-The Black Parade Rise Against-The Sufferer and The Witness Metallica-Master Of Puppets Pink Floyd-The Wall...
  18. JoelSandwich

    Best versions of Nadal at every clay tournament?

    What are your guys picks?
  19. JoelSandwich

    Nadal Simon Madrid 2008

    Great match
  20. JoelSandwich

    Best match Djokovic played that he lost?

    What do you guys think it is?
  21. JoelSandwich

    Clijsters USO 2009

    Her form throughout this tournament was really awesome and she went through a really tough draw beating both Williams sisters, Bartoli, Li Na and Wozniacki Incident with Serena aside this was a really good match they were murdering the ball The final was a good match with lots of great rallies
  22. JoelSandwich

    Lendl Connors USO 1983 Final

    Great Highlights
  23. JoelSandwich

    Borg Lendl Masters Final 1981

    Borg was brilliant in this match
  24. JoelSandwich

    Bad Matchups We Never Got To See

    I think Sampras would’ve been a terrible matchup for Wawrinka for example Wawrinka couldn’t get away with always chipping his returns and even if he goes for them he’s not the best returner Then Sampras would certainly be capable of holding his own on the baseline vs him and then rushing him
  25. JoelSandwich

    Sampras Thread

    Thought I’d make this because I feel a little bad that he’s been equaled/surpassed by three players so soon Been watching some of his matches the past couple months and I really think he’s an all court player and not a serve and volley player He hits winners from everywhere not just at the net...
  26. JoelSandwich

    Federers second best USO match performance?

    1 is 2004 vs Hewitt obviously I’d prob go with the 2006 or 2007 match vs Roddick
  27. JoelSandwich

    Agassi Blake USO 2005

    The match is already on YouTube but this is in much much better quality than the other one Uploaded a couple days ago
  28. JoelSandwich

    Safin Hewitt Paris 2004 QF

    Just stumbled upon this great highlights The set point save by Safin at 5-6 was insane