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    1 hand Backhand

    It's right if you maintain balance.
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    Am I dropping the racquet too low?

    Who can tell? Why are you swing so slow?
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    Tilt Shoulders or Turn for Serve Power?

    Why one or the other? Why not both?
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    Return Strategies - Your Best and Worst

    Return strategy. My someone crappy. My someone good.
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    Where am I losing power?

    You're not losing power. With that effort, expect 80 mph first serves at best. Compare to any pro serve.
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    Q Re: Dealing with Heavy Topspin FH

    If you can allcourt. try chipping low short to his forehand and move forward. If you baseline, hit his liop forehand to his backhand side.
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    Broken fibula

    Yeah, I waited 5 weeks after break to see doc. Summer practice for varsity football, wanting badly to make the team uninvited after starting both ways in JV. Walked in to hospital, stayed for surgery and one night's rest. Bummed.
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    ATP serve net clearance?

    But still allow for 12" clearance. A slower 2nd serve might clear by as much as 2', and still spin in.
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    ATP serve net clearance?

    I'd guess an ATP 105 mph second serve has less clearance than a slower one
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    Superfeet durability for tennis?

    I flatten Walkfeet, those TV advertised inserts, in about 4 weeks of just tennis
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    The "trick" to low biting slices

    Add a varied side spin component and that becomes an effective approach shot or neutralizing groundie.
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    The "trick" to low biting slices

    Stand on your baseline. Drop feed yourself a low net clearance slice, less than 2 feet that LANDS within 4 feet of the opponent's baseline. THAT is a low biting slice.
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    What do you think about this kitchen sink?

    Looks on the small side. Ours 31x19" and a bit tight for bigger pots and pans. If you ever entertain, yours looks tiny.
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    After adding more knee bend, Forehand now going slightly long.

    They swing faster with a heavier racket too.
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    After adding more knee bend, Forehand now going slightly long.

    Aim lower over the net. You and I are not good enough to claim we are grooved.
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    Semi open stance against open stance

    Open really only works if the incoming ball reaches to your strikezone. Varying low sliders with loopy topspin forces you to go neutral, closed, and open.
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    Some players like to use old depressurized balls to play matches, do u encounter them?

    Stay at 3.0 and that always happens. Some cheap 4.0's never bring balls.
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    Hitting short while moving.

    Again higher
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    Some issues i am having with serve placement

    Change your follow thru direction to alter placement
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    Grip changed during serves & overheads.

    Good for serves, questionable for overheads.
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    Moonball serves.

    Once they see their serves returned into a corner to start a retrieving point while serving, they will rethink. If they keep winning, they won't change. Let them watch pro tennis.
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    Kick serve from the deuce court

    We know you can, or used to. Played some dubs with Papa yesterday. Vitamin L can vouch for mine, ad to ad. Did you escape Dorian's wrath?
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    OK, I also want a 100mph serve! Suggestions please

    Need to swing much faster to achieve 80
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    Factors that affect serve speed

    Altitude, temperature, humidity
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    Flat feet - cushioned vs support/orthotics?

    Both. Soft for cushion and hard for actual support. Too bad the support part goes away after 3 weeks.
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    If you could only either slice or play topspin on your BH for the rest of your life

    When young, hit topspin. Mid age, both. When old, slice
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    Superfeet durability for tennis?

    None of my inserts deterriorate. All of them get board flat after 3 weeks.
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    Practice more. No newbie has accuracy. And no pro player, either, when he's facing a better player.
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    Can you adapt to a new/different racket?

    How can anyone short of Del Po have too much power? Fed, Nadal, and Djokovic wish they had more power. Are you as powerful as them?