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  1. dadozen

    Babolat QC - has it improved?

    Hello all, I'm considering switching to the old Pure Strikes, but I've been away from Babolat for a huge amount of time. The last time I used Babolat racquets was around 2009, when I bought a pair of the orange Pure Storm MP, and they played totally different. As I usually buy at least two or...
  2. dadozen

    Kirschbaum Max Power - anyone?

    I was taking a look at the TW string database, and noticed that almost all gauges of Kirschbaum Max Power are listed very high for tension maintenance (low tension loss), among polyester strings, fast swing speed and medium tension reference (51lbs). Has anyone tried it and post comments? I've...
  3. dadozen

    Ai100 and Pure Strikes

    It's been a while since I was really interested in switching racquets (over 2 years), but I just noticed the great price on the old Pure Strikes (black/red PJ, not the ProjectOne7s), that I decided to take a better look on them. When I switched to the Ai100s, I came from the VCore tour G 310...
  4. dadozen

    Ordering racquets from TWE

    Hi guys, I'll be travelling to the US( NYC ) next February and there are some goods( racquets and shoes ) that I can only find in TWE and other webstores in Europe. Obviously, I'll ask them to dispatch to the hotel I'll be at. Is there any concerns that I need to be aware of? If I ask...
  5. dadozen

    4G mains / other poly crosses?

    Hey guys, Is there anyone using Luxilon 4G on mains with other poly on crosses to make the stringjob cheaper? Just made a quick search on TW University to check which polys have the lowest tension loss and 4G 1.25 shows on top for fast strokes/medium tension( 51 lbs ) and on 5th place for...
  6. dadozen

    Best buttcap for TK82S pallets

    Hey guys, I've been thinking about changing the buttcap of my Radicals with TK82S pallets for another brand. For me, they are just a tad too big and it bothers me a little, especially on the FH side. I have used Dunlop Biomimetic racquets on the recent past and I felt very comfortable with...
  7. dadozen

    Pacific Poly Force differences

    Hey guys, I have been using the Pacific Poly Force Xtreme for a while now, and despite the price, I'm very happy with this string. But I got curious about the regular Pacific Poly Force, which seems to be an older version( at least the Xtreme version is marketed as an improved iteration )...
  8. dadozen

    Is there any custom tax in England for TWE packages?

    Hi guys, just wanted to check if anyone could help me on this: my sister is in London, and I was willing to get one pair of Asics GR4 or maybe GR5... I noticed that TWE ships from France and Germany, but I need to know if there's any custom tax in England that my sister would need to pay...
  9. dadozen

    Prince Resithin vs. Babolat Skin Feel

    Which one is thinner? I saw a post with the specs of each, Resithin with 1.50mm and Skin Feel with 1.55m, but sometimes one stretches more than the other. Which one do you prefer to keep the gripsize as small as possible?
  10. dadozen

    Luxilon or Pacific?

    I have read some topics saying that Pacific Poly Force( regular and Extreme ) play a lot alike Luxilons strings but with a much longer life span. Oddly, I don't see many people using it in TT. For you guys that do use Poly Force, do you prefer it over Lux strings? Especially over ALU?
  11. dadozen

    Yonex 89T vs. 97T( 310g )

    I was decided to switch from my IGPMPs to the VCore 95D, but just can't find them on my gripsize( L2 ). So I'm now undecided between the 89T and the 97T( 310g ). I know they are very different racquets, but the 330g version of the 97T seems just too demanding for me. Reading some reviews of...
  12. dadozen

    Differences between Prestige clear and black CAP grommets

    I had never played with the IG clear CAP grommets ever since I got the IG Prestiges MP year ago. At the moment I got them, I switched to the black YT/MG CAP grommets because they look so much better. 2 weeks ago, I got some new frames to the bunch and decided to test new lead tape setups...
  13. dadozen

    4D200 or BM200?

    For those who have played with both, which one do you prefer? I owned the BM200 a while ago, and although it was one of the best racquets I've ever had, the QC has dropped A LOT from the 4D to the BM line. Weight all over the place, the handle is twisted, and SW is off by at least 10 points...
  14. dadozen

    Yonex Poly Tour Pro: yellow and graphite

    Has anyone noticed any difference between the yellow and the graphite versions of the Yonex Poly Tour Pro? I've been using the yellow version on the crosses and if there's no difference in performance, I'll definitely switch to the graphite version, the yellow one doesn't look good in my...
  15. dadozen

    poly/poly hybrids: next step

    As you may know, I'm a big fan of poly/poly hybrids. I started mixing them after reading this article of TWU, where they noticed that polyester is usually the slipperiest cross string, and that strings tend to be slipperier in combination with other strings than with themselves( of course, it...
  16. dadozen

    Using B5E, but looking for options

    The string combo listed in my signature is one of the best I've tried with my current customized Prestiges. I'm using Focus Hex on crosses because B5E works better on hybrid stringjobs( even if it's a poly x poly hybrid ) and I had a reel of it. Also, I noticed that using a thinner string on...
  17. dadozen

    Theorical question about racquet customization

    Ok, so I have 5 IG Prestige MP customized to the following specs; 355g 7pts HL 328 SW this is the customization I've done: 7g in the head( 3g@12 and 4g@3&9 ), 5g on the bare handle( to compensate the fact that I use only 3 overgrips, so 5g is the difference between the weight of the 3...
  18. dadozen

    Prestige Pro and Radical Pro: 1 or 2 piece?

    Do you guys string the Prestige Pro and the Radical Pro 1 or 2 piece? I know the manufacturer recommendation is 2 piece, but since the crosses can be strung top to bottom in 1 piece, do you guys take this route?
  19. dadozen

    LM/MG/YT CAP grommets

    I'm using MG CAP grommets( TK238 ) in my IG Prestiges( really couldn't care for the clear IG CAP grommets ). Does anyone know if the CAP grommets from the LM line is the same? I need one more and this is the only one I could find, but I'm afraid it's a bit differente, especially on the...
  20. dadozen

    Head monstercombi with 2 insulated compartments

    Is there any Head monstercombi racquet bag with 2 insulated compartments? I'm looking for one but even Murray and Djokovic's models have only 1 insulated compartment.
  21. dadozen

    Increasing tension with new grommets?

    Hey guys, just a quick question: do you incrase tension in 1 or 2 pounds when stringing a new frame or a frame with new grommets, just to compensate the fact that they are not still in place?
  22. dadozen

    Gamma X-6 FC tension mark

    Hi guys, I own a Gamma X-6 FC and I'm just wondering which units the tension marks in the tension bar consider: pounds and kg? I just noticed last week that the conversion doesn't look right to me. 30 pounds is close to 11( supposedly kg ), when it should be engraved between 13 and 14( 30...
  23. dadozen

    Lead tape setups for IG Prestige MP

    So a couple of months ago I switched to the IG Prestiges MP coming from the YT version. I really love this new iteration as it improved exactly where I wanted: feel. Also, it's more comfortable and still keeps all the qualities from the YT iteration. My only problem is that the SW is just too...
  24. dadozen

    bad_call: excellent seller, perfect transaction!

    Just had a smooth and nice transaction with bad_call. Answered all my questions and sent pics upon request. Would do business again even blindfolded.
  25. dadozen

    How to tell if it's a fake ALU string? (pics)

    I got 2 sets of Alu Power in a trade and it played horribly( I actually had never played with ALU before, but I've tested many other polys to know that it was weird: very, I mean VERY stiff, made a horrible sound - just like cheap 1st gen poly - when moving the mains and didn't stretch at all...
  26. dadozen

    Changing Head pallets, do I need a stronger staple gun?

    I have just bought 4 TK82S pallets for my IG Prestiges, but I'm wondering if I'll need a stronger staple gun to make the buttcap stay in place. Or will a regular staple gun do the job? TW Learning center mentions one from Craftsman for graphite or composite handle.
  27. dadozen

    ALU mains x cheaper poly crosses

    Guys, yesterday I tried a Luxilon string for the first time. I never cared for them since the price is much higher than other good polys, but I really liked how it performed. It was Fluoro actually, I know it doesn't comapare to regular ALU Power and I have already ordered some sets to try...
  28. dadozen

    IG vs. YT Prestige MP: worth the upgrade?

    I've been playing with the YT Prestige MPs for almost a year( came from the BM200 ). Love almost everything in the racquet, I just wish it had a bit more feel - like Dunlop racquets. I've been reading that the IG iteration has a significantly better feel, but is it really worth the...
  29. dadozen

    WTB: Dunlop AG100 L2

    Hey guys, I'm looking for AG100s( non-4D version ) only in L2 grip( 4 1/4 ). 8/10 at least. You can email me at my username - please send pics and price. Please note that I'm from Brazil, so I need the seller to ship internationally. I can pay through Paypal in advance, and I have made...
  30. dadozen

    Power pads and full poly

    I know, I know, power pads are used to save natural gut from stress near the grommets at the throat. But has anyone used power pads with full poly, just for the sake of trying something new? Does it change feel? Does it dampen the stringbed? I'll add some power pads I bought when I was...