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  1. tudwell

    Who will end up with the most grand slam final losses?

    Enough about titles. Let's talk about runner-ups. Federer's been in the lead since 2014 and currently sits on a massive haul of 10 slam final losses. Djokovic is only one short at 9 – he was a beast in 2012-2014, racking up 5 slam final losses in those three years alone! Nadal for years was...
  2. tudwell

    When will Nadal's final streak end?

    He's made six consecutive finals since he came back on tour, winning four of them. How many more finals can he make in a row, regardless of whether he wins them?
  3. tudwell

    How much will Del Potro achieve?

    Simple question: How much do you think Del Potro will achieve in his career? He's already got 14 titles, including one slam (2009 U.S. Open), so how much more is in store for him? I think his performance in the last year or so is definitely something to be optimistic about. He's had to reign...
  4. tudwell

    Which of Nadal's hard court slams was more impressive?

    He was obviously way more dominant at the U.S. Open, but I think his back-to-back five-setters at the Australian are more impressive, considering that both Verdasco and Federer played better than anyone he faced at the U.S. Open.
  5. tudwell

    How many Masters titles for the top four?

    Here are the current standings: 1. Nadal - 21 2. Federer - 20 3. Djokovic - 12 4. Murray - 8 Here are my predictions: Nadal: He's currently having some injury issues, but I think he'll get back on tour and even when he's not at his best, he's still the favorite for any clay tournament. He...
  6. tudwell

    Nadal on clay vs. Federer on hard

    This isn't a "Who's better?" thread or anything like that. I just thought it was an interesting analysis - and it really demonstrates how dominant Federer was on hardcourt, considering the smaller amount of attention he gets for it. Nadal on clay: From the 2005 Monte Carlo Masters until...
  7. tudwell

    Most runner ups with no title

    Who has had made the most grand slam finals without ever winning one? It's easy to find stats on the winners, but I can't find anything about those who never won.
  8. tudwell

    Will Nadal ever perform a clay season sweep?

    He's come incredibly close. For the last four years he's won 2 of the 3 masters on clay and the only clay court major. This year again he came as close as he possibly could, but wasn't quite able to make it. Do you think he ever will? Personally, I think he needs to drop Barcelona if he...
  9. tudwell

    Good books on tennis history

    Can anyone recommend me some?
  10. tudwell

    What surface was the Wembley Pro played on?

    I feel silly starting a whole thread for this, but I can't seem to find it on Wikipedia or with a quick Google search. I know it's "indoors" but on what?
  11. tudwell

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